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Moment of Awesome - Sooraya Qadir/Dust: Protecting New York from a transformed Juggernaut, Sooraya pulls out all the stops.

Blinding him had not worked... sending him to the ground had not worked either, nor had focusing on one point worked... Dust considered it for a moment, then shrugged mentally and surged forward, spreading out to cover his entire body with a thin layer of sand. Thus done, she started to pull herself together, contracting around his body and forming a tight sheath of sand that would hopefully show his motions down at least a bit.

The man was insanely strong. He seemed to be shaking off everything they threw at him. Jean-Phillipe looked at his hands, then at the tightening sheath of sand that Sooraya was creating. "This is a very questionable idea," he muttered over the comms. Would this work? Where did Sooraya end and the sand begin when she was in her dispersed form? Could she withstand...? He gritted his teeth. Nothing else had worked. The situation was desperate. This was not a time to indulge in paralytic questions. He poured electricity between his outstretched hands, creating a dozen small arcs that abruptly snapped together into a single writhing band. ~Utilize enough electricity to create heat...~ And he thrust his hands outward, the arc leaping toward the layer of sand around the Juggernaut.

~And make things melt.~

The sudden heat and fierce current pulsing through her startled Sooraya. Mentally gritting her teeth she struggled to hold on, but the current floating through was not just threatening to melt parts, but somehow it seemed to disrupt her ability to keep the sand together while she was already stretched so thin. Only a few seconds later her sand form fell away before anything could melt and she had to struggle to pull together again.

"I wish that had worked better." Kane muttered as he dummied up to take two blows from Juggernaut against his arms.

Today in XProject:

August 20 - Susan Storm's birthday


2004: Trojan Horse: Charles removes the conditioning completely and brings Nathan back; Domino arrives to make sure he's all right. Alison goes to Chicago to talk to Kitty's mother about letting her come back to the school. Angelo suggests to Shinobi that they pick a birthday for Sarah, who doesn't have one.

2005: A Fair To Remember: Nate takes a group to the local fair; Terry gets into a fight with an FoH member and encounters Tommy again.

2006: Amanda plans to start the weekend van run to New York City again.

2007: Scott tells an exhausted Jean about his brush with painkiller addiction when she was in Tibet. Marie-Ange's birthday. Ororo and Remy spend a quiet evening together. Nathan is extremely cranky with the world. Angel expresses a desire to try eating chicken's feet. Doug talks about his tabloid scanning tasks.

2008: Jennie can't wait for school and prospects of dating; a thread erupts about sex. Sulaco: Paige lets the mansion know Jay is recovering. Christopher Summers arrives in Alaska and he and Jean discuss things; later father and sons manage a conversation without actual blows. Tatiana visits Nathan and yells at him. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane complains of recurring deja vu since the incident with Jean-Phillipe's powers.

2009: Dori gives Vic the rest of the tour of the mansion and he challenges her to a basketball game. Nathan calms a furious Jeanne-Marie.

2010: Lorna announces she'll be away for the weekend. Bobby, stressed by the search for Nick and his own personal woes, goes to Harry's to drown his sorrows and instead runs into Amanda, who manages to get him thinking about things more constructively.

2011: Garrison makes an entry about his horrible week and announces he's going off the grid and out of the city for a few days. The Problématique: Adrienne, with Jean 'watching' psychically, Reads Vanessa's recovered cell phone and uncovers some information about Vanessa's disappearance and who has her. Wade sneaks up on Artie by accident, winding up surprised himself at the way Artie reacts, and interesting conversations follow.

2012: Angel inducts Rachel into the Xavier’s Redheads Club on temporary membership. Rachel texts Angelo sort-of thanking him for his keys. North leaves Marie-Ange a gift of home-cooked French dishes and two bottles of finely aged wine; Wade leaves a box set of 48 Faber-Castel Pitts Artist Pens, sketch books and a pair of earrings by Lorranie Schwartz. Artie leaves a small sketchbook where its front over looked like a Venezuelan passport and the first page has a picture of Marie-Angie in a hat on Marie-Angie’s door.A Kind of Magic: Amanda posts to Snow Valley that Strange has called her to inform her that local magic users have noticed a good use of power being used in New York. She tells Wanda and Nico to start asking snitches on what may be going on. Sarah V emails David North tell him he needs to watch Star Wars, the original trilogy, on t.v. this weekend with her. Marie-Angie calls out Cammie on the Snow Valley comms on how an awesome job she is doing about keeping the occasional religious groups at bay and how they are re-labeling the hand sanitizer to this. Sue and Adrienne meet up in the rec room to watch baseball.

2013: Topaz and Matt spend some time at the aerial gym, and Topaz shows off a bit of what she's learned. Clint visits Yvette's office to ask her about Red X.

2014: Adrienne leaves Sue a birthday gift. Topaz emails Maddie about a set of pink handcuffs.

2015: Maya texts Artie to ask if Kyle is always an asshole. Jubilee posts about being on the way home; she also texts Marie-Ange about going to Cuba later. It’s Greek To Me: Molly, Billy, and Clint take a break from trying to figure out the mechanism and enjoy some lunch that Matt kindly provided.

2016: Bobbi posts about Jessica needing to take a leave of absence to take care of her elderly parents.

2017: Johnny posts about the end of summer. Green-Eyed Monster: Hope asks X-Factor for an update. Tandy wants to start a food bank/pantry in District X. Bobbi and Warren go for dinner at Miles Morales' family's house.

2018: Nica asks Scott for permission to join the X-Men.

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  • An Eye For An Eye: A seemingly innocuous investigation into magical shenanigans brings Topaz face to face with Adam Destine once more.

  • 793.8 : 025 : 110 : 393: A trip to find a cure for Doug Ramsey's blood curse goes awry when the Ancient One asks for help.

  • Operation: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: X-Force gets involved in another of Kevin Sydney's old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.

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