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Logan announced that Rogue had relocated to Montreal for an art therapy residency, Barbara Morse and Warren Worthington finally moved to Switzerland, and Xavin Majesdane unexpectedly announced that they were taking a job in Austin and trying 'normal life' for a while.

In the wake of the showdown with Adam Destine, Topaz acquired a strange entourage in the form of random ravens who would follow her around and provide her with food. She asked Marie-Ange Colbert for advice, but there wasn't much in the way of answers beyond "possible Asgard shenanigans". Amanda Sefton had her own questions about Adam, asking Kevin Sydney to obtain a file on the man who had raised her and Adam together, Rack. She found herself answering some tough questions in return for the help, however.

Molly Hayes began instruction in Danger Room programming from Garrison Kane; Sharon Friedlander talked to Jean Grey about her own medical training; and as part of a 'graduation' from protegee to fully-fledged spy, Kevin took Gabriel Cohuelo to Europe to meet various contacts and see how he performed. The pair were made in Genoa, but were able to slip the net prepared for them; meeting with Kevin in the airport, Gabe was astounded when Kevin 'gave' him the Mediterranean network for his own.


Sep 1 - Laurie teases Kyle with a youtube video containing his doppelganger.

Sep 2 -

Sep 3 - Marie-Ange shares the drama of the Stuart Semple v. Anish Kapoor art world pigment battle with the mansion. Topaz texts Marie-Ange to update her on her new bird following.

Sep 4

Sep 5

Sep 6 - Marie-Ange shares a raven-themed comic strip.

Sep 7 - Kevin provides Amanda with a file on Rack and they talk about why she really wants it.

Sep 8

Sep 9 - Logan posts to let everyone know Rogue has moved to Montreal for an art therapy residency. Gabriel is in denial about summer being over and asks who wants to celebrate his birthday with him.

Sep 10

Sep 11 - Molly asks Garrison to start training her in Danger Room programming.

Sep 12 - Darcy posts images of food-themed furniture for the ridiculously wealthy. Sharon texts Jean about meeting up to discuss medlab schedules and Sharon’s training. Jean-Phillipe traumatizes people with a French Orangina commercial with anthropomorphic animals doing the sexy dance. Nica shares advice on surviving horror movies for Friday the 13th (on a full moon). Topaz warns people about the approaching Black Friday and gives advice on avoiding bad luck.

Sep 13 - Topaz asks Ty for a teleporting favour. Training Day: Kevin emails Amanda and Marie-Ange to let them know he’ll be taking Gabriel to Europe for training purposes. Doug is sarcastic about a scientific report warning about the dangers of eating zombie cicadas.

Sep 14 - Training Day: Kevin talks to Gabriel about going to Europe with him on a job. Clea posts about having had a successful birthday week.

Sep 15 - Xavin announces they are taking a job and moving to Austin, Texas.

Sep 16

Sep 17

Sep 18 - Training Day: Gabriel continues his training in Tripoli with Kevin.

Sep 19

Sep 20 - Training Day: Training continues in Fos-Sur-Mer for Gabriel.

Sep 21 - Jean celebrates "Happy Earth, Wind and Fire Day" by posting a video of September.

Sep 22 - Training Day: Gabriel and Kevin reach their final destination in Genoa but they have been made; later, having escaped, Kevin tells Gabe the network is now his.

Sep 23

Sep 24

Sep 25 - Bobbi emails XFI telling them it has been an honor working with them.

Sep 26 - Bobbi posts to the mansion her goodbyes.

Sep 27

Sep 28

Sep 29

Sep 30 - Topaz comes to Marie-Ange for advice about the ravens following her with presents of food.



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