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Moment of Awesome - Artie Maddicks/Facade: During the battle of District X, Artie uses less conventional means to try and stop Death.

It was a little like the parting of the Red Sea. As soon as Hope had spoken, the road ahead of Artie rose up, as if someone had pinched the surface and pulled upwards. Cars, trash cans, newspaper boxes, all sorts of debris all rolled down either side of the black peak in a clatter. Then the road sank down again, flat, unencumbered, a straight line between the Range Rover and the spot Hope had indicated.

I live my life a quarter mile at a time, rang in Artie's ears as he hit the clutch and accelerator, revving the engine. Three, two, one... go. He put it into gear and took off, getting as much juice out of second as he could before shifting into third and hitting 45 miles an hour.

The rev of an engine itself wasn't particularly notable, but it did seem odd it appeared to be getting closer. Automatically, Death turned in the direction of the sound.

This would only work if he could keep Death in one place. Artie couldn't cloak the whole road but could create a bubble of illusion 30 feet wide and tall across it. Within it, the world fractured, splintered and recombined, whirling around Death.

The Horseman's perceptions spun in a disorienting kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. The sudden clash between the visual input and what his body knew to be true struck him with a wave of motion sickness severe enough to make him stagger.

Unfortunately, the direction he stumbled was away from the building and into the street.

The problem with an illusion like this was that once it was up, nothing inside the field was visible outside. Artie had a ten count before he'd be there. "Hope! Location!"

Quickly turning her head, Hope blinked once at the car quickly speeding at them, Artie's aura full of determination blazing from behind the wheel. "Two'clock for if you turn now!" She hurriedly projected, a little piece of her scouting training under the Archduke surging to the fore.

Artie adjusted his trajectory slightly and drove straight into the illusion he couldn't drop without losing the element of surprise. His car hit something and he jerked forward and back in the seat, airbag inflating and sending searing pain across his face as his nose broke.

As it turned out, the ability to absorb and neutralize the vast majority of mutant powers was less effective against a direct hit from an SUV.

Death landed in the windshield of an entirely different car, which came as a shock since he had never seen the first. From his point of view, the brief period he'd spent airborne had only been an extension of the labyrinthine riot his eyes were reporting. It was, therefore, something of a surprise when the visual distortions vanished to reveal a steaming and hugely dented range rover directly in front of him.

The Horseman stared at the car in disbelief.

"What sort of absolutely mental . . ."

Today in XProject:

April 8

2004: Red X Mission: Stonewall: Red X attend a fire at Stonewall Horse Farm, and do very well.

2005: Shiro talks to Alison and Scott about becoming a trainee. Manuel seeks company and comfort from Kitty, and then Lusanya.


2007: Jan decides to celebrate Easter by zooming around showering people with Peep sugar. Crystal emails Pietro about his inadvertent swim of the day before. Monet posts about her hangover. Our Hell: Angelo inadvertently helps Illyana in her search with some advice on research. Scott posts to the staff list about his concerns regarding public staff drinking and the impact on the students; he also emails Wanda and Betsy regarding the same. John and Scott discuss John's options at the school.

2008: Laurie posts quotes from Ghandi and Pearl S. Buck which explain her outlook on life. Operation: Take A Bow: Jubilee visits Mark and he remembers fighting to survive in the Warwolves dimension. Jennie advertises her tax services. Amanda invites the grads and Snow Valley people to her 21st birthday pub crawl in a week. Scott announces his and Alex's father will be visiting the school. Clarice runs into Amanda after visiting Mark and they have lunch and chat.

2009: A group of Jake's female relatives possibly show up at the Snow Valley offices to kidnap him for a Passover seder; in retaliation for Wanda "selling him out" to his relatives, Jake decorates the fire escape with Wanda's undergarments, to everyone's amusement. Kyle and Inez talk about letting off steam and possibly starting small-group training sessions for the New Mutants. Nate and Lil talk about marriage, children, and the clinic bombing. Doug and Manuel are formally invested as the White Knight and Bishop of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, with Doug being tested in a fencing match while Manuel has a cryptic chat with Sebastian Shaw; during the investiture, Adrienne attends the Hellfire Club's gala and reassesses her desire to be involved with the Club. Jay and Kevin meet for the first time in months and decide they are better off keeping distance between them. Jay and Dani commiserate about their nonexistent love lives.

2010: Yvette comes across Jean-Paul in the woods and is confused by the changes in him; Jean-Paul asks Vanessa to take the alcohol out of his suite and writes Kevin a story. Hank removes Cammie's cast. Vanessa texts Laurie to let her know Eamon and Thom are at her apartment.

2011: Operation: Sanguinicity: Emma, Jake, Marie-Ange and Remy go through the gathered information and come up with various ideas to bankrupt the Mosley Initiative; Jubilee and Amanda do recon of the bank which holds several Initiative accounts, Jubilee the old-fashioned way and Amanda via her link to the city. Warren goes to Angelo's apartment and meets Angelo's mother, before talking with Angelo about setting up his own law practice in District X; while the boys talk, Juanita takes it upon herself to visit Warren's mother, Kathryn, and they talk about Warren's estrangement from his father. Wade texts Warren, suggesting they meet up. Vanessa finds Garrison bonding with Daisy the Moose and they chat about Wade's insane gift; later, Vanessa and Jean have their usual 'date', despite the tension from their conversation a few days earlier.

2012: Vance meets Lorna in the kitchen and Scott in his office; they talk about learning to control his powers and possibly joining the X-Men. Vance meets Sooraya in the stables. Doug posts wishing people Happy Zombie Jesus Day and gloating over the bags of chocolate he is not going to share. Matt also posts wishing people Happy Easter.

2013: Adrienne posts about it not being fair that the Sox season starts on a Monday afternoon. Amanda posts about the death of Margaret Thatcher. Wade texts Doug about wanting to shoot his laptop. Doug posts about being annoyed at cicadas.

2014: Billy emails Topaz, concerned about his hair - and scalp - turning blue. Hope leaves Maddie a birthday gift.

2015: Felicia texts Warren about redecorating her suite.

2016: Laurie announces she is not to blame. Cecilia emails Jean-Paul to tell him she has a proposition for him, and he winds up concerned it’s a come-on. Hope A. emails Marie-Ange about wanting to continue her training after several visits to the morgue at Marie-Ange's direction. Tabitha texts Topaz to see if she’s coming out, threatening to read Cassie Claire if she doesn’t. Jessica emails Angel and Julian about something important she wants to talk over with them.

2017: Gabriel and Rogue hang out in the boathouse and gripe about responsibility.

2018: Lorna asks Warren for some days off to study for her PI exam. Wade texts Wanda about getting a drink in the wake of the previous day’s drama.



2021: A Fistful of Nanites: Gabe posts an update for the medical staff; Molly is unimpressed by Fixer’s return and has erased the footage of Garrison’s pants emergency; Maya posts from medlab, where she is without her implants for the time being and back to reading lips and ASL.

2022: Artie texts eXcal about making contingency plans for their home lives while their dimension hopping. Doug posts about his naniversary (nanite anniversary). Jean posts celebrating Rex Manning Day.


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  • Made You Feel Second Best: The Guthries call in some help when their younger sister Joelle falls in with the wrong crowd.

  • Something Slender's (Got To Give): The Askew World and the Slenders come up on X-Force’s radar, but it’s not X-Force they’re after.

  • Generation X: Cryptid Hunters!: In the wake of the latest Slendermen encounter, Gen X takes a road trip to discover what other urban myths just might actually be real.

  • Case File: Feel the Rush: X-Factor investigates a new deadly party drug following an overdose at a District X club.

  • Is He Both? When a series of gamma radiation related deaths occur in Colorado, the X-Men investigate a connection to a deceased teenaged mutant.

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job: Rogue breaks the cardinal rule of spam - she clicks the link - and winds up caught up in a mutant sex ring.

  • Humanis Honoribus Amicis: News of a new disturbing turn in American politics has Hope Abbott investigating.

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