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Moment of Awesome - Namor the Submariner: Namor was just wanting to restore himself in the lake. He didn't reckon on a purple cat-girl and the Queen of Limbo.

Anatomically impossible or not, Sharon discovered Namor's wings had one unambiguously effective quality: speed. Falling she had been prepared for. She'd fallen many times, and from many things. This, she quickly discovered, was an entirely different experience than plunging into a lake at high speed while hanging from the waist of a stranger like a complaining fanny pack. Sharon let go.

The ability to twist your own skin to get all four feet aligned with the ground had limited utility when there was no ground to land on. The end result was Sharon's first experience with both a large body of water and performing the feline equivalent of a belly flop.

Illyana, on the other hand, wasn't going to take a chance with missing her own portal. Or worse, ending up falling from some height into the dust of Limbo because she wasn't focused enough. Water, at this point, was probably inevitable. "Will not yield," she finally replied. Her voice was resolute, and she hooked her legs and arms more securely around Namor. "Will take you down with me, Majesty."

"Wrahhhh," Namor elegantly bellowed as the other two hit the water. If anyone was paying close attention, they might notice that his neck flexed to expose a set of gills that sighed with their own relieved breath of air. The water immediately moisturized his skin, whitened his teeth, and cleared Namor's cloudy disposition in an instant.

There were, of course, other things going on.

Illyana shrieked into Namor's ear just before they hit the water, clinging to him like a limpet as the water surrounded them. It was partially fear, since she couldn't swim at all, but that just meant she wasn't shy about digging fingers and nails into flesh as her hair floated out of the very loose ponytail she'd thrown it into.

Sharon's head broke the surface of the lake, her yowl of outrage already fully loaded.

"Wet!" Sharon shrieked, arms flailing as she speedran the process of discovering the mechanics of the dog paddle. "You have made me wet!" Her hindlegs got the memo and engaged, leaving her tail to thrash to and fro, arcing lakewater across the sky.

Namor emerged, bright and refreshed, flipping his hair back behind him in a glorious, cinematic spray of water. "Wet," he concurred.

"Wet," Illyana groused. "You okay, Sharon? That did not look like fun fall." Funny, and the only reason she hadn't ended up laughing was the speed at which she ended up in the water herself. Speaking of... she poked Namor in the abs. "Cannot swim, please take to shallow area," she requested politely. "Will get you back for this, one day."

There was a burbling wrrrowllll from Sharon, who had managed to synchronize all four legs and was paddling for the shore as they spoke. She was using her tail as a rudder in a way that somehow managed to convey deep personal offense. Soaked and stinking with lake-water, Sharon crawled to shore and glared at Namor as he came stroking up behind her with Illyana in tow.

"I am a cat," she said in the same accusing tones one might say 'you punched a baby'. Sharon started to shake, then did a double-take as she noticed the gill slits around Namor's neck.

"You have branchiae also?" she squawked. "Avian and aquatic adaptations? That is it. Jail! Jail for illogical fish man! Jail for one thousand years!"

Turns out it is remarkably easy to beat a cat to shore when one has wings. Illyana was deposited extremely gently on the shore, having been fished out of the water quickly upon her request. Those illogical, fluttering wings continued beating in soft, rhythmic mockery as the fish man landed nimbly near Sharon.

"We were in suspended animation in near five thousand of your years, Cat." Namor, completely nonplused by any of Sharon's accusations, ran a hand through his hair to shake off any water. "No human jail would be able to hold me."

Today in XProject:

December 5th - Artie Maddicks' Birthday


2004: Remy's Eleven: Remy and Nathan break into a designer's office for a look at the plans to Arcade's building and what they find is not promising; Remy calls in the prospective team to rob Arcade, and gets unilateral agreement to go. Nathan tells Cain about the baby and asks him to keep an eye on Moira while he's gone. Alison manages to sleep without chemical assistance. Shiro goes to Scott for a college recommendation, and they talk about the future.

2005: After Kyle gets kicked out of his tree by Wanda and grounded by Scott for what he did to Tommy, he stomps back to his suite in a huff. Then Jay confronts him about their ambiguous relationship and they come to terms with what they are as a couple. Scott calls Manuel into his office to discuss the situation with Tommy. The conversation goes downhill from there, and Scott finally admits Manuel is a lost cause. Nathan and Lorna spar, interspersed with fighting. Manuel sends Nathan and Lorna a bitter and paranoid email, accusing them of wanting to hurt him. Paige demands a garland for the stair rail. Scott emails Shiro to ask him to be Tommy's suitemate. Jubilee emails Alison and Scott asking to talk. Ororo reminds all the students that violence is not allowed.

2006: Operation: Xorn: Pete outlines two new areas of research for the team - Xorn and Nathaniel Essex; Doug gets stoned on painkillers and Mark takes him home. Forge emails Mark about a HeliX benefit at Silver. Nathan runs into Julio and tries to talk to him about Pietro. Scott and Ororo discuss the personal implications of Jean's return. Medusa helps Terry with wedding planning. Garrison asks Marie-Ange out. Jean and Marie have drinks at Harry's.

2007: Rahne posts an amusing cartoon about eating liver, much to Jay's disgust. Operation: Melittology: Amanda lets the rest of the team know Wanda's condition, and that they'll be breaking out of the hospital that night; Sofia offers remedies for bee stings. Jay and Kevin let things get a little too hot and heavy, and Kevin has a panic attack. Scott's broken jaw is finally unwired. Jishin Da! Noriko takes Logan with her when she visits her family, and discovers he might be her great-grandfather when her great-grandmother recognises him; Laurie is propositioned by a Japanese man.

2008: Amara Aquilla returns, meeting Julio and then running into Yvette working in the woods. Julian Keller arrives unexpectedly at the school. Domino is punchy and indulging in a prank war with Nathan; later, Nathan talks to Jean-Paul about possibly going back to Muir. Wanda tells an unimpressed Scott about Magneto's man in the government who wound up dead. Clarice 'ports in on Jean-Paul and winds up sharing the genderswap story. New York Minute: Nori has an explosive fight with her parents and 'goes for a run'; Nori winds up in New York and starts bar-hopping; Yvette comments on the shouting; Nori finds herself a drug dealer to help with things; when she gets out of her depth with two guys, she drains her phone's battery to deal with them and sets off the alarms at the school; Scott is on comms when the alarm comes through and people are sent to search for her. Catseye is excited about helping her brother decorate the tree but then refuses to leave until Nori returns. Jean-Paul comes across a disturbed Yvette and they talk about the missing people.

2009: Catseye visits her family's home and watches, then interacts with her father as a black cat; she is saddened by the encounter as her father seems to be a very nice man and she does not understand why he threw her outside to die as a baby but Kurt plants doubt in her mind about what really happened when he comforts her after the trip upstate. Kurt and Monet have a less-than-fulfilling dinner and decide to change venues for dessert, but when Kurt teleports them to another cafe they are asked to leave by a sympathetic bouncer who worries about another person's reaction to the mutants and promises them free drinks next weekend to make up for the inconvenience. Kurt invites Cammie to Germany for Christmas.

2010: Amara talks to Garrison about leaving the X-Men.

2011: Scott encounters Sooraya cooking in the kitchen, and the two talk. Afterwards, Scott emails Yvette about working with Sooraya on some self-defence. Wade talks to Scott about his mishandling of the situation with Artie. Maddie asks Sarah V. to give her iPod a talking to and then convinces her to play a prank involving the school skeleton and a Santa suit. Sarah V. drops in on Yvette to try and find out possible Christmas present ideas and winds up having to explain what 'cybering' means, much to both girls' mortification.

2012: Tandy texts Sue during her parents’ will reading to lament that her mother named Nathan Tyler as her guardian.


2014: Impossible Odds: The news reports a train crash in Tahoe City which involved Arthur Centrino; Both Gabriel and Ty comment on it eliciting mixed reactions from the mansion crowd; Wade asks Doug if Arthur is really dead. Scott announces that Sooraya has graduated to full X-Man. Angel posts wondering if she can find a Turpigducken, leading to several being located and cooked at the mansion.

2015: Darcy comments on the X-Quisitr story. Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: Cecilia asks Scott for help in investigating what happened to the clinics in Honduras. Case File: A Better Mole Trap: The Mutant Chronicle reports on the murder of a homeless mutant that is being ignored by police; Sue posts to xp_teams wondering if something can be done, and Warren decides X-Factor will investigate. Clint texts Natasha about Franklin Hall, the man responsible for wiping out Ev’s SHIELD team. Jessica makes a reappearance, remarking on the awesomeness of beer and the craziness of people.

2016:' Topaz complains about having ‘Jingle Bells’ stuck in her head.

2017: Sharon discusses a possibly risky situation with Scott and Garrison. Rogue texts Logan to see if he wants to brave the mall with her. Warren makes a journal post asking for people’s Christmas wishes.

2018: Wanda returns after several months with the Exemplars, working on restoring her powers to normal after her encounter with the Destines.

2019: Sooraya and Alani decide to share a suite.

2020: Marie-Ange comments on an article about Hobby Lobby illegally importing forgeries by accident.

2021: Kurt monitors Betsy's Danger Room session. Arise, X-Man Laurie and Nate take another step in their relationship.


XProject Announcements and News:

Welcome, 2023! As X-Project enters its 20th year, we have lots to interest our players and readers. New characters, new plots, new events... make sure you keep reading and catch it all!

And speaking of new characters, we're having a bit of an app-alanche here in XP-ville! New approved characters from Lauren (Hope Summers), Sam (Jessie Drake, from Marvel Comics Presents #151) and Frito (Ashley Crawford aka Big Bertha)! PLUS, yes, Rogue is back, in the capable hands of her previous player, Zoila!

(That's also not all, keep an eye out for MORE potential characters over the coming months!)

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  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

  • Collective Soul: The events of A Haven to Call Home have wide-ranging consequences for the mansion's psis and one in particular.

  • Crash Landers: An abandoned mutant makes quite the ruckus when she arrives at the mansion. It gets worse when they find out who she is.

  • Behold A Pale Horse: "And I looked, and beheld a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him." The X-Men have a lead. But is it the right one?

  • The Celery Stalks at Midnight (aka the Brunch Drinks Arc): A new four-plot arc about blood curses, vampires, interdimensional shenanigans and Brimstone Love.

  • Humanis Honoribus Amicis: News of a new disturbing turn in American politics has Hope Abbott investigating.

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