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Moment of Awesome - Marie-Ange Colbert/Tarot In the wake of relationship upheaval, Marie-Ange and Doug Ramsey discuss next steps.

Doug spent a lot of time in the common area of Marie-Ange and Amanda's suite, curled up on the couch doing work, or watching television, or having a snack and kind of half-napping. It was easy, just being in the same space as his...he cocked his head abruptly and sat up, shifting his laptop.

"What...are we?" he asked slowly, turning to face her.

"Ah..." It was rare that Marie-Ange was taken aback, and she blinked at Doug several times before cocking her head. "Is this from a movie, or a very real question?"

"No, this is real," Doug replied. "I mean, we were..." Damn, trying to find words for this was hard. And he couldn't very well be stopping every five words to make vague hand gestures to try and convey complicated ideas. "We dated, then we were apart, then we were dating other people, and then we were part of..." How to describe the strange four-way relationship they had had with Laurie and Wade... "...a group, but then Laurie decided she was done, and Wade went off to do whatever it is he's doing...and we never really established what any of that means for the two of us individually?" He scrubbed his face. "If that makes any sense at all." He wasn't sure if it did.

"Do we need to find words for this? Does it need a label?" Marie-Ange unfolded from her pile of paperwork and endless coloured pens and notes that she could have taken on a laptop but she always made connections better on paper and sat down on the sofa across from Doug, feet reaching out to tuck under his blanket. "I know, you like words, but does it require them?"

"Wel-l-l..." Doug drew out the word and scrunched his face. "The last time around, half of our problem was that we weren't talking about important things? So maybe we could, um, try and be more adult and mature about things this time?" The fact that he was uptalking just about every single sentence probably said something about how nervous he was bringing this up.

Marie-Ange poked a toe into Doug's ankle. "And the last time we clung to labels and did not talk about anything else, so maybe we should just reverse that. Talk about important things, and not so much about what label we have to put on a relationship?"

Doug nodded. "That's fair. I just...want to make sure we don't fall back into old habits along the way." He burrowed under his blanket a bit more and dug his toes under Marie-Ange's leg in an attempt to get warm.

A long, slow inhale, and then Marie-Ange closed her eye, and set her hands in her lap. "There is no chance of us avoiding talking about serious matters. You know as much as I do, that is something we cannot afford to do." She shifted, and settled herself closer to Doug, letting him dig ice-cold toes into her legs. "We have bargained far too much, all - both of us, and I am not going to permit us to be silly about it."

Today in XProject:

October 14 - Alex Summers and Lorna Dane's Anniversary

2003: Jono and Paige's relationship begins. Jono has a powers accident, placing Paige in a coma for three weeks and causing Jamie to have a flashback-related breakdown.

2004: Nathan and the Askani spar with Haroun, testing him out as Alison's potential partner. Domino tells Amanda just how much the reward was for the job. Betsy requests permission to rejoin the X-Men.

2005: Scott and Alex talk about the argument with Amanda, and Lorna. Scott meets Tommy and they exchange personal philosophies, which doesn't go well. Paige notices Nathan is 'off' whilst sparring and takes him to medlab. Stoker and Stalkers: Kitty is spotted at college by Vlad, a mutant who believes he is a vampire and he decides to make her his next victim.

2006: Mommy Dearest Redux: Kurt is located in Chicago and the team confront him and Mystique; Kurt helps Mystique escape, much to the shock of his teammates; Ororo notifies Amanda that Kurt has been found. Kyle asks on the student community about the incident with Logan.

2007: Crystal announces her return as a teacher at the school. Forge is hungover after Guys Night Out and Jono mocks him; Doug emails Forge about his own state. Kevin discovers he has been hit by the Glitter Pixie, aka Clarice. Jono sends Paige flowers and she flails to Forge about which anniversary she's missed. Kyle grumps about not being able to drive alone yet. Pietro and Crystal discuss options. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet notifies Jean the tests are inconclusive, but that she doesn't have a brain tumour.

2008: Clarice complains about the mid-semester college slump. Meggan returns to the school, with Amanda picking her up at the airport. Jennie announces a new show for her dance class. Adrienne asks for a favour from the superstrong.

2009: Laurie posts to her journal asking people to make up their minds on how she should act. Kyle posts to his journal about his sparring match with Logan. Laurie e-mails Logan and Yvette about stealth training. Catseye catches Amanda on the stairs of the mansion and asks her about couples and sex.

2010: Jean-Paul reports neither side of Nick's extended family know anything of his whereabouts. Garrison brings Hank's junk food delivery and lectures him about holing up in the lab too much before taking him out for a drink.

2011: Jean makes a journal entry asking for no visitors for Vanessa until she's had a chance to recover some and wake up. Jean texts Hank to say she needs a nap and to contact her if he needs anything. Sarah Vale makes a journal entry saying she's bad at picking out Hallowe'en costumes and solicits advice and ideas. Operation: Dasavatharam: Amanda announces her departure to England in her journal. Amanda e-mails Marie-Ange, Wade, and Doug to ask them to keep an eye out on Adrienne for her. Wade texts Adrienne to see if she wants to grab a bite to eat. Sam bumps into an exhausted Jean while pacing the halls and they talk briefly before she has to crash.

2012: Laurie posts that Eamon sent her pictures from their most recent holiday. Maddie leaves real caramel apples at Kyle’s suite with a note “Shhh don’t tell.”; Maddie posts about a tray of ‘caramel apples’ have been left in the kitchen (but they are really onions); Wade salutes the mysterious person that left caramel apples in the kitchen. Angel and Hope meet outside, and even Hope can't resist Angel's personality. X-Corps: Breaking the World: Ord has names of possible suspects to suggest then asks Angelo to stay behind to meet someone; Ord takes Angelo up to an old monastery in the jungle; Yvette, Jean-Phillipe, John and Sooraya catch up with a grave-robber by the name of Bemba and learn what’s really going on, the group make Bema take them to the monastery and rescue Angelo, who is about to be burned alive by a cult believing he will cause the end of the world.

2013: Maddie announces to the journals that she's become a cheerleader an announcement which is received with with a large amount of support to her surprise.

2014: Rogue and Garrison have a heart to heart. Gabriel posts talking about getting rid of his apartment. Clint and Topaz meet up in the rec room and talk about life.

2015: Amadeus posts a picture of himself throwing a pot. Adrienne posts asking for help because Garrison is celebrating the Blue Jays winning. Wade texts Arthur about camping. Arthur posts about being in a Lifetime movie.

2016: Tandy announces that she’s back. Clea sends a text to Steve about Halloween.

2017: Green-Eyed Monster: Namor emails Molly, Clint and Kitty re his non-reaction to the emerald, passing it off as him being of superior stock. Lorna and Alex get married; Erik turns up in disguise and tells Charles he has taken several Congress members and their families hostage in order to be able to watch his daughter get married in peace; Charles talks to Scott, Alex and Lorna about the uninvited guest and they agree to let him stay; Erik talks to Lorna and tries to convince her to return to the Brotherhood; Lorna announced she is now Mrs. Summers. Darcy provides random bowls of Tootsie Rolls around the mansion; at Lorna and Alex's wedding, the Mansionites gather to party; Sooraya is the first person to officially speak with Mrs. Alex Summers; Rogue has a wardrobe malfunction, but thankfully Hope is there to help; Xavin is tipsy and talks Julian into a toast; Artie and Clarice talk high fashion; Rogue and Jean have a wedding scavenger hunt planned out; Rahne and Nica enjoy the opportunity to chat; Warren and Bobbi compare party favours; Wanda and Jean toast the happy couple; Ty and Sharon have a quick chat at the bar; Bobbi and Rogue tear up the dance floor; the Summers brothers chat.

2018: Jean announces that she'll be away for a bit.

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