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Moment of Awesome - Clea: In Roma's fake dimension, Clea, protegee of the Hellfire Club's Black Knight is assigned the task of typing up a loose end.

The door went flying off the hinges as a familiar white haired woman walked in, dressed in black. "Knock knock." She was having fun, knocking down doors lately. Her hands were already casting another spell as she sealed shut other exits. "I've come for you. You have been a very naughty boy."

"Shit." Doug scrambled backward from the desk he was sitting at, pulling a holdout knife from behind his back and keeping it low and out of sight. "What, mad that I turned you down?" he asked sharply. "I have a policy of not sticking my dick in crazy."

Clea looked at him for a moment, and gave him a once over again. "You are too young for me anyways. Personally, I have no issues with you but you pissed off the wrong person and they don't like that very much." Clea's purple magic pulled the desk off the floor and sent it crashing against a nearby wall. "Now, do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way?"

Too young. That would explain the odd body language tics he'd half-noticed in their previous meeting. Of course his own smartassery would come back to bite him. "I think we both know the answer to that," Doug replied, his tone lulling and reasonable. She had the advantage on him at range, after all. "If I wanted the easy way I would have just slept with you instead of mouthing off."

Clea smirked before her expression turned dark and the purple energy swirled around, "I learned this one from one Doctor Strange."

Whatever she was doing, once she let it loose it would likely be too late for him. So Doug took a lunge, the knife between his fingers aimed to slice Clea open from hip to shoulder.

The knife dug deep from the hip and the image in front flickered before the giggles filled the air. "By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak." Another voice behind him said loudly. The red ribbon shot out from the darkness to wrap itself around Cypher.

Shit. Shitshitshit. He'd seen through her illusions before, and it had made him too damn cocky. He lunged against the pulsing red energy tightening in on him, and grunted in pain as the mystic prison cut into him.

The real Clea emerged from behind, a hand on his shoulder. "Really, nothing personal." She bopped him on the nose. "Maybe I'll see you in the next life, Cypher." She turned away from him before raising a hand out to her side and closing her fist tightly as she controlled the pressure of the bands as they continued to dig deep.

At least she wasn't going to try and torture information out of him, was Doug's oddly relieved realization before Clea closed her hand. The other members of the little network he'd been building would be safe. ~Sorry-~ was his last thought, and then oblivion.

Today in XProject:

September 20

2003: The field trip returns from Muir early to avoid Hurricane Isabel. Bobby returns home for a visit to try and reconcile with his family. Crimson Dawn: Essex notifies the staff of Betsy's condition.

2004: Nathan has another conversation about atonement, this time with Amanda. He then is almost ambushed by Sarah and learns more about her appreciation of violence, and then power-trains with Shinobi. Scott and Haroun take the Blackbird out for a test flight, Shiro organizes a Plan to bring Alex and Lorna back together and then tries to explain to Madelyn why he’s so insistent on punishment for August, Alison “bumps” into Alex and tells him how Lorna is really doing, and Amanda and Manuel manage some cuteness when she gives him an amulet to help him with written English.

2005: Upgrade: Haroun regains consciousness; Forge announces the cybernetic upgrade is ready to be implanted; Alison buys the company that manufactures the components. Lusanya says goodbye to Manuel before fading; Amanda emails him in the morning asking if he's all right. It's six months since Youra and Nathan talks to psychic hallucinations of his friends. Jean starts to crack under the pressure. Nathan mentions some of his odd symptoms to Jean and she gets data on one of his fits.

2006: Bleeding: Over at the Snow Valley offices, Doug and Angie make a breakthrough: they know where Jennie and Marius are and who they are with; Kurt seeks out Ororo so he can go on the mission to get Marius and Jennie.

2007: Terry begs for a social life.

2008: Callie and Clarice go shopping. Amanda gets a new name from Catseye before the bus run. Somewhere More Familiar: While in New York, Jane runs into someone who recognises her - from her previous life. Cessily emails Kevin about his lack of presence. Jennie posts drunk to her journal again.

2009: Operation: Man of Stone: X-Force attacks General Zakharov's compound to take down the genetic supersoldiers, though Zakharov flees.

2010: Jean texts Piotr to ask him out for coffee the next day. Jean and Vanessa go trawling for a new male persona for Vanessa and things wind up a bit more complicated than intended with Jean's telepathy thrown into the mix. Cammie and Jubilee wind up having a "weird video I found on the Internet" war after Cammie posts the first shot. Jean-Paul and Kevin have a relaxed morning and talk about the need for Jean-Paul to have a suite when he has an apartment in New York.

2011: Adrienne develops a fear of pythons after watching a TV show. Adrienne and Garrison have an awkward encounter down at Harry's.

2012: Artie posts up a music video which uses projectors on a screen to create the illusion of movement through various scenarios. Maddie posts to inform people that a year ago "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell" was repealed and the military hasn’t seen the dire consequences that were threatened. Sonatorrek: Jean informs those who had been with Garrison in Aitkins that they have purged the chaos magic, but Garrison’s mindscape is still shattered and they will still have to put it back together; Jean sends Adrienne an e-mail to keep her updated on Garrison’s situation; Adrienne stops by her sister’s office to ask Emma to help put Garrison’s mind back together. Angelo makes plans to spend the evening with Jean-Phillipe.

2013: Wade emails Logan and Korvus about finishing their car project and taking it for its first drive. Callie suggests apple picking.

2014: Higher Than Hope: Scanner, Hope, and Amy talk to Amy’s mother about the internship offer, deciding to go for coffee to give Mrs. Wright time to think; Hope, Laurie, and Amy are kidnapped by Azazel and Scanner at the coffee shop when they refuse to stay and talk to Scanner about fostering their talents. Wade texts Tabitha about being bored. Clint helps Matt pick out a tie and they discuss Keller’s party, normalcy, and a girl they knew from foster care. Sue and Julian meet at the party. Cecilia posts asking about rides to and from Keller’s party. Angel dissuades Yvette from smoking a joint at the party by offering to play drinking games with her; later, Fred finds her dancing on a table in a most uncharacteristic way and some truths are revealed about how each of them are not-coping with the aftermath of the Fury mission. Pixie dusts a small section of the dance floor at the party, including Julian, and mentions Artie being her boyfriend before Julian commissions her to do an art project for his place. Gabriel flirts with Julian at the party but Julian is oblivious.

2015: After both striking out at the club, Gabriel and Quentin find themselves in bed together the morning after and wind up making the most of it. Alex and Gabriel meet in the kitchen and have Chinese leftovers for breakfast. Wade emails Adrienne offering food and is unhappy to learn she is leaving the mansion; Adrienne texts Garrison to let him know she’s moving to her penthouse in New York. Molly is unimpressed by Pintrest’s eggplant recipes. Amadeus warns people the fire alarms might go off but there’s nothing to worry about. Clint lets Matt know it’s a family dinner instead of family breakfast the next day. Jubilee apologises by text to Adrienne, but gets no response. Clint’s curiosity is roused when he runs into Jennie in the hall. Quentin leaves Clint a thank you gift (and a threat) for the talk.

2016: Alex injures himself and Cecilia responds with her characteristic bedside manner. Darcy posts about what she is getting for Christmas. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Plans are made to undo the damage Garrulous has done; Hope and Doug manufacture fake evidence to break up the ring of staffers.

2017: Reed offers to be Hank’s mentor, an offer which Hank quickly accepts. Quentin asks Sooraya if she ever found the guys who lynched the two mutants in the city. Psi War: Amanda emails Stephen and Wanda asking for their help with the ritual.

2018: Maya posts a cartoon to her journal. Lorna asks if she and Alex can make going to Ireland an annual retreat.

2019: Training Day: Training continues in Fos-Sur-Mer for Gabriel.


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Farewell to longtime player Ryan who has left X-Project due to RL demands. His Julian Keller will be missed.

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  • Operation: Dewey Deceptional System: X-Force goes on a good old fashioned heist to retrieve a dangerous book from the Hellfire Club during a star-studded gala.

  • Arc: Arise, X-Man: Laurie Collins goes on a quest to replace what she has lost.

  • Potomac Calls to Chesapeake: Rains of seaweed and frog spawn, damaged property and improbable drownings on dry land - what is going on in Baltimore? Team Magic go to investigate and discover the city is rather... crabby.

  • X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel: The Brotherhood of Mutants resurfaces with an attack on a government facility.

  • Tayammum: One X-Man deals with the consequences of a mission.

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