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April 28

2004: Marie-Ange reads Jamie's cards, with confusing results, and later has a dream foreshadowing Skippy (plot). Trojan Horse: Nathan receives an email that may or may not be a trap, and decides he has to check it out, helped along by being triggered to obedience during an IM conversation.

2005: Alison goes with Illyana on one of her Russian trips. Amanda consults Nathan and Lusanya about the incident with Meggan and Manuel. Hellfire and Damnation: Nate and Remy clash over the Pack and their connections with Pete. Traitor: Tommy nearly beats Jay to death after a gig and then breaks up with Terry.

2006: Cain offers Nate the use of the boathouse as a residence and office. Operation: Opening Salvo: Wanda, Marie-Ange and Doug stage a rescue, of Homily.

2007: Laurie and Amanda talk over various things during the Saturday bus run. Remix: During the team building weekend, Haller, Ororo and Logan prevent a jewelry store robbery during a scavenger hunt; Sofia announces she has taken Doug and Marie-Ange to the same retreat. Monet takes Kyle for experiments in ice cream.

2008: Monet offers Tatiana a job cleaning her and Clarice's suite. Laurie talks to Manuel about her powers and asks him to the prom with her. Wanda apologises to Kurt for not being around the night before. X-Men Mission: Becket: Tabitha posts about her knee, injured in the mission; Nathan and Cain discuss the assassination and Callery's double agent status; Jean and Scott talk about the mission. Terry returns from Cassidy Keep to find Adrienne has broken her glasses.

2009: Catseye finds Jean-Paul being melancholy and purrs him into a better mood. The Mummies' Return: In Cairo, Kurt, Monet, Laurie and Crystal agree to hire a local archeologist tour guide to see the city. Catseye and Cammie discuss hunting, driving and cow-tipping whilst working at Elpis. Jean-Paul enlists Angelo's help in the prank war. Jean-Paul asks about the upcoming prom and Nathan uses the post as a chance to poke him about the plaid patterns that were painted on the boathouse windows. Lil takes an excited Catseye for a ride on her new bike. Yvette and Doreen meet and talk about how the squirrel girl is settling in. Betsy announces her return from the Middle East. Wanda announces her departure to Lichenstein. Jean-Paul asks for help getting his furniture off the roof and the lawn; Angel claims the rooftop couch as her own for donut consumption; Zanne questions Nathan's maturity in an email.

2010: Bobby lets people know Terry visited for a belated birthday gift for him. Jean-Paul is cooking in the kitchen when Jake wanders in, without warning and things are very stilted; Jake then runs into Cammie and gets his nose broken for vanishing and takes her out to make up for it as well as suggesting she look at X-Force as a prospective career.

2011: A Bar In Amsterdam: After two days of searching in Amsterdam, Warren and company decide to take a break and have the night off; their new friend Troy lets some important information slip in his stoned haze. Jubilee emails Doug about making their relationship official. Jake posts to Snow Valley about going to Berlin to try and find out any information he can about Remy or the person who set them up. Matt posts about Blind Fury, a blind rapper. Crystal texts Warren about them not catching up in Attilan. Amanda takes Marie-Ange and Jubilee aside and attempts some conflict resolution.

2012: Charles Xavier posts on his journal informing the community that there will be spring cleaning and food at the mansion on the week of the 5-6th and asks anyone interested to come and help. John texts Angelo asking how New York is and asking about Amara who he plans to surprise. Sooraya talks to Jean-Phillipe about what it is like to be a trainee with the X-Men.

2013: Tabitha posts a journal saying that she can’t sleep and that she ran to the store to get hair dye. Angelo checks on the X-Corps new intern, Frank. Tandy texts Sue and Hope about how it is going with the party and that she met some directors. Hope delivers invitations to Renee, Clint, Billy, Frank and Molly. Matt emails Topaz about doing something Wednesday night.


2015: Laurie posts from Matt’s BBQ, complimenting the chef; at the BBQ, Alison meets her host, Matt; later on, Rogue and Matt meet for the first time as well.


2017: Warren discovers Kevin hanging out at one of his exclusive haunts, which leads to an interesting revelation and a new meaning to the term ‘scotch free.’

2018: X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: In the news, protesters gather outside Mayo Clinic to lobby against accepting blood donations from visible mutants. While at the party Miles and Bobby have a great time and end up making out with one another, awkward adorkableness ensues. After the awkwardness with Bobby, Miles texts Peter Parker to ask if he’s out patrolling, Peter insists on hearing the whole story.