Player Timezones

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Wanna log and not sure what time it is for someone? Check the links for each player!

(Also check out WhoWePlay for specifics on who plays which character)

(*) An asterisk denotes a player with Emeritus status.

(**) Two asterisks denote a part-time player.

North America


  • Newfoundland Standard Time
  • East Coast - X-Project Game Time

  • Eastern Standard Time
  • US: Mid-West/Central

  • Central Standard Time
  • US: Mountain

  • Mountain Standard Time
  • US: West Coast

  • Pacific Standard Time
  • Europe

    United Kingdom

  • Greenwich Mean Time
  • Netherlands

  • Central European Time
  • Finland

  • Finland Easter European Time



  • Eastern Australian Standard Time
  • Japan

  • Japan Standard Time
  • Singapore

  • Singapore Time