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Moment of Awesome - April Parker/Mayhem: After being dumped out of the chapel portal, April Parker gets off on the wrong foot with a miscommunication.

April took stock of what she could feel, shaking her head in the negative when she didn't find anything worse than some light scrapes and burns. She shook her body carefully to double-check, a bit of webbing flying free and landing with a splat at the man--no--Doug's feet and making her laugh, an involuntary explosion of sound at losing control of her webs like that. "Mostly fatigue. Why did your portal bring me here?" She gestured at it again, an emphatic full body movement that had her tendrils waving around her.

The head shake was clear as day, simple gestures were very easy to get. "The portal?" he asked as she gestured toward it. "Yeah, hell if any of us know why or how it does what it does," he admitted. "We've got science people still studying it." He toed the bit of webbing at his feet. "Huh. Spider-person?" he asked, miming the distinctive webshooter wrist movements that Miles and his other spider-friend used.

A tendril was already in motion as April felt the prickly sensation she associated with her danger sense, wrapping around Doug's wrist firmly as her eyes narrowed. She didn't want to fight, and she had thought these people weren't hostile, but if her spidey-sense thought they were a threat she wasn't planning on ignoring it.

“Whoa, no touchy,” Maya said, pulling out one of the shock batons she’d taken to wearing on her back these days. Since Natasha and Kyle had started training her with them, she’d gone almost nowhere without them.

She moved to Doug’s side and pushed the tendril with the lit end of the baton, sending a spark of electricity through it.

“Get off.”

April hissed in pain as the tendril retracted, shooting a web at the girl and her baton even as she leapt toward the wall. She clung just out of reach, claws scraping lines into the walls as she looked for an escape.

The doorway was fairly tall. Maybe if she stayed out of reach she could get out of the building and find somewhere safe.

Wanda's vision shifted into a myriad of shifting strings of various colors as the situation turned decidedly south. Her breath caught in her throat slightly as she watched the creature scuttle across the wall. It was filled with small breaking points, something she'd never seen, but they were constantly moving and shifting.

"Very unusual," she murmured, eyes unfocusing slightly as she nursed the strings she needed. "Distract and corral," she said shortly to the other two, trying to keep a hold of everything.

Today in XProject:

August 13

2003: Flashback log: Rahne's first experience as a wolf back in May.

2004: Nathan tests Manuel's powers progress; Manuel agrees that Alphonso knowing about the Askani is a bad thing.

2005: Big pool party/BBQ at the mansion.

2006: Angelica Jones manifests in the car on the way home from church. Julio moves into his new room and meets his roommate. Julio meets Lorna in the kitchen.

2007: Amanda finds out the downside of sharing a bed with a boy and his Labrador. Mark announces his birthday party at Silver. Alexander's Wall: Nathan asks Haller to come to Dagestan for a DDR with Gabrielle Haller.

2008: Sulaco: Garrison takes a small team to visit Dr. Joseph Skrul and ask about Jay; a battle ensues as they discover Skrul is somehow co-opting the powers of his test subjects to become a kind of all-powerful hybrid; Terry is upset that she was unable to go due to her internship. Inez meets Kurt and is a trifle taken aback by his appearance. Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Laurie learns a hard lesson whilst helping with triage at the gates with Crystal.

2009: Jean-Paul posts reading lists for his upcoming classes. Lex runs in to a drunken Adrienne at Harry's and she offers him meditation lessons in light of his admittance to having trouble with his X-Men training.

2010: Yvette posts about being the new RA. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jean announces Derek's presence on the journals and asks the former Untouchables to come talk to the medlab staff about the truth of what happened with their powers; Kevin visits Derek and is surprised to find he is remarkably well-adjusted to his situation. Laurie finds Jean-Paul asleep at the X-Factor office.

2011: John is nostalgic about living in the mansion. Upon finding out Fred means to leave the mansion, Yvette and Julian go to the garage and talk him out of it. Meggan has a date and Wade and Kurt take it upon themselves to ensure the boy's good behaviour. Capital Turpitude: Jason Wyngarde accuses Adrienne of breaching their agreement when Emma withdraws from the Eulud Pharmacies bid and tells her of his plan to punish her; during a joint FBI/DEA investigation into Eulud, Garrison and the other officers are attacked by Belladonna and her men and overwhelmed and the factory set on fire; the X-Men head to Eulud Pharmacies after Adrienne warns them and rescue Garrison and the other agents; in the aftermath, Emma gives Adrienne another offer, this time protection under the White Court. Adrienne turns up on Amanda's doorstep, looking for comfort and friends and is happily surprised.

2012: Sue posts a photo of Matt that was taken by Angel during the dance despite his protests and Marie-Ange offers to help him ‘see’ it. Angel leaves a basket of sweets outside Sue’s suite. Madelyne posts that her father is in the mansion.


2014: Tandy texts Artie to ask if he can procure her a new fake ID since she lost hers in Germany. Megan emails Jean to make an appointment to see if her dust has been altered by demon magic.

2015: Alison texts Miles to let him know she’s nervous about her new roommate. Nica comes across Bobby making ice sculptures of the ninja turtles and the two talk about their powers before deciding to freeze the pool and go ice skating. Matt invites Clint, Warren, Miles, Billy, Doug and Marie Ange to come and play a game of D&D with him.

2016: Dori posts about being back. Clarice posts about her new theme song. Bobbi posts about missing track and field during the Olympics. Bobby posts about hockey team names. Angelo and John have lunch at the airport. Lorna and Maya go on a hike, where Lorna imparts some advice on the younger girl.


2018: Natasha posts a story about the Mayo Clinic holding patients against their will. Logan posts a story about a possible cure for hemophilia and wonders what could be achieved if scientists worked cooperatively with mutants. Bobbi has had a Monday and needs corgi therapy.

2019: Matt posts a Voltaire quote to his journal.


2021: Arise, X-Man: Laurie gives Kyle a check-up, and the heebie jeebies.

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  • Operation: Black Hand: When Sarah Rushman's family is targeted, X-Force investigates what appears to be an attempt to take over the family holdings.

  • Operation: Kefauver: The gang war heats up and X-Force discovers the truth in the death of Felicia Hardy's father.

  • Operation: Apalachin: With the Maggia warring within, X-Force uses the chaos to take out several threats at once.

  • Town Called Malice: When the X-Men investigate a pocket cell of Clan Akkaba, they instead uncover a new foe... and an old face.

  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team head's down to Florida.

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