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Moment of Awesome - Amanda Sefton/Daytripper: The more things change... With Illyana Rasputin back in the mansion, big brother Pyotr seeks out an obstacle to ensure her safety. P2 Colossus doesn't get on with Amanda any better than P1.

He didn't answer her question right away, instead he took a moment to appreciate the view she was appreciating. Finally, he spoke. "As you've no doubt heard my sister has returned on her own from Limbo." he said. "It occurs to me that you might not be tremendously welcoming." he said, concentrating on his English to make as sure as possible of there being no misunderstandings.

Her eyebrows rose. "Oh? What makes you think that?" she asked, careful to keep any defensiveness out of her voice.

"How hard you pushed against the idea of anyone trying to rescue her." he said simply. "She returned of her own will. Plans to stay for the most part." he mentioned, like it was no big thing at all. Since she put her smoke out he took a deep breath of the clear night air and then released it.

For her part, Amanda huffed out an exasperated breath. "I wasn't against trying to rescue her," she replied. "You totally misunderstood me. What I was saying is that we had no idea where she even was or if she needed to be rescued. You were totally fixated on her being in trouble, and I wanted to be sure you weren't going to go running off making deals with demons to get her back. That was all."

Pyotr steeled himself - metaphorically - to try to speak in ways she would understand. "Believe it or not, I am a gentle man." he said. "Do not wish to resort to might to make points understood. But Illyana, she's my little sister. Were very close growing up. She means everything to me. If she were to disappear again, would break my heart. And if learn her disappearance was not of her will, well, that would have consequences. Do you understand?"

"Of course. If Illyana disappeared against her will, I'd do everything I could to make sure she was safe, same as I would for anyone here." Obviously logic wasn't going to work here, so Amanda opted for being reasonable. "Keeping the mansion and its people safe is important to all of us here."

"Da, of course." he said agreeably. He thought she was dancing around his point but he wasn't sure his eloquence in English was enough to keep pace with her. Still, he owed it to his baby sister to try. "Would be awful to find little sister gone because it would be convenient." he offered.

"Oh, for fuck's sake..." Amanda muttered under her breath. She turned to face the larger man squarely and switched to Russian. Her accent was terrible, but her words were understandable. "~Let's make it very clear, okay? I have no intention to harm your sister. I am not going to make her disappear. I have never wished harm against her. So you can stop with the veiled threats, okay?~"

He obligingly switched to Russian as well. "Good. Then you have nothing to fear." he said pleasantly. On the topic of threats he was silent, but he was sure now that his message was received.:"Had to speak language you'd understand." he said, still in Russian.

"Because I'm a spy? Fucking hell, Rasputin, the Cold War is over and the KGB don't exist any more. Enough with the 'spies are Big Bad Boogeymen', okay? You sound like a relic." Amanda's response was in a mixture of Russian and English as her frustration bled through. "We're here to help mutants, same as the leather brigade and that especially means the people we bloody well live with. Including Illyana. So all this posturing and hint-dropping? Makes you look like an idiot." She took in a deep breath. "Now, if you're satisfied the mean nasty spy lady isn't going to hurt your baby sister, I'm going to go back to my room and get back to working on something that's actually happening."

Today in XProject:

May 15

2003: Everett enrolls in the school.

2004: Nathan is injured when Muir Island is invaded, but the Pack manages to kill them all. Domino informs Pete about this incident. Skippy (plot): Jamie’s autonomous dupe "Skippy” tries to lure Kitty away at the HeliX event, and Amanda prevents Bethany from confronting them; When they get home, Jamie explains Skippy.

2005: On the anniversary of her “death,” Jean and Scott talk about it. Jamie talks with Jean about what it feels like to survive your own death.

2006: Romancing the Holy Whatsis: Wanda encounters Dr. Stephen Strange in New Dehli. Cain visits the brownstone to help with renovations. Kyle and Forge prepare for prom.

2007: Laurie announces pancakes for breakfast and Lorna invites her to join the advanced cooking class. In the wake of the kidnappings, Forge asks Jean for advice on ways to protect himself. Ahab (plot): The three kidnappees are released from medlab and are glad to go back to their rooms; Pete and Nathan discuss the events; Ororo checks up on Jennie; Monet checks up on Marius. Remy invites Ororo out and they get away for a day or two. Remy gives Sofia a trenchcoat, following her actions in Uganda. Crystal emails Sofia about training. Scott and Sooraya discuss living at the mansion and danger. Mondo discovers a new facet of his powers when he absorbs his Kermit doll and goes to Forge for help. Mondo and Yvette watch television together and talk about their futures. Logan talks to Terry about her training whilst she's at Cassidy Keep. Jan and Terry discuss Tommy and how to get him out of his room more. Terry leaves her harp in Pietro's care.

2008: Monet announces she's found someone's underwear in a vase; Cessily emails her to claim them, having abandoned them after melting at Prom. Gene Nation (plot): Remy emails Ororo, letting her know that the Morlocks are safe as long as they don't cause trouble and that he can't stay in New York any longer; Sarah complains about being back in medlab. Bedlam: Amanda's last piece of chalk is broken; Adrienne uses her powers on Amanda's necklace and tells Angelo she was mugged. Nori asks if the bus run is on for the weekend. Kevin goes to see Haller about his increasing fear of his powers; Haller arranges with Jean for her to medically examine Kevin for potential powers addiction issues. Nathan and Jean continue to try and work on his shielding problems and consider a possible physical cause.

2009: Jubilee breaks into Jake's apartment and is surprised by Jean-Paul. Jubilee leaves a note for Jake, who then e-mails her. Angel posts about a new turn her power has taken; Shiro stops by in order to help Angel learn control of the new ability. Callie and Yvette discuss boys, Prom and being teenagers. Garrison and Paige take Yvette, Angel and Catseye through a Danger Room session.

2010: Doreen makes a posts in her journal and thanks everyone for her surprise birthday party. After a conversation with Jared, Cammie goes to see Remy about a job but things don't go so well. Megan and Kane meet for the first time and find that they have a mutual interest in music.

2011: Dori makes a journal entry a little after 12am to say she turned 18 the day before. Jean reflects on the 8th anniversary of her death, running into Haller, who does something without thinking in an attempt to cheer her up, which doesn't go as planned. Matt gets a pint-sized interruption from Molly while watching boxing, who gets loud and unintentionally causes Matt some pain. Operation: зимний солдат: Wanda and Marie-Ange meet with Alexei Vazhin to discuss the destruction of the numbers station and the myth of the Winter Soldier; Natasha Romanova escorts Amanda and Sarah M. to the archives to access the Directorate X files and they find a reference to the Winter Soldier and the name "Barnes"; Amanda alerts the rest of X-Force that their Winter Soldier appears to be the old man who lives on the ground floor of the brownstone.

2012: For Free Trade: News breaks of Genosha's mutate program and the country's apparent slavery of its mutants; Yvette reflects on the article and the response, which includes a planned protest. Angelo comes across Molly making flower hats and winds up with a flower crown of his own.

2013: Remy and Ororo make plans to get away for awhile. Remy posts to x_snowvalley to advise he and Ororo are gone for the weekend, and to ask Marie-Ange to set up an appointment with Artie. Wade makes a cryptic journal entry about having won something. An excited Angel makes a journal entry celebrating being done with finals.

2014: Cecilia texts Wade about messing with her phone’s autocorrect. Matt is elated to celebrate the end of his last final for the semester. Hope posts from the Hyatt, where she and Maddie are participating in the model UN.

2015: Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown: Kevin and Amanda visit a wealthy Upper West Side collector about the theft of a particular item; Cammie and Kevin visit a Japanese "businessman", another victim of a mysterious theft. Arthur tries to be a Happy Sunbeam in Garrison's morose world but it does not go well. Clint texts Scott to let him know he’s almost there with a visitor. Clint makes a journal entry about his new doctor not knowing that NLP means No Light Perception, then invites people out for drinks.

2016: Miles makes a journal entry announcing that he is Spider-Man. Clarice makes a journal entry about her new shoes that you cannot borrow. Alison texts Miles about introducing him to a certain horny guy she knows. Cecilia texts Scott asking whether he knew about Miles being Spider-Man.

2017: Kurt introduces Sharon to the central command centre of the Mansion. Case File: Cat Scratch Fever: The X-Factor team searches Central Park for Collin -- Quentin and Lorna eventually find him; they bring him home afterwards and help move him to a safe house.

2018: Laurie texts Clint about sending him the bills for setting up a triage location in the chapel for emergencies. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: The news reports the ACLU will represent a mutant turned away for treatment by a hospital in Arkansas. Marie-Ange comes across Irma and Esme Stepford playing violin and they talk about music and art. Quentin tells X-Factor about his frustrations with one of their cases. Logan reflects that the recent trend of refusing visible mutants access to services will end badly.

2019: Doug posts about a hoaxed claim to have translated the Voynich manuscript.



2022: Sooraya texts Alani to ask what she got her mom for Mother's Day.

XProject Announcements and News:

New player AND new character! Welcome to Conner, who has just brought in Shatterstar!.

Welcome, 2023! As X-Project enters its 20th year, we have lots to interest our players and readers. New characters, new plots, new events... make sure you keep reading and catch it all!

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  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

  • It's Not My Fault: A group of brujos perform a ritual in Mexico to destroy a railroad development, but things don't go exactly to plan and X-Force gets involved.

  • Bar With No Name: Garrison Kane recruits some help with an FBI-sponsored infiltration of a Maggia/Mafia recruitment drive of powered muscle, only for things to go terribly wrong.

  • Behold A White Horse: When the small Kenyan city of Marsabit suddenly goes quiet, X-Force (with some consulting experts) go to investigate.

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