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February 5

2004: Kitty's parents announce their divorce. Marie and Logan take a short vacation from the mansion.

2005: Dani receives a letter from Sheldon refusing to pay alimony or child support and loses her temper around Hank, nearly tripping down the stairs in the process.

2006: Terry and Bobby babysit Rachel, until Bobby leaves to avoid upsetting Rachel - complete with her escaping down the stairs. Meanwhile, Moira and Nathan have a night on the town. Jubilee tries not to panic about a surprise test and her upcoming weapons training.

2007: Nathan announces the ice climbing trip and has a mostly enthusiastic response. Crystal talks to Nathan about the ice climbing and witnesses him doing battle with Rachel over her antibiotics. X-Men Mission: Leverage: President McKenna's daughters are abducted by a group calling themselves Magnetic North, wanting the insurance legislation to go through and the X-Men are called in to help by Val Cooper.

2008: Jan and Laurie paint their nails and chat about the potential for paid work with Elpis. Following the Red X mission, Yvette has a productive session with Samson. The Shadow King (plot): In Madripoor at an exclusive private hospice, Farouk undergoes surgery to treat his malady, but during the course of the anesthetic, something goes very wrong as his 'illness' is revealed to be a psionic entity that has been draining Farouk's powers and those of psis he met; the 'Shadow King' purports to be a part of Farouk's mind, shut off during a childhood trauma to prevent manifesting his powers; Dr. Stephen Strange arrives at the brownstone and warns Amanda and Wanda of some kind of danger on the astral plane targeting Cain Marko; Wanda alerts X-Force as well as Scott, Ororo and Charles; the Shadow King attacks Cain, wanting to use him as a new vessel now Farouk's body and powers are almost exhausted, and is fought to a fragile standstill.

2009: In the middle of the night, Cammie's bleach is stolen by a poltergeist with a green energy signature and chases it to Callie's room; Callie reports a bleach spill in her room over night; Kyle asks which of the telekinetics is having night time issues. Amara walks in on Bishop in the shower after his night with Lil. Amanda announces she and Angelo are heading back from Spain. Lil introduces Catseye - determined to not hunt mice after doing so proved her downfall in Murderworld - to peanut butter. Jean-Paul invites the New Mutants to sushi dinner the following week. Crystal seeks out Nathan again and invites him to her 21st birthday. Morgan mimics Catseye's powers and experiences life as a cat. Morgan spends the night with Sam and tells him about leaving.

2010: While flying, Monet drops her purse in the ocean and calls Jubilee from a payphone to ask for directions as she is lost, discovering she is over Long Island. Monet notifies people she dropped her phone in the ocean. Jan posts to the x-team comm announcing that she is back on active duty. Julian inquires about a new car in the garage. Catseye seeks out Jay's new roommate Lex for napping with, and is pleased to find that Vanessa is already napping with him too - she is even more pleased to learn that the two are not in fact having sex and that she can stay and nap with them. Warren and Amanda catch up over coffee and discuss their relationship statuses.

2011: Dinosaur Bugaloo: Showing the photo of the man in all the security tapes around District X, Vanessa and Bishop eventually learn his name - Karl Lykos; Laura and Jean-Paul spend the day tailing their target; Laura, Vanessa, Bishop and Jean-Paul meet at the office and compare notes, revealing Lykos is wanted for questioning in the deaths of two EMTs several years ago, and plan their next move. Kevin returns to New York from his Alaska trip, complaining about the TSA search along the way which almost lost a security guard his hand by accident; Jean-Paul texts Kevin to ask if a security guard needs punching. Wade Wilson arrives at the school and begins by flirting with Laurie as she shows him to his room.

2012: Warren emails Jean-Paul for a meeting. Sarah V emails Meggan about needing to talk. Adrienne causes Garrison to lose Man Points at the bookstore. Vanessa posts about about her disappointment with the Patriots. Matt posts his excitement with the Giants and about the fact that someone left a braille Rubik's cube in his suite. Warren and Jean go for a walk, and talk a little. Meggan tracks down Sarah V. after their e-mail exchange and they talk about Sarah's feelings for Layla. While hanging out, Maddie signs, Artie snarks, and they end up going for a burger.

2013: Kyle makes a journal entry about the Michigan Wolverines’ uniforms and pleading for Logan to never wear such colours.

2014: For Frank's birthday, Topaz gives him a boxset of Hunter S. Thompson books, and Matt gives him a geometric toy of wonders.

2015: NYPD puts out a news release concerning the assault of two gay men; Gabriel reflects on the incident, and how it isn’t safe to be a gay man in New York. Roxy emails her parents to let them know she arrived safely. Julian gets a check-up with Cecilia. Wade and Jennie discover they have similar tastes in bad taste. Jean realises that she needs to ask Warren for help investigating Worthington Industries and reveals her true intentions.

2016: Something Slender This Way Comes: Miles texts Peter Parker to ask if he has seen Ganke. Operation: Mutant Massacre: X-Factor Investigations and X-Force receive an email about an attack about to happen at Penn Station; Arriving at Penn Station, Artie and Kevin work on evacuating the building without causing a panic; Amanda and North search for the Tunnelers, and wind up in literal hot water; Callisto and Domino face off against a a giant lizard with an attitude to match; Jubilee and Gabriel trade blows - and philosophical arguments - with Cybelle; Jubilee, Amanda and Domino face off the second wave of Tunneler defence - Litterbug; while the fighting is going on, Kevin and North try to defuse the bomb; time for Callisto (and Gabriel) to put an end to things, by putting Berzerker down. X-Factor, along with Cypher and Tarot, arrive at the medical center and go over the plan; Cypher, Jewel and Heat Wave take the tradesmen’s entrance, while Tarot, Lucky Streak and the Invisible Girl use the front door; Cypher, Heat Wave and Lucky streak hit the labs, and find plenty of opposition; Amanda posts about what happened on the team comm. Gabriel asks how long it takes for electricity to leave your body. Amanda posts about her braid being burned. Alex texts Lorna about going out for a drink.

2017: After the Superbowl Darcy decides to accept Lady Gaga and her “satanic rituals” into her life as her supreme ruler.

2018: Kevin brings Clea's proposal to the rest of X-Force. Ev texts Wanda about birthday dinner plans. Family Reunion: Kurt tries to get Topaz to talk; Clea and Cata visit Topaz.