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Moment of Awesome - Jubilation Lee/Jubilee: Following their time in Roma's fake world, Jubilee goes to check up on Kevin Sydney. His response is definitely not what she expected.

"Alright Lee, out with it."

“That’s just it. I don’t fucking know where to start.”

Jubilee picked up a spare coaster and started to twirl it with her hands, attempting to flip it through her fingers before she looked back up.

“You got any questions?”

"Not really. Emma gave me a solid overview of the history. Or, at least, the other universe history. Lee, you look rattled. What is it that you're expecting here?"

“Anger, probably. The fact you haven’t poisoned my alcohol is weirding me the fuck out.”

Jubilee turned her gaze to the room, noting the exits and the people near them before focusing back on Kevin.

“We basically lied to you the moment you walked in the fucking door. Like, literally. How the fuck are you so calm?”

"50 years with the CIA and you think lying would piss me off? Shit Lee, I thought your Remy hired you because you were smart." Kevin drained his glass and waved for a refill of the table, including the drink she hadn't touched. "I'm not saying being part of a dimension gumbo is easy for me, but I'm going to think about it before I get angry."

“Not smart enough, or they’d still be alive.”

She ripped the coaster in two and then proceeded to tear it into smaller chunks, not sure what she expected from Kevin or herself. She placed the drift of cardboard to one side after she finished.

“You realize we never talk about anything but work? I mean, like, it was easier cause I hate getting close to people but that other place... I’m not sure I want so much distance anymore. And like, this isn’t a proposition dude, don’t have a heart attack but, I know next to nothing about you. I’d like to know more.”

"And do you think I want that?" Kevin said mildly. "I'm learning how this shop works for real now. I get your background. Why do you think I want to share more?"

That hit harder than she thought it would, and honestly, why wouldn’t it? Her history. Her struggle. When had she ever thought herself worthy of anyone for more than a second, or even less than that?

“50 years in the CIA, you didn’t just exist through all that time without connecting with anyone. It’s a fucking cold world, Kevin, and it doesn’t get less empty the longer you’re in it. Too many damn people never saw anything worth fucking knowing in me for too fucking long. I’m not here to convince you my friendship is worth a damn if you don’t want it. I’m worth more than that, to myself at least.”

"Good lord, Lee, this is why I don't want to share. Do you need my history for us to be friends? Do I need to explain my divorce before the next time I've got your ankles over your head?" Kevin gave her a look."I'll answer any questions you want, but if you ask me if I need to share, the answer is no. I don't need all the details of your story to be your friend. I don't even need you to be honest to me to be your friend."

Today in XProject:

June 8

2003: Outing to the local skate park. Lorna meets Alex. Trip to the nursery, Scott and Betsy begin their relationship.


2005: Remy apologises to Lorna for being an ass. Manuel talks to Lorna about her Philosophy class. Terry talks to Scott about law enforcement careers. Little Girl Lost: Meggan is returned by a mysterious Rescue Man.

2006: The Enemy Within: Cain continues to deal with Cyttorak's demands. Wanda tells Ororo she is leaving the mansion, but staying on the reserve team. Crystal Amaquelin arrives at the mansion.

2007: Laurie's mother gives Laurie and Angelo a lift into New York to visit Amanda, and Laurie's guilt over leaving them behind comes out. Yvette meets Jono in the music room and they bond over being different. Forge takes Jan for a ride in his car. Parents' Day: Julio and Nathan pick the same hiding place; Julio breaks up with Angel; Scott talks to Jennie's father about the X-Men; Monet's mother arrives and Marius has a dilemma. Scott posts to the school journal, asking the students to make the choice about staying despite the risks put to the school by the X-Men's presence. Sarah comes to see Jono.

2008: Tabitha and Morgan meet during Tabitha's morning swim and again, Morgan is less than impressed; Morgan posts her doubts about Tabitha in her journal. Laurie fails to get into NYU and wonders if it was her interview. Nathan drafts help when Rachel sneaks into the office and 'reorganises'. Parents' Day Part 2: Kyle's grandparents arrive and he flails about getting a car to pick them up. Fenrisulfr: Doug, Amanda and Marie-Ange realise the cult is after Loki, and are then captured; Illyana raises the alarm in true Illyana style; Doug tries to bluff the cult, but fails; returned to his cell, he manages to cobble together their broken cell phones and call for help. Alex asks Scott for permission to become a trainee; Scott announces Alex's new status on the team journal. Tabitha asks for someone to teach her to swim properly. Illyana is bemused by a barista giving her his phone number. Kevin and Leo discuss alternative therapies.

2009: Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk and Christian Kane cause mayhem at a Singapore harbour, trying to make their way to Madripoor and then find themselves rescued by a Thai gay pleasure yacht when their hijacked ferry sinks; the Madripoor team meet their contact, Dum-Dum Dugan; Adrienne, Garrison and Jake experience the awkward while trying to get information on their target at the airport; Farouk and Kane reach Madripoor, to discover the Imperial Guard are searching for them and that Farouk's contacts have a way for them to enter the city through the sewers. Marie-Ange gets tired of waiting and Emma fixes Doug's libido, leading to a cable being kicked loose in the server room and a comment from North. Watching television with Callie, Julian and Yvette, Fred sees his father speaking for the FOH and loses his temper, smashing the TV; Jean-Paul comments on the mess and Fred apologises. Jean-Paul announces his absence for the rest of the week, taking Johnny to Montreal; Lil emails Johnny, giving him 'instructions' for his trip. Tabitha asks Manuel to sleep with her and he turns her down emphatically.

2010: Dori is practising her Wave of Squirrely Death when she and the squirrels are startled, ending up with an unanticipated swim in the lake and a dousing of Lex on the dock; Dori posts to warn people of a hoarde of wild squirrels loose in the mansion after she brought them in to dry them off. Vanessa goes looking for Lex and finds him still on the dock. Angel goes over her progress with Garrison and is awarded her full team tags; Angel posts to the team comm about her new position. Homeward Bound: Suffering from nightmares and strange memory lapses, Amara asks Amanda to research her background, sure it has something to do with Selene.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Ororo posts in Snow Valley about a contact in Toulouse being out of touch for several days. Jubilee e-mails Doug, asking him to come by and see her because they need to talk.

2012: Scott texts Kurt to ask him to keep him posted on Sarah V. and Layla's whereabouts while they're outside. Jean-Paul stops by Jean's office at the mansion to say goodbye. Sarah V. e-mails Vanessa about varying her work schedule since returning from Genosha. Jean-Paul makes an X-Factor journal entry to tell them he's returning to France and isn't sure when he'll be coming back. Jean-Paul leaves Terry the keys to his apartment and a letter explaining his departure to her. Jean-Paul makes a general journal entry to tell everyone that he's heading back to France. Catseye comes across Yvette practicing her control over her changed powers and she offers the catgirl a new opportunity. Kyle makes a journal entry, advising people that he and Dori are going on a short vacation to Montana and California. Kurt and Jubilee go out for dinner and dancing, where Jubilee isn't as okay as she thinks she is, and where something tentatively begins. Terry stops by Doug's office after a day in the office with the 'feebs,' and both try their hardest to avoid certain things before Terry drops an unexpected twist on things. Amanda makes a journal entry telling everyone that her, Angelo, and Sooraya are heading to Muir Island on Sunday for about a week for personal reasons. Artie makes a journal entry to tell everyone he's going out for a few hours and won't do anything stupid. Artie's credit card is charged with rifle orientation, ammunition, and training expenses. Jean and Remy discuss what happened during the battle with Moreau. After school on Friday, Clarice goes shopping and then visits Angelo to make him feel better, but her cure-all of a facial doesn't work so well. While having trouble sleeping, Matt runs into Sarah V., who's also still not able to get a good night's rest since Genosha. North wakes up after his overdose. Jean attends to him.

2013: Jubilee posts about having a secret. While fighting another sleepless night, Tabitha talks to Kurt about her insomnia and the reasons behind it. Clarice posts about celebrating her birthday with new fencing gear and being Jean's new PA. Yvette takes Sarah V. out for dinner and a movie to celebrate her birthday, where the two catch up on their personal lives with a bit of business discussion on the side.


2015: Felicia posts about curing her late-night dance party and Monday blahs with coffee and a croissant. Jessica posts about wanting to wanting to work off tension by smashing things in a deserted area and being unreachable. Monet posts about how she files her nails to appear more disinterested in ridiculous and asinine things people tell her. Sue and Warren go shopping together.

2016: Molly asks for TV suggestions and editing help.

2017: Johnny makes a journal post debating the performance of the electric engine versus the combustible engine.

2018: Maya is unimpressed by Star Wars’ “white male problem”.

2019: Amanda and Topaz have a conversation about Adam Destine.


XProject Announcements and News:

New Character! Shai has bid farewell to Tyrone Johnson and will be bringing in Miss America Chavez!

Welcome back! Cai has returned, taking up her previous character Theresa Cassidy!

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  • Breakdown: The Claremont Hospital comes under attack by terrorists and it's up to some of the mansion residents to act from within while the X-Men try to get access from without.

  • Sons of Mutancy: The Secret Empire Motorcycle Club returns when SWORD recruits the X-Men to assist in taking down a cartel running magically-infused weapons.

  • The Dewey Deceptional System: X-Force goes on a good old fashioned heist to retrieve a dangerous book from the Hellfire Club.

  • Coming To America: The X-Men head to Madripoor to stop a mutant from single-handedly waging war on a street gang.

  • Arc: Arise, X-Man: Laurie Collins goes on a quest to replace what she has lost.

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