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Moment of Awesome - Hope Abbott/Trance: During a training session with Jean Grey, Hope remembers a past trauma.

"So since I am not a telepath this is not the domain of the astral plane where I am at my strongest? And there are other areas where I might be though?" Hope tilted her head thoughtfully. "It makes sense that my abilities would work differently. What is there at the lower levels?"

Jean paused. "It can be really tricky to navigate. Sort of like...taking your airplane close to the ground without landing. I don't know...being a ghost while still having a body. It can be dangerous. Most telepaths tend to stay up here."

"Taking the plane close to the ground... so it's closer to the real world? Or at least a representation of it?" A flash of memory made Hope shudder slightly suddenly.

"Sort of..." Jean tilted her head. "Are you okay?"

"I... I was just reminded... I think I have been on the level of the astral plane that you just described... the first time I was drawn here..." Hope shuddered again, but she firmly retook herself. "It's just... but I cannot... the previous you..."

Jean fell silent a moment. "The previous me did what?" she said. It was a grab bag which her she was talking about, the good or bad?

"Are you sure you wish to know?" Hope waited for a moment for Jean to speak up and protest, but when none came she continued: "My introduction to the astral plane was not exactly gentle... During a mission I was caught in a tidal wave and nearly drowned. My companions managed to pull me out, but my mind had somehow separated from my body and ended up here. I was unable to get back and the past you came to find me... she found me in, what I think, is the level of the astral plane you just described. I don't remember much of it, but I know it took a bit of psychic surgery to get me back into my body..."

Almost subconsciously, the world around them started to throw a little lusher, with beautiful flowers and trees, trying to soothe. Jean let out a breath. "I imagine that was a very scary situation," she said.

"With the things we can do, sometimes our mind has a way of being able to escape in the face of death even when our body can't," she said, her mind drifting momentarily to Quentin. She smiled at Hope. "I'm glad the other me was able to help you get that sorted out. Are you afraid to go there again?"

Hope paused a moment, reigning in her mind even more firmly. "More deeply uneasy than scared." She finally spoke. "The circumstances are quite different and this time I am not alone. Nor am I the same person I was then."

"What's causing the unease then?" Jean said.

"From what I do remember.... the images of the people frozen in time as the tidal wave hit or just after..." Hope explained after taking stock of herself. "They are rather haunting. I know that is not what I'll be seeing now, but it's like the threat is still there."

Today in XProject:

November 23 - Sharon Friedlander's birthday

2003: Crimson Dawn: Marie-Ange drugs Hank, and Jamie, Kitty, and Sarah move Betsy out of the medlab; all of them are picked up outside the escape tunnel by Nathaniel Essex and flown to Fort Dix.

2004: Nathan realises his precognition is coming back. Lorna asks Nathan to teach the junior cooking class. Lorna asks Rahne and Jamie to be her assistants in the kitchen.

2005: Nathan gives Forge a notebook full of Askani designs and notes - the psimitar. Lorna's parents visit for Thanksgiving. Wanda comes back from her vacation. Kitty meets Marius and is disturbed by his powers in the wake of the Vlad incident. Manuel goes out and gets drunk, unable to handle the happy feelings in the mansion and babbles to Nathan about what Amanda did. Wanda takes Madelyn out for farewell drinks. Lost In The Woods: Angelo runs into Amanda in New York by accident and learns where she's been; she uses magic to cloud his memory of the incident to protect him.

2006: Thanksgiving: the students and teachers play football; Yvette meets Nathan and Rachel; Dani offers non-Thanksgiving post-dinner for those who don't celebrate; Kurt goes to Amanda's apartment; Bobby and Terry go to his parents'. Living Pele: Alex and Lorna share an unexpected kiss and Alex's girlfriend sees them. Forge and Jennie discuss what was said about Europe and an understanding is reached.

2007: Laurie announces she and her mother are taking leftover food to the local homeless shelter. Nathan has to admit his loss in a pool game, involving having to wear a dress and recite poetry.

2008: Morgan takes on a new mimic in Boston to check on her mother and Adrienne freaks out over various things. Ktenology 101 - Marie contacts Christian Kane to let him know what happened to Garrison. Jean-Paul asks for students interested in his literature course the next semester. Kevin brings Nori a sculpture and she winds up telling him about what happened to Jay. Doug asks Bishop to teach him to shoot.

2009: Manuel emails Amanda, thanking her for dinner. Jay emails Amanda, letting her know where Warren ended up and how he feels about the other man's wings reminding him of his old ones. Sam apologises in person to Morgan for his earlier behaviour and the conversation goes about as well as could be expected. Amanda and Jubilee head back to work after seeing Wanda and indulge in some work-trained people watching.

2010: Kyle emails Doug about World of Warcraft, in light of his concerns about Dori's lack of sleep due to playing too much. Laura pines for the country. Lex and Vanessa go for Japanese and to Lex' relief (and surprise) their relationship survives. There Will Be Peace: Warren lends Julian a vehicle so that he can go make a visit; Julian visits Simon in the Vault and learns that McPhearson is behind the abduction of Julian's family; Julian gets permission to go to LA from Jean, but on the condition Angel goes with him; Julian lets Dori and Nico know he's going and that they can't come, but they follow him anyway using Nico's magic.

2011: Catseye meets Korvus, he makes her breakfast and she fails to threaten him over Meggan. David North emails Doug and Remy, letting them know things are too hot for him in Europe and that he may be coming back to New York; Doug lets X-Force now North had activated a backup ID and is coming back; Marie-Ange offers to pick him up at the airport. Warren and Vanessa have dinner together and talk about their respective offices working together. Catseye runs into Meggan and in the course of catching up, Catseye decides she needs to have that Talk with Korvus as well. Doug posts the next stage in the Reese's Arms Race, two giant peanut butter cups. Jean-Paul and Scott catch up over beer and pool at Harry's. Sarah and Layla chat over AIM, with Sarah's twin joining in briefly. Dori and Kyle drive to Montana, staying in a motel room that night.

2012: Jennie goes to Jean for a check up, and the two end up talking about what has happened while Jennie was gone. Lorna texts Jean thanking her for the birthday presents and offering to make her a belated birthday dinner. Molly posts saying she ate too much of the leftover turkey.


2014: Gabriel comments on the previous day’s news story, remarking that being able to turn into a dragon would be a nifty power to have. Rogue and Matt go for a random flight around town, enjoy delicious treats, and learn something new about each other.

2015: Rachel comes across Miles fixing his webshooters and he admits his secret identity. Bobby stumbles onto the idea to create snowmen for money, Miles is nothing but supportive. Rogue and John get to know one another again over Jell-o and ice cream. Sue finds Reed in her father's lab after he got kicked out of his apartment, she’s not letting him get away with that. Along Came A Spider: Clint texts Jennie to tell her he hates stakeouts, but she fails to properly commiserate.


2017: Thanksgiving.




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Welcome back Emily who will be bringing in a Phase 2 version of Marrow, Sarah Rushman!

Also joining XP's cast of characters will be April Parker, who will be coming in as Tink's second character!

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