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Sentinels P2.jpg
First Seen: May 21, 2016


Created secretly by Biotech under the direction of Bolivar Trask and William Stryker, with the assistance of Doctor Octopus, the X-Men encountered three prototypes in May 2016 as they tracked the Beetle, Rhino and the Vulture following two assassination attacks against Norman Osborn. When the battle went against the robots, they self-destructed, leaving only a mechanical tendril that Miles Morales identified as being similar to Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms. While Trask and Stryker were furious at the loss, Doctor Octopus himself was unperturbed as the battle had provided valuable information from what he considered a test-run.

In 2021, the spectre of the Sentinels appeared again, this time as part of an apparent government-sanctioned program whose existence was revealed to the X-Men when the Brotherhood of Mutants attacked a DARPA research facility. The Sentinels concerned all of the teams at the mansion and research began into where they had come from and who had commissioned them.


With Extreme Prejudice

X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel referenced, no direct appearance

Operation: Wideawake referenced, no direct appearance

Exorcism Robotica


Introduced by: Ben