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December 22nd - Meggan Szardos' birthday

2003: Jamie's parents visit for Christmas. Manuel wakes from his coma.

2004: Romani Road Trip: Wanda tells Kurt what she's found out about Amanda, and Kurt goes to Madelyn and then Nathan for advice on where to go from here.

2005: While hiding out in the lab from the war zone in his suite, Forge gets a surprise visit from Paige, who makes sure he gets some rest. Sleep is less than good, and a rather damning confession is made. Kurt and Nathan meet at Harry's and commiserate about being the sons of supervillains. Bobby goes to Lorna's suite for some advice and sympathy. He gets plenty of both, but still doesn't know what to do about the mess his relationship is in. Shortly after Forge emerges from the lab after the suite's less than civil discussion of Tommy, a still somewhat preoccupied Marius has an astonishingly untraumatic meeting with Miles in the kitchen, and also half a sandwich. Forge has a proposal for Scott regarding a possible prosthesis. Scott is uncertain, but willing to listen. Lorna plays her part in the action against Magneto. In Giving Of Ourselves: Terry prepares to record her first professional single. Alison is on hand as her producer. Tommy makes the perfectly innocent mistake of opening his door just as Rachel, on a mad dash for freedom, floats by. Rachel proceeds to be very cute; thankfully, Domino wanders by and retrieves the evil telepathic baby. Doug comes down to Scott's office with a bunch of stuff on his mind, and Scott manages to clear things up for him. Haroun's down in the Gym for a light workout when he comes across Domino in the middle of her own workout. They just can't seem to leave each other alone, things get hot, then the heavy weights and the heavy words drop and Haroun checks into Medical. This leads Alison to shriek at Nathan for not keeping Domino under control. Wanda starts to feel the affects of having the entire history of the Clan dropped into her head in one go. Or, well, she would if she was completely conscious. Nathan finds her in the midst of some late night writings and it takes a bit to shake her loose.

2006: Nathan gives Medusa her Christmas gift and she tells him Crown Prince Blackagar Boltagon wishes to talk to him about Elpis. The various Snow Valley staff members bemoan their lost Christmas plans and proceed to get very drunk instead. Students query the beaten up condition of the staff. Crystal surprises Medusa with Blackagar's secret arrival to the school to be Medusa's date at the Winter Ball and he and Nathan have that talk. Winter Ball - the students have their semi-formal ball and there's a lot of kissing. Alex and Lorna talk, rather awkwardly, and then later Alex gets drunk with Shiro and they end up making out. Angelo and Marie talk about him challenging Logan during Fight Night.

2007: Amanda and Laurie talk about the X-Men, and Laurie's issues with drinking. Angelo is gleeful about T'Challa meeting the Stepfords. V=IR: Forge and Doug arrive at the site of the Tunguska Event and realise it's just another part of the puzzle, leading them to Croatia. Wanda meets T'Challa and they discover they both attended Cambridge. Rahne gets a stuffed toy haggis from Reverend Craig. Laurie, staying overnight with her father, has a nightmare and tells him about being part of the X-Men.

2008: The Wall Street Journal carries a story of Frost Enterprises winning a contract over Shaw Industries; Emma emails Nathan about the events in Wakanda. Amanda goes to Berlin to meet Wanda's contact, only to find it's Kurt and Meggan, come to kidnap her to the Szardos Clan for the holidays; later, Amanda gives Meggan her birthday present and they talk about Pete. Jennie makes Christmas jokes from Connecticut. Jean-Paul lets every one know his Christmas plans. Crystal announces her mutant concert plans. Julian has a training session with Nathan. Ktenology 101: Marie and Christian Kane zero in on their target and confirm he's associated with the Brotherhood.

2009: Yvette wishes Meggan a happy birthday. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne phones Garrison to chat about their trip to Australia for Christmas and finds out that Cammie never returned to New York as she believed; she leaves a message for Bishop asking him to use his Snow Valley connections to help search for Cammie; thinking some of Cammie's biker connections might know where she is, Adrienne visits a biker bar and breaks her nose when she mouths off to a biker; using intel from Mark's Silver network, the X-Men rescue Cammie from Brewster House. Jubilee posts about hiding presents around Snow Valley for the Junior Trenchcoats.

2010: Yvette suggests an ice skating outing to the students. Kurt wishes Meggan a happy 18th birthday and Amanda gives her a pendant.

2011: Amanda emails Kurt, Korvus and Meggan reminding them about Meggan's birthday dinner. Scott and Haller chat over comms duty. Terry emails Bobby about Christmas plans.

2012: Operation: Poisoned Honey: After their various investigations, X-Force come together to discuss their findings. Jubilee makes a journal entry about surviving the so-called end of the world. Haller announces his and Betsy’s absence spending winter break in Indonesia. Sarah V. tries to get caffeinated before confronting the mall, and Angel gives her a little caffeine-flavored push. An over-caffeinated Sarah makes a frantic journal entry about her newfound love for Red Bull. Maddie shares a YouTube video from her flight back home. Amanda sends Meggan an Amazon package of both the Harry Potter movie and book sets for her birthday. Tandy seeks out Topaz to ask for a favour. Clint nearly runs Topaz over in his rush to get back to his suite, but he pauses long enough to make a vague offering of friendship.

2013: Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart - Amanda goes to talk to Megan about what happened, and they discuss her joining magic class. Laurie emails Doug about their kiss, questioning if she pushed boundaries. Sooraya visits Angel in the med lab, and the two discuss her plans as far as school next semester.

2014: Marie-Ange takes Arthur shopping for clothes. Wanda and Jennie hold an undergrad seminar on probability mechanics for Arthur.

2015: Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force start to infiltrate the cruise ship, starting with Emma and Kevin; Felicia and Gabriel make it on board; Kevin establishes Cammie’s cover as she gets on board; Domino and Wanda come aboard as staff and smuggle in Amanda; North and Jubilee board a smaller boat in order to shadow the cruise ship. Darcy posts that Queen’s 40th anniversary of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is being released as a single. Jessica posts that she needs someone to calm her down or she is going to turn someone into paste. Gabriel texts Miles asking why anyone would want to go on a cruise ship. Marie-Ange visits the Stepford sisters to try to get them settled in - and then get them setup with identities they can live with.

2016: Jubilee posts about singing a song. Nica posts about it being vacation time. With Extreme Prejudice: A newspaper article mentions a jury declaring a cop not guilty of shooting a mutant; Alex posts about what XFI should do with the situation. Gabriel and Maya have a late-night heart to heart.