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Marie-Ange Colbert and Doug Ramsey started their relationship. Bobby Drake and Jane Doe went on their first date. Shinobi Shaw hatched a plan to resolve the [[Jonothon Starsmore-Paige Guthrie-Angelo Espinosa problem. Logan got a job offer in Canada that Marie D'Ancato encouraged him to take and Shiro Yoshida supplied him with a hint about his past. Moira MacTaggart was harassed by Dr. Henry Pym and revenge took various forms from various quarters. Pranks were had. Domino and GW Bridge visited the mansion for the first time and an unsanctioned clubbing night resulted in the staff cracking down on underage drinking. Illyana Rasputin was released from medlab following the events in Limbo. Moira talked to her assistant about the difficulty in shuttling back and forth between the school and Muir. Shinobi and Sarah Morlocke decided to move to Boston.

Marie-Ange's pre-cog continued to develop, with her having visions of the Rack and Skippy plots. Manuel de la Rocha continued to not cope with the blocking of his empathic link with Amanda Sefton and several people tried to help him with that and his powers. Nathan Dayspring started to develop his telepathy whilst at the same time his visions physically affected him more and more severely. He also started inadvertently entering other people's dreams or allowing them into his. Red X attended at a fire at a local horse stud. Betsy Braddock returned the memory Kwannon stole from Sarah during the second invasion.

The past came back to haunt both Nathan and Amanda. Amanda and Angelo went on a trip to LA with her magic tutor, Dr. Stephen Strange. A letter from Rack threatened the school and they went to Mexico to deal with it personally. Things went badly and they were rescued in the nick of time by Emma Frost and Pete Wisdom. Amanda was in a coma for several days and Angelo blamed himself. The trauma caused by Rack broke the blocks on the link with Manuel; he nearly drowned and was rescued by Marie-Ange as a result of a reading. He believed Amanda dead and was in a mindless state for several days before the link was repaired by Nathan.

Nathan received an email from Mistra which revealed they knew exactly where he was and a trigger hidden in an IM conversation sent him to meet one of his former bosses. He was then drugged and kidnapped.


Apr 1 - Marie learns the real danger of going through with her plan to have Manuel in her head. Sarah and Manuel make a deal to spar. Doug hacks the system and changes everybody's icons to cartoons of them.

Apr 2 - Nathan's visions start to make him physically ill. X-Men Mission: Bombing At Disneyworld: The Friends of Humanity bomb Disneyland; Nightcrawler and Wolverine are sent to investigate. Doug and Marie-Ange get together. Artie recruits Kitty to help him find Sarah's foster sister. Jamie pranks Doug in revenge, with the help of a hologram projector. He also trades Lorna's coffeemaker for an exact duplicate that only produces instant.

Apr 3 - Bobby and Nathan have a very bad day, courtesy of the Friends of Humanity and the Askani respectively. X-Men Mission: Bombing At Disneyworld: The team investigates the bombing and finds enough evidence to link particular FOH members to it; the evidence is passed onto the police.

Apr 4 - Logan is sent to recruit Shinobi to the team. Amanda tries to heal the damage caused to Manuel by their link being blocked, but it only results in their minds overlapping. Dr. Pym continues his efforts to win Moira over.

Apr 5 - Amanda and Doug finally talk about the potion. Nathan and Charles take a trip into Nathan's mind to confront Askani. Manuel makes a realization about his powers that frightens him.

Apr 6 - Marie-Ange casts the cards and gets no answers she wants. Moira discovers that Essex misled her about his right to bring the US Army to Muir.

Apr 7 - Emma and Manuel have a... chat. Doug hacks Manuel's medical records, at Emma's request, and nearly breaks his brain in the effort. Manuel discovers that meditation really works. Nathan begins work with his telepathy.

Apr 8 - RedX: Stonewall: Red X attend a fire at Stonewall Horse Farm, and do very well.

Apr 9 - Logan gets a job offer in Canada. Marie is in favour of him accepting. Warren joins Red X.

Apr 10 - Bobby and Jane go for ice cream and have a sort-of first date. Angelo, Jono and Paige try to work out exactly what their relationship is. Warren has a meeting with Cameron Hodge.

Apr 11 - Amanda and Bethany Moore start seeing each other. Nathan has another vision, and handles it a little better, with help.

Apr 12 - Doug begins work on translating the spell Rack carved into Amanda, as well as getting his ear pierced. Shinobi launches a plot to help Angelo, Jono and Paige sort it out.

Apr 13 - Betsy visits Sarah and gives her back the memory Kwannon stole. Domino steals Shinobi's car back for him.

Apr 14 - X-Men Mission: MLF:The X-Men are called to help resolve a hostage situation involving the Mutant Liberation Front. Amanda celebrates her seventeenth birthday. Monet has a catatonic episode.

Apr 15 - Nathan teaches Marie-Ange some useful meditation exercises. Some of the school's underage students go out drinking, leading to more stringent rules about where they're allowed and not allowed to go. Jubilee's dampener is removed.

Apr 16 - Domino and Bridge come for their first visit to the mansion. Nathan plans revenge on Dr. Pym. Sarah and Shinobi decide to leave for Boston. Marie hears that the mutant-testing program she was trapped in is being shut down.

Apr 17 - Paige is called home on short notice. X-Men Mission: Plant Life: The team go out to help a girl having manifestation difficulties. Dr. Pym harasses Moira again, until Domino steps in to rescue her. A plan is made involving seduction and compromising pictures. Logan takes Scott drinking.

Apr 18 - Daddy's Girl: Angelo and Amanda go to LA, and all goes relatively smoothly until Patches shows up with a message from Rack, leading to desperate plans.

Apr 19 - Daddy's Girl: Angelo and Amanda confront Rack in Mexico; Pete and Emma come to rescue them from certain death just in time; as a result of feeling this through the link, Manuel nearly drowns in the bath and is saved by Marie-Ange; the prodigals are brought back, Amanda is unconscious and Angelo breaks down on Marie. Unrelatedly, Nathan experiences a new development with his visions.

Apr 20 - Daddy's Girl: Nathan accidentally visits Amanda's mindscape and meets Gemile, as well as getting an idea of something he can do to help. New security arrangements are made.

Apr 21 - Monet encounters a zombielike Manuel and decides to use him as a houseboy. Alison encounters Frank the Lizard for the first time, with amusing results for everyone but her.

Apr 22 - Nathan bullies Angelo into breaking down in tears, in the interests of getting him to deal with the Rack incident. Mistra send Moira a message for Nathan, revealing that they know exactly where he is. Clarice glitters Jono, and he gets revenge by dying her hair black, but Nathan undoes it. Amanda wakes up.

Apr 23 - Nathan takes Monet to task for her behaviour towards Manuel. Angelo finally visits Amanda and she assures him Manuel won't know his part in what happened with Rack.

Apr 25 - Logan learns a little about his own past, courtesy of Shiro.

Apr 26 - Amanda goes to see Manuel but he refuses to believe she's really her. Nathan gets permission to help Manuel with the link, and does, at some cost to himself. Moira is inadvertently dragged into Nathan's dreamscape, and a memory of his wife and son's deaths.

Apr 27 - Manuel apologises to Amanda. Moira talks to Rory Campbell about the problems on Muir Island, and her relationship with Nathan.

Apr 28 - Marie-Ange reads Jamie's cards, with confusing results, and later has a dream foreshadowing Skippy. Nathan receives an email that may or may not be a trap, and decides he has to check it out, helped along by being triggered to obedience during an IM conversation.

Apr 29 - Illyana is allowed out of the medlab. She and Amanda talk and are suspicious at each other.

Apr 30 - Trojan Horse: Nathan goes to meet his contact and gets something of a shock when he realizes who it is. Then said contact drugs his beer and kidnaps him.


Daddy's Girl

X-Men Mission: Bombing At Disneyworld

X-Men Mission: MLF

X-Men Mission: Plant Life

Red X Mission: Stonewall

Trojan Horse

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