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January 12


2005: Romani Road Trip: Amanda, Kurt and Wanda meet with the Szardos clan, Amanda's birth family. Clarice dyes Kyle blue and Hank gets upset.

2006: Nathan can't sleep, but Moira keeps him company and they make a few decisions about Bridge's funeral. Pete mourns Bridge in his own way. The Pack descend on the mansion for the funeral, with plans to leave for Muir the same day. Theo happens by as Wanda gathers her thoughts on the porch, and they comfort each other. Anika accidentally destroys one of her walls by punching it. Dani tells Scott she's ready to take up the job he offered her. Haroun calls an all-hands meeting at Harry's, for when everyone returns from Muir.

2007: Crystal and Nathan talk about his experiences at the UN after her Farsi lesson. Minitooth: Kyle encounters Sabretooth at a speech being given by Graydon Creed and manages to sound the alarm and save the Senator's life. Marie-Ange and Garrison go out again.

2008: Jay touches base with Forge. Laurie watches the Dungeons and Dragons movie and has bad dreams. Nathan hires Jane for Elpis. Operation: Shaboom: Wanda passes on what they've dug up about Ben De Roy, the reality warper from Adenville. Laurie falls down an old excavation whilst out walking Pablo the Pig, and Cain hauls her out. Wendigo: Logan - via Heather - sends notes to various people he cares for to tell them he won't be coming back for a time. Jay talks to Kurt about becoming an X-Man and possible gymnastic training to help him be useful.

2009: Laurie shares her reading habits and asks for new books and a visit from Amanda. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice visits Callie in Italy and they plan a night out; the disco Callie and Clarice go to is bombed and they are both injured in the confusion. Julian replaces the melted bench press. Morgan encounters Kurt while she's looking for a place to store excess venison; Remy has a permanent job offer for Morgan. Amanda checks in on Dani and it goes remarkably smooth considering their history; Amanda later emails Manuel letting him know how Dani is. Lil is relieved with her new job at Harry's. Walking Ghosts: Neither Jean nor Angelo are inclined to let the state of Nathan's health lie without checking on him. Remy takes Ororo out for dinner for her birthday.

2010: Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: In Israel, Garrison meets with a police officer who explains that the Opus Dei, a militant cult within the Catholic Church, may be waiting for Calysee to be delivered to them Israel for execution, in order to start the holy war described in the New Testament. Amanda wishes Ororo a happy birthday.

2011: Julian announces Laurie as the winner of the poker night and that she'll be donating her winnings to Doctors Without Borders. Amanda, Hank and Jean leave Ororo birthday gifts.

2012: Remy makes an entry on Snow Valley's journal to announce he's taking the rest of the week off after everything that went down. Wanda e-mails Remy to thank him for everything he did for them in the previous few days. Lorna makes a journal entry about organizing an ice cream social on Friday for everybody. Doug e-mails Adri and asks her to check in on Emma. Remy e-mails Nico to tell her she did a good job helping him with the recent X-Force crisis. Adri e-mails Emma and Amanda to check in with them after hearing about the recent X-Force crisis. X-Men Mission: Day Zero, the Movie: Warren posts to the x_team journal about a potential problem at a film festival this weekend and asking for Meltdown, Cannonball, Wallflower, Hamster, and Sparky to meet with him tomorrow for a briefing. Nico posts a Nyan cat video in her journal. Sam and Tabitha run into each other at the grocery. Operation: Teenage Wasteland: Wade takes a drugged up Marie-Ange back to the Brownstone. Remy and Ororo spend some time together, talking about the past and with Remy giving Ororo a birthday gift.


2014: Sue stops by to see Angel, cheer her up, and ask for help with something.

2015: Gabriel emails Clint to get him to stop doing homework and pay attention to him.

2016: Concerned about their trip to Honduras, Sooraya checks in on Cecilia.

2017: Reed and Angelo meet for the first time in the library, and chat about books and their powers.