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List of the Dead:

Although we have had numerous new characters, both PCs and NPCs, appear in X-Project over the years, there have also been characters who have passed on. Become no more. Have ceased to be. Expired and gone to meet their maker. These are late characters, stiffs, bereft of life, they rest in peace. Rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible, they are truly ex-characters.

In the last year, the 'toll' was as follows:


Dr. Joseph Skrul - killed by his own powers after attempting to steal Jay's (Sulaco).

Post - killed by Sarah Morlocke and Amanda Sefton during Day Zero.

Caliban - killed by Pete Wisdom during Day Zero.

Sebastian Madrias - killed by Morgan Lennox during Day Zero.

Mastermold - presumed dead (again) after being defeated by Doug Ramsey during Day Zero.


The three 'anchoring' magic users - killed in a ritual to regain power (Operation: Anansesem)

12 Taygetos trainees - killed by the program leader (Walking Ghosts)

Weapon X - George Thompson/Mastodon, John Wraith/Kestrel, Carol Danvers/Warbird (presumed deceased) - killed by David North and X-Force (Shiva

William Moses - killed by Irene Merryweather (Heretics)

Jada Parrish - killed in the bombing of the SCCS (3 2 1 Contact)

SIROCCO - entire team of four assassins killed by the Imperial Guard protecting Lilandra Neramani (Congress of Behram)

Shrine and various other Taygetos operatives when Jean-Paul Beaubier went psychotic and escaped after psychic torture (Mnemovore)

Alpha - killed by his own operatives (Fiddler's Green)

Carly Alvarez - killed by John Lense (Fiddler's Green)

John Lense - killed by Nathan Dayspring (Fiddler's Green)

Tara Trask - died from brain injuries while in SHIELD medical custody (Fiddler's Green aftermath)

Five members of the "new" Alpha Flight team, killed during a routine mission by unknown foes (Home and Native Land)

General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov - assassinated by Remy LeBeau (Operation: Man of Stone)

Some are mourned. Others are not. Sometimes death is even permanent. Sometimes, however, it is not, with a number of plots using the "presumed dead" theme. The most famous 'resurrection' of all is, of course, Jean Grey, however there has been a Zombie Night, with all those who have 'returned' from the 'dead' welcome.