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December 8th - Nina Thurman's birthday

2003: Something Wicked: Betsy encounters Sarah M. in the halls and uncharacteristically yanks a bone out of her shoulder; later Rahne cleans up the wound and Sarah tells her what happened. Moira talks to Marie-Ange and realises her dreams are prophetic. Alex tells Shiro about his powers accident in Hawaii and finds out in turn Shiro has killed too. Marie chooses a college.

2004: Remy's Eleven: Nathan catches Jubilee gloating about being better at rappelling than Amanda, and they have a Talk; Nathan watches Wanda in action distracting the guards; Forge and Doug finally find the system they can't beat, but Remy has a solution. Romani Road Trip: Wanda meets Amanda for lunch and gives her some news about the search for her family.

2005: After lunch, Lorna and Paige take off for Plan A (part b). But they kidnap someone along with them who is a little confused by their insanity. It's possible they ended up in Montreal. Tommy goes to find food and finds Lorna doing the same thing. They talk as Lorna prepares him something to eat before the conversation turns uncomfortable. Alex is repeatedly ambushed by the smaller children, with snow, and Catseye does the same to Kyle.

2006: The morning after, Doug and Amanda talk and agree to stay friends; Mark asks Amanda about her and Doug. Nathan and Angelo go to Oman and are booked into the Grand Hyatt hotel as honoured guests of the government. Scott has another session with Jack Leary. Kurt has his first lesson with Rachel. Marie and Amanda have their beer and pizza night and talk about various matters. Garrison and Angel discuss watching movies with the sound off.

2007: Jishin Da!: Angel runs into a still-sick Shiro; as Laurie and Nori collect Julio, he realises the city is about to be hit by a major earthquake and manages to use his powers to divert it, but not without stopping his heart; Noriko and Laurie resuscitate him; Marius mentions the tremors; Kyle mentions not being able to find Julio on the team comm and is told what happened; Kyle texts a hospital-bound Julio, who complains; Nate asks Lorna is there are any more details about Julio's exploits before he contacts Julio's father. Marie-Ange is confused about a WoW commercial. Angelo finds Forge going through Irene Adler's diaries and discovers a prophecy that could be about him; concerned, he asks to meet Marie-Ange. Jean-Phillipe introduces himself on the journals, to a mixed reception.

2008: Forge posts a long explanation of why he's displeased with Karolina leaving her phone behind. Manual apologises for upsetting people and he and Morgan arrange to share powers. Clarice emails Forge, less than amused by his post. Paige posts to let people know she is less than amused also, and mourning her brother. Jean-Paul warns people to avoid part of the woods the next day as he's going to be doing powers practice. Julian has his first powers session with Nathan. Jan emails Karolina telling her to see her after class. Crystal emails Forge about holiday plans. Leo lets Kevin know the West Coast Annex will be able to take him. Manuel and Morgan share powers and Morgan gets insight into Manuel's mood issues; Doug knows it's Morgan straight away by body language cues; Morgan emails Adrienne to let her know she's using Manuel's shape and powers, and Adrienne asks her to keep her distance until she changes back. Rachel and Nathan kidnap Jean-Paul for cookies and beer. Jean-Paul announces to his literature students that their books have arrived and sets some rules for casual visits. Jan talks to Karolina about her absconding without her phone and doesn't make much progress; later, Karolina seeks out Callie and gets comfort. Julian introduces himself on his own journal. Jubilee takes Jean-Paul's request for no surprise visitors as a challenge, but at least appears with a bottle of wine.

2009: Julian shares his trademark hot chocolate with Megan and they chat about the school.

2010: After spending a few days in London, Amanda lets everyone know that she's back in the office. Vanessa informs Kurt that she hasn't had a single decent lead on Nick. Fianchetto: Vanessa gets volunteers from X-Factor to help confirm Telford Porter's activities in Madripoor.

2011: Amanda and Wade talk about his job opportunities over morning coffee at her apartment. Sooraya emails Angelo about coming back to work part-time for Elpis. Jean asks for whoever put the Biology class skeleton on the roof to bring it back down. Meggan posts about finding insects and spiders that won't die no matter how often she squishes them; Sarah V. posts about something similar with a mouse, inadvertently revealing her role in the skeleton prank in the process and winding up being put on cleaning duty by Jean; Sarah texts Maddie to let her know the jig is up; Jean lets the staff know Sarah is on punishment cleaning duty; Wade emails Sarah with some tips on not being caught while pranking. Sarah V. reports to Bishop at X-Factor as part of her new Girl Friday position and confuses him with geek culture references. Maddie emails Lex about watching the Army vs. Navy football game with her. Jean, Warren, Jean-Paul and Adrienne go to the opera together.

2012: Matt and Hope go holiday shopping and Hope chastises Matt about not being a gentleman. Angel and Lorna go see the Lion King on Broadway.

2013: Sarah V. helps Hope get some Christmas shopping done.

2014: Impossible Odds: Spiral finds Arthur in Nevada; the X-Men arrive to help Arthur; the team faces a spiral of bad luck while trying to rescue Arthur; Wanda and Jennie do their best to restore reality and fix Arthur's power issue; Arthur is brought back to the mansion. God is a Gun: Jubilee and Kurt are attacked while out in the city; Tabitha posts to let everyone know about Jubilee's and Kurt's injuries; Amanda posts to the X-Force comm wondering what's going on and telling the others to take precautions. Tandy posts asking for a ride because she accidentally crashed into a fence. Cecilia texts Wade to find out about Arthur. Wade texts Marie-Ange asking who Mojo is.

2015: More birthday drinks are planned, this time at Harry’s for Domino; Kevin and Domino talk about alcohol and underwear while at Harry’s. Warren apologises to Jean for inappropriate texts while he was high. Nica asks Alison if it’s okay if she moves into Maya’s suite to help keep an eye on her. Nica posts about blog responses to the accident on Sunday. Case File: A Better Mole Trap: Bobbi and Lorna, investigating another homeless mutant’s death, is approached by a one-eyed woman who tells them another mutant - Chickenwing - was also killed and that she’s tracked the killer to a condo being constructed, but she can’t get access; X-Factor uses various means to get to the penthouse suite where their killer has been staying; while searching the suite, X-Factor are ambushed by the killer, who appears to be a mutant himself, and have the crap beaten out of them.

2016: Domino makes a journal entry wishing herself a Happy Birthday and invites everyone to come drinking.