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June 29


2004: Pete grills Askani on her intentions. Marie-Ange and Doug ask Domino for help with a problem with the French government.

2005: Catseye, Forge, Jubilee and Carlie return from the road trip. Jubilee has her first training session with Haroun. Carlie gives Hank the Sister Talk.

2006: X-Men Mission: The Empty Quarter: The X-Men are approached about a mission in Africa, and leave soon after. Bleeding: Marius goes into pulmonary arrest, but is saved by some quick thinking by Forge.

2007: Nathan gives Angelo his birthday present - a car - early, with the hopes Angelo will take that vacation. Immram: At lunch, Wanda is shocked to discover Tara Trask and her students speaking Askani and escapes through the bathroom window; Wanda confronts Nathan with her news and discovers it's not really news at all. Kurt offers comfort to Yvette. Amanda comes down to the library to collect her magic text.

2008: Amanda and Angelo return to New York. Nathan declares he is never going anywhere but Muir again. Jay muses on his sexuality and his mutation on the way to Pride. Amanda emails Manuel, letting him know she'll talk about London. Forge returns to the mansion to find Inez has done the heavy lifting part of the Blackbird project; Forge announces his return. At Pride, Jean-Phillipe makes it clear he and Mark want different things from a relationship and they go their separate ways.

2009: Mnemovore: Jean-Paul comes to and wishes he hadn't as everything he did comes back to him; Nathan attempts to comfort him; Jay goes down to medlab to give Jean-Paul a gift from Pride, and a rather unpleasant scene unfolds between himself, Nathan and Jean-Paul. Following the visit to Jean-Paul, Jay seeks out Garrison to help him control his rising need to hurt someone. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Doug runs into Quentin Quire, at the hotel for an illegal poker tournament; Quentin mentions Doug in his blog and Milan, also at the hotel, picks up on it, suggesting a meeting of potential allies; the two meet and mutual grudges discussed; Forge and Doug indulge in one of their pedeconferences and discuss Emma; that night, Quentin uses his Kick-accentuated powers to stir up nightmares in Doug. Shiro is unhappy to discover the glitter left by Jay the day before. John posts about lunch and he and Angelo manage to annoy Amanda. Angel coaxes Kevin to go wheelchair racing with her following a discussion of Yvette's recovery. Doreen convinces Julian to go outside as he is sulking over the altercation with Angel. Callie and Catseye hang out at the pool and talk swimming and driving lessons. Callie tracks down Julian for the truth of the incident with Angel and he tells her Angel insulted his family. Jean-Phillipe emails Amanda and accepts custody of the bus run. Inez suggests flashlight tag and Yvette suggests a movie night for those who aren't up for the tag for various reasons.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Yvette makes a list of things to do without her powers; Hank emails the staff to let them know the Untouchables have been released from medlab and that their powers are gone; Hank notes on x_medical that it appears the x-gene in all four patients has disappeared and Crystal volunteers to go talk to Haven; Laura asks her roommate about her new eating abilities and Cammie reveals she's been sick from eating rotten food by habit. John complains about having to get up early and gets little sympathy. Klara shows her increasing ability with technology by offering free jam to the mansion via her journal. Laurie checks up on Kyle's injuries following graduation and they show how much they've grown up.

2011: Amanda asks Nico to go with her to the Cotswolds to meet with Homily. Matt has a migraine and tries to get drugs from people before Jean steps in. On Muir, Remy and Ororo spend time together in the aftermath of his capture and torture.

2012: After Hope has her second projection, she can't figure out how to get back into her body, and Haller helps her. Tandy posts in her journal about a new mmo that will be released soon, then posts a little later asking of any of the female students and recent graduates would like to have a movie night. Charles and Angelo meet to discuss Angelo's release from Elpis, and Charles offers Angelo a new opportunity. Vanessa brings North a belated birthday present. Wanda and Adrienne get a little drunk, and decide tennis is a good idea. Amara posts, worried, asking if anyone has heard from Callie recently. Sarah V. packs up the rest of her belongings - more than she had anticipated - with the help of her former roommate Megan, talking about summer plans and family as they do so. Sooraya and Korvus talk about forgiveness and guilt.

2013: Clint texts Billy and Maddie to remind them of Steve and Andre’s (his parents) Pride Barbecue.

2014: A news story is published about the success of the Red X Charity Benefit, complete with pictures from the evening.

2015: Gabriel texts Clint thanking him for inviting him to his father’s house. Clint emails Kitty to ask her what part of their meeting he shouldn't mention publicly.

2016: Meggan posts to let people know how excited she is about getting closer to finishing her Bachelor’s Degree, she and Kyle agree to be “grad school is a good idea” buddies.

2017: Hope emails Warren and Topaz about the diplomatic skills program she got into.