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Moment of Awesome - Alani Ryan/Loa: Poolside, Alani meets Molly Hayes and there is mutual fangirling over powers.

The weather was almost exactly like home and it was lovely, as far as Alani was concerned. But bigger matters were at hand, and she stared at the mansion’s pool, brows furrowed as she stared into the clear waters. She couldn’t put to rest the feeling that there was something she was forgetting something. At the sound of footsteps she looked up, bringing up a hand to keep the sun out of her eyes. "Howdy, you here to beat the heat?" She questioned, grin sliding across her face with ease.

Molly was wearing a purple swimsuit and metallic green sunglasses with a fish scale print. She grabbed her towel and put it on a nearby chair.

"Nope, trying to soak it in," she said. Visiting ice world and becoming an involuntary snowcone made her appreciate the sun. She extended her hand.

"I'm Molly!"

Alani sat up as straight as she could muster, beaming at Molly and taking her offered hand. "Holy fuck. You're Molly?"

"Oh my god, this must seem a bit weird to you. But I have heard about you, and your moose, and your super strength. Okay, I mean, I heard about them all from Angelo, but also, dream power, so I have wanted to meet you, haven't, and now I am. Oh, and I'm ranting. I promise I'm not always like this, but you have been at the top of my 'need to meet' list from almost the moment I got here."

She released the other girl's hand and stood up, chuckling as she took stock to make sure she hadn't ruined her seat. Luckily it didn't seem any worse for wear.

Molly blinked repeatedly, taking off her sunglasses. "Dude," she said with a giggle. "I totally don't know what to say."

She'd never really had someone excited to meet her before. It was pretty cool and didn't at all make her sheepish at all. Nope.

" you have dream powers or super strength is a dream power?" she said, pointing one way, then another as she tried to figure it out.

"Well, hopefully I didn't ruin any chance I had of befriending you with my lapse into motor mouth." Alani chuckled as she sat back down, still smiling cheerfully.

"Oh, good question," she pointed in the direction Molly had assigned to the latter. "My dream power would have been super strength, if I had a choice. Not that I hate what I got, but, I would love to do that thing from cartoons where you pick up the couch and vacuum beneath it, ya know?"

Molly grinned. "I totally do that," she said proudly. Sometimes with people on it. It was kinda (okay super) fun. She usually got permission, of course.

"But I bet your power's cool too! What do you do?"

Alani clapped at the statement, smile pulling back on her lips. "Yes! That is amazing!" It was nice to have a semi-normal conversation about fun matters.

"Oh, I don't know go through things but they don't go back together, and, well, I can do underwater stuff. Which is new and funky fresh." She made a face, nonetheless, at the statement.

"What do you mean?" Molly said, unable to hide her curiosity. Tilting her head, she hopped up out of her chair. "Ooh! Can you show me? If that's totally okay with you, of course."

One of the fun things about being around other people with superpowers was that everyone did something different. It was fun to see and, well, if they were ever fighting a bad guy together then it'd be good to see if they could use their powers to work together.

Molly's excitement was infectious, and a smile tugged back at Alani's lips. "Yeah, sure, um, I probably shouldn't use the chair, that costs money." Unfortunately it wasn't like there was a pile of things laying around with a 'all good to destroy' sign above it, so she snatched up her crocs, held them up for Molly's view, and sighed as she began to slide her hands through the shoes. The pink light she'd become accustomed to illuminated the area around her hands, and the resin began to crumble into pieces. With just the pieces, she looked back to Molly.

"Not gonna lie, I'm going to be so embarrassed if you meant you wanted to watch me sit on the bottom of the pool for, like, an hour." Alani laughed lightly, though she flushed.

Today in XProject:

March 4

2004: Jubilee has a flashback, loses control of her powers and is placed in isolation. Remy disappears from the medlab.

2005: Dani and Lorna discuss kitchen repairs, Dani's ex-husband, and the possibility of adoption for Dani's baby. Still distraught over the photos issue, Jubilee seeks out Hank to vent. Clarice makes glitter signs for various people. Pete emails Domino with a message for Amanda. Thermopylae: The members of the Pack have various meetings with the X-Folks: Nathan, Tim, Mick, Anika, and Alison all meet with Colin MacInnis and learn about Mistra's methods and operations; plans are made to stage an assault on Mistra's complex in Greece; Cain volunteers to assist, which surprises people.

2006: Kyle tells Terry to tell Bobby to stop hitting on his boyfriend. Head Like A Hole: Wanda relaxes a little, not far from home, but is worried about her recent mental and physical health; she decides to go and see Charles, but someone takes exception and takes control; when she wakes up, it's not Wanda but Chthon, who proceeds to try and seduce Kurt in an attempt to create a new host, then knocks him out with Wanda's powers when he gets spooked and tries to raise the alarm; Marie-Ange gets a precog flash, allowing her to get help for Kurt, while Chthon proceeds to seduce Cain instead - until Nathan intervenes; Scott calls a lockdown and sends the team out, and Ororo, Sam, Haroun and Alison face Chthon in turn before Haller finally defeats him; after the chaos, Cain finds a semi-conscious Haller in the woods and takes him to the medlab.

2007: Doug emails Amanda and Forge from a martial arts competition. Most Dangerous Game: The FBI track down those responsible for the 'Most Dangerous Game', and Cyclops, Cannonball and Dominion go along as backup; the operation goes well until Cannonball is abducted by Mojo's teleporter; Cannonball finds himself on a remote jungle island, the next contestant against Kraven the Hunter; Forge finds the live feed of the 'game' and begins using it to track down Sam; Sam has his first encounter with Kraven. Jennie gets a tattoo. Lorna and Alex talk, as awkwardly as always, and later, Lorna and Nathan talk and then hit each other.

2008: Kurt tries to teach Jay to juggle, who is impatient. In response to the thread about Laurie's joke, Yvette suggests sock sliding to Angel and Laurie, to get away from things. Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Terry announces Red X is looking for volunteers to help rebuild San Diego. Laurie emails Jean to apologise for running out on their talk. Cain and Nathan chat over beers at Harry's Hideaway.

2009: Manuel tries to counsel Lil about her marriage issues in an effort to get a break from her emotions, but does about as well as expected. Adrienne lets the staff know she's taking some time off and has arranged a substitute. Lil emails Cammie about that offer of theraputic violence. Amara announces her trainee status on x_team and the name suggestions begin. Doug warns Forge about some some competition. Midsummer's Nightmare: Catseye warns the other female participants in the play there was a boy sneaking around their dressing room. Lil and Cammie go to New York looking (and finding) a bar fight, which puts them both in a much better mood for the moment. Doug suggests he and Marie-Ange move in together. District X: Inferno: Doug puts a proposal to each side of the gang war. Cammie discusses her new job with Adrienne. Garrison and Dani take on Jay's issues head-on and are successful in breaking past his death wish.

2010: Yvette and Monet train, and Yvette witnesses a zone out of Monet's first hand.

2011: Unable to sleep, Wanda decides to doze on the roof but when Remy arrives, they wind up talking about how messed up their life style really is. Kurt and Wade meet for the first time while Kurt is practicing on the trapeze bars. Angel is in a lot of pain and gets some attention from her friends. Remy and Sarah have a chat in the Snow Valley break room. Kyle offers to make deliveries of food and drinks to the injured X-Men. While at the office, Amara and Angelo have a talk about her and John. Jean tends to Hank's injuries and they talk about the mission. Molly has a nightmare and Meggan tries to comfort her, giving her a few hats in the process, and the two share a pre-dawn breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate milk.

2012: Doug emails Angelo about wanting to hack into Sayyid's records and suggest regular doses of Thorazine suppositories. Having accepted Wade's generous invitation, David lets the mercenary drag him out to Minnesota where they proceed to blow up a shack and fun times are had.



2015: Rogue posts that she needs help about how she became an adult without remembering it and that she needs help to be irresponsible for this weekend. Professor Xavier makes an announcement that Cerebro will be decommissioned and dismantled because he isn’t able to use it and that the backlash of M-Day has damaged the machine beyond repair. Professor Xavier emails the P1 survivors that the real reason why he is dismantling Cerebro is to prevent future genocide and he has full confidence that they can carry on with their mission with their resources. Jennie and Warren meet up in her dance studio and she gives him the rundown on her classes. Julian offers Hope a job as his assistant.

2016: Maya makes a journal entry about voting in the upcoming US election. John makes a journal entry asking why it’s weird for a 30 year old not to have an Instagram/Facebook account. Gabriel makes a journal entry about getting his old job back. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange about fertility gods and modern contraception methods.


2018: Operation: Salt the Earth: Emma and Marie-Ange begin sifting through a list of potential suspects in the theft; Wanda and Artie spend some time checking out the apartments of the potential suspects; Domino and Jubilee start working through security footage in order to track their suspect.

2019: Isle of Glass: Topaz explores her new project and finds some unsettling things.


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