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Moment of Awesome - April Parker/Mayhem: When the X-Men are deployed to find their missing residents, April and Maya's team up has April taking the lead on taking down questioning the hunters they encounter.

The Scotsman's attention was fixed on April. He no longer looked amused. His words came out in a growl.

"That was my favorite axe. Me mum gave it to me."

A man roughly the same dimensions as a bear should not have been able to move so quickly. Drawing two hatchets from either side of his belt, the hunter charged April like a freight train. To a person with normal reflexes the sight of the two weapons swinging for their knees might have been a lethal distraction from the blade of the katana swinging for their neck.

Some people were not very smart.

April didn't duck so much as she flowed around the trio of sharp objects aiming for her. Tendrils shot out, wrapping around the hands holding those two hatchets and squeezing until there was a satisfying crunch and howl. The katana missed. The hatchets dropped to the ground, useless. And the low whistle that signified a dart was missed in the mess of symbiote chuckle, howls of pain, and the cursing of a would-be ninja.

But the aim was spot on, and the tiny dart punctured April's neck with a barely-felt pinch.

Unfortunately for the hunters, April wasn't just a mutant. The woman turned with an enraged roar as the liquid in the dart hit her system, pushing her human brain down and bringing out the most primal, instinctive part of her DNA. And... some of Mayhem's more unique cravings.

She wrapped a black, claw-tipped hand around the younger man, hoisting him upwards while she grinned. "WHAT. NOBODY WANTS TO EAT YOUR EYES, SPORT. WE'RE NOT UNREASONABLE." Her tongue left a trail of green behind as it licked a swipe across the man's face, and she tilted her head sideways at his disgusted expression. "I ONLY WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAINS." His eyes had just seconds to go wide before teeth chomped down, crunching the whole thing like a satisfying one-bite snack while tossing the body carelessly to the side.

A squawk of fear had her turning back towards the Scotsman. Her neck elongated, stretching until her face was right in his. "WHERE DID YOU TAKE MY CAT, THIEF."

The remaining hunter went white under the blank expanse of April's eyes. Dropping his gaze even a fraction would have shown him the gore dripping from her chin.

"Stole nothing," he gulped, beard bobbing in desperation. "Just hired for the hunt. Beasts were already here."

A talon-like claw tipped his chin back. "YOU CHOSE YOUR HUNT POORLY." The milky whites stared at him without blinking, even as the claw pressed hard enough to break skin. Green drool dripped onto his face. The rumbling noise that came from the monster was decidedly displeased as it continued to stare down. "LAST TIME: WHERE. IS. MY. CAT."

Today in XProject:

July 15


2004: Nathan tells Jubilee about Mistra. Manuel confronts Betsy about Kwannon and what happened with Nathan.

2005: Alison finds Jubilee in an aggravated state over Manuel and Dani and helps her calm down enough to talk about it. Jamie and Kitty go camping for his birthday. Lockheed learns to breathe fire. Alex organises a pool party for those not reading Harry Potter.

2006: Forge drops Jennie off at the airport, and she gives him a kiss as a going-away present. Later, Forge and Jubilee say goodbye when she leaves for California.

2007: Great Rift: Nathan and his team head for Tanzania. Scott heads to Portugal to retrieve Pietro. Insomniacs Doug and Amanda talk about recent events.

2008: Third Strike: Kurt manages to send an email to Amanda, Wanda and Scott alerting them to Magneto's presence; Amanda is furious and starts searching when her location spell can't find Kurt; Scott announces the plan to retrieve him, having narrowed things down to three private clinics.

2009: Nori wants a reward from Julio about not joining in the journal orgy. Emma emails Remy about photos taken by Cammie and Jennie at the party. A hungover Illyana threatens an equally-hungover Jubilee with death. Amanda posts - perhaps a little smugly - about not being hungover and the gift of pants left on her door. Jennie is more smug about the fact she got to sleep in, and reassures Remy he can have her camera's photo memory card in the interests of not being horribly killed; Jake emails Remy letting him know he stole Cammie's memory card and it's on Remy's desk. Mark is perfectly fine and very smug. Jean-Phillipe bemoans the loss of his powers as they tended to burn alcohol off faster and announces his RA-ness. Marie-Ange emails Jake and Jubilee about her and Doug's denuded kitchen. Jay complains - or boasts - about his healing factor not letting him get drunk. Cammie is pleased with her evening before and is looking forward to her first training with Logan since the bar brawl where she was stabbed; Logan tests Cammie on avoiding broken bottles. Jeanne-Marie checks on Jean-Paul, who was drinking with Jean-Phillipe the night before. Mutation Sternutation: Callie leaves cookies for Julian, apologising for the coma. Fiddler's Green: Scott calls for a team to go to Brazil for a simple mission; Jean, Angelo, Lil and Angel go to Alvorecer Novo and meet with Mariana Machado, who surprises them by having four rescued Taygetos children living with her, rescued by a telepathic friend who had been working for the group, and explains why she was targeted the previous year; after bringing the children back to the medlab, Jean tells Nathan about the Taygetos plans to breed telepathic handlers while Angelo gets the kids to eat. Sarah and Catseye make peace and are friends again. Emma invites Bishop for a drink. Catseye visits Jean-Paul with a book, and he suggests she volunteer at a no-kill shelter in order to be able to interact with cats as well as people.


2011: Emma thanks everyone for their birthday wishes and Doug for his delivery, and apologises for not being around much. Dori makes a journal entry about being back in the mansion and posts her to-do list. Kyle takes Dori through a Danger Room training program, which ends after an awkward moment in a dumpster, and Kyle needing a cold shower.

2012: Angelo announces the new X-Corps initiative and asks for expressions of interest.

2013: Hope lures Topaz out of the mansion with a promise of books and tea, and they get a little side-tracked along the way.


2015: Patent Pending: Angel, Daredevil, and the Spider-Men (Peter and Miles) go after the thief stealing from Worthington Industries; the Prowler takes out the vigilantes easily, and they regroup to assess the situation; Jean is called in to help with injuries, and is attacked by Crossfire - Warren tries to save her, and both are nearly killed; Jean is shocked to find the group of vigilantes includes a teenager, and the men aren't happy about her criticism; Jean gets Cecilia to patch her up, and Cecilia isn't overly impressed.

2016: Fourteen leaves Emma a present of a chess set with a note explaining the rules. Alison posts about not leaving her room until August. Alex and Ty go searching for Pokemon.

2017: Bobby is excited for Christmas. Laurie sends a text to Garrison about wanting to remain an X-Man.

2018: Laurie asks Kyle about propositioning him. Maya asks Clea and Stephen why they stood her up for the movies. Sins of the Father: Molly goes to the med lab for a small cut, and returns a few hours with deep gouges being cut into her skin; Natasha wonders why there is a trail of blood in the mansion. Darcy posts about a blur of blue paint, which was actually Jean-Phillipe celebrating France winning the world cup. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: A news article goes up about the July 4 attacks.

2019: Wanda offers her credit card towards feeding anyone who needs it. An Eye for an Eye: Strange happenings continue at DIA with reports of a plane vanishing - and then reappearing.


2021: Scott announces it’s time to start rebuilding the Blackbird after the nanite incident and asks for suggestions for improvements. Sue gives Hope A. a graduation gift; Hope A. shares photos of her gift with Topaz, Betsy, Molly and Tandy.

2022: Hope A. posts about the opening of her consulting business, and emails several friends to invite them to dinner.

2023: Arthur consults with Haller on his new psychometry and things get messy. Kevin visits Darcy at Helga’s to talk about the incident with Quentin. Sooraya texts Alani about feeling like people are watching her. Scott gives Sooraya her Blackbird test flight results.

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  • X-Men Mission: What of the Hunting, Hunter Bold? Liam and Sharon's zoo trip leads to unexpected events and a small mission for the X-Men.

  • Made You Feel Second Best: The Guthries call in some help when their younger sister Joelle falls in with the wrong crowd.

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  • Case File: Feel the Rush: X-Factor investigates a new deadly party drug following an overdose at a District X club.

  • Or Is He Both? When a series of gamma radiation related deaths occur in Colorado, the X-Men investigate a connection to a deceased teenaged mutant.

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job: Rogue breaks the cardinal rule of spam - she clicks the link - and winds up caught up in a mutant sex ring.

  • DIXIE DEAD SHAKE When Garrison's RCMP duties bring him to New Orleans, a few more mansionites tag along and find the town off in ways that may lead to danger.

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