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Moment of Awesome - Scott Summers/Cyclops: When Kitty Pryde returns from one of her trips, she finds boyfriend Scott where she left him - doing paperwork.

It felt like there was a never-ending avalanche of paperwork constantly flowing through his office, from preparedness reports from all the teams to intelligence to authorizing the purchase of groceries used by the mansion. The truth was Scott had no idea how Charles had managed to keep on top of it and do everything else that he had done. Most of the time he felt like he was barely keeping up with it, just a few steps ahead of drowning. He could still feel the paperwork, multiplying, waiting for him through the floor, almost calling out to him to just work a little more, to try to get ahead, the impossibility that still sounded so sweet. A siren song.

Brown eyes dropped down to stare at the floor, his teeth worrying at his lower lip for a moment before he shook his head and reached for his coffee, settling back in the armchair he'd claimed for the night as his gaze lifted to the window, watching the twinkling stars decorating the heavens, a satisfied smile pulling at his features as he snuggled back, letting that warmth take him over. He could let it be, let it go for one night right? It wasn't gonna be the end of the world. Eyelids started to flutter closed, the leader of the X-men just sat, enjoying the silence till a series of sharp knocks punctuated the calm, lite stones thrown into a calm pool.

Scott's eyes shot open, shooting upright in his chair as he fumbled with his coffee for a moment before he managed to find the coffee table without spilling anything. That was a knock he remembered. For a moment Scott fought a loosing battle to hide the smile threatening to overwhelm his face before he gave up, pulling open the door to rest a shoulder against the jamb. "Hey stranger...I just put a pot of coffee and you show up? That's more than coincidence don't you think?"

She laughed, feeling a little giddy at the look on Scott's face. It was relief and she felt a little guilty at it, that she would have doubted anything else but a smile upon her return. Old habits died hard, however, even if the memories she was drawing on were years old.

"Well...I'm hoping not to be as much of a stranger anymore," Kitty said, going suddenly shy. She pulled a wild strand of hair behind her ear, looking up at him. "Mind if I come in? You almost look as if I woke you up."

There was something about being in the woman's presence that reminded Scott of a day on the beach, of that moment when you took a plane up through the clouds, it was that happiness, that pure joy that you found so rarely. Seeing Kitty still brought that genuine smile to his face, that feeling of elation he hadn't ever expected to feel again, and the way she just glanced down, the unexpected shyness well... "I was just watching the stars," Scott admitted softly, reaching out for Kitty's hand, tugging her into the apartment, "although, if falling asleep means waking upto you...suddenly the idea of sleep sounds a whole lot more appealing.

There was a soft click as Scott's foot pressed against the door, swinging it shut behind the woman as he drew her further into the room. "So...I'm hoping this isn't a fleeting visit?"

"Nope. Back for good," Kitty said, basking just a little in the warmth of his smile. "Or, you know, until the Mansion blows up or we get taken over by robot overlords or possessed by alien monkeys or something."

She followed him happily. Not much seemed to have changed in the attic or else, if it had, she was simply too glad to be there to see it. Her thumb rubbed the top of his hand thoughtfully, wondering what had him looking up at the stars. She admitted to herself that when she looked up at them herself, she always thought of him. Probably always would.

"Don't tempt fate," A wry smile twitched up the corner's of Scott's lips as he took a half-step back and to the side, pulling Kitty closer as he slipped an arm around her waist as if to check that she was real and not a phantasm of his overworked mind. In this place, you really never knew. "It's entirely possible now you've said that that the mansion's going to get blown up tomorrow, and robotic invasions seem to be a weekly occurrence, the next one's scheduled for Tuesday." The dim light of the stars and moon streaming through the windows lent an almost ethereal aspect to the scene, throwing up shadows where none might exist as a soft white light was drawn across the couple like a silken cloak. "I..." Scott's smile softened, a genuine look reserved only for the woman in his arms, "I'm glad you're back, I've missed you."

Today in XProject:

August 3 - Miles Morales and Rachel Kinross-Dayspring's birthdays

2003: Cyclops emails Dazzler, asking for the contact information she has on Pyro.

2004: Nathan tells Alison he plans to propose to Moira. Clarice and Cecilia argue about Sarah and Hank has to calm things down; Cecilia talks to Alison and Hank about the Sarah situation; Shinobi tells Nathan how things are from Sarah's point of view.

2005: Rachel is born

2006: Libri Veritatum: Marie travels home and finds out she was adopted.

2007: Sound of Silence: Crystal finds Maximus Boltagon in a hospital watching over a boy in a coma, and captures him in order to find out what he did to Attilan. Rachel's second birthday.

2008: Kyle is caught in a summer storm and takes shelter at the brownstone, experiencing Amanda's idea of lunch.

2009: Jay approaches Scott about joining the X-Men and Scott, less than enthusiastic, advises him to be sure it is what's right for him due to his control issues, and agrees to let him join as a trainee. Manuel has tea with Callie (and Valentia) and asks Callie to keep Cammie away from his sister so that she will not influence the child; Callie admits to liking Fred and Manuel expresses disapproval of her choice. Jeanne-Marie visits Nathan but finds he is not sounding well, the cause being air between his lung and the wall of his chest; Nathan telepathically asks Jeanne-Marie not to tell Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie stays with him while Amelia works. Shiro is not thrilled to hear about Jay joining the X-Men, questioning his motives as Scott did. Home and Native Land: Garrison gets an email from Heather Hudson of Alpha Flight informing him that members of the old team, Puck and Madison Jeffries, have been hurt; Lil receives a phone call from Hudson telling her that her husband has been injured, Judd is in a coma, and the others of the team killed and Garrison offers to let her come up to Canada with himself, Marie, and Logan for the funerals but she decides to find her own way to Ottawa. Lil texts Jean-Paul to tell him what has happened and that she is leaving for Canada. Mnemovore: Charles takes the last of the false memories out of Jean-Paul's brain and they discuss his removing of the blocks keeping some memories out- Jean-Paul would like them back before classes begin again in the fall so he can face himself but the Professor reasons with him to wait a while longer.

2010: While in a highly medicated state, Kevin makes another post in his journal and wonders about the whereabouts of his boyfriend. A little later, Jean has a talk with Kevin about Jean-Paul that ends very badly. Yvette visits Kevin in the medlab.

2011: Julian tries to bribe Kyle to stop him from dating Dori. Laurie finds Yvette sulking in the treehouse and they talk about the New Orleans roadtrip. Dori and Kyle go on their first date, where Kyle is, well, Kyle, and Dori is adorably awkward but trying hard to not show it.

2012: Yvette comes across Fred training in the Danger Room unsupervised and has a meltdown at him. Graduation Day: Kurt and Scott talk about their view of the world and the dream after Genosha. Sooraya brings Angel lunch and they talk about Rachel. Sarah V. and Sue meet for the first time and chat before the graduation dance. Matt and Sue sit together during graduation and make plans to have a dance at the party later. Maddie posts about having to wear appropriate 40’s clothing at the dance. Sarah V. asks Layla to the dance. Layla emails Kyle, Kurt and Scott, searching for clothing. She finally ends up texting Jean-Phillipe for help. Angel offers to take photos whomever wants them for the dance. Megan and Sarah V. meet up before the festivities start. Angelo decides to take Rachel out for tequila and learns just why she should never be allowed alcohol. Catseye visits Meggan before the dance.

2013: Age of Apocalypse: Rachel finally finds Xorn, though the conversation doesn't go exactly as she expected; Haller, Remy, Molly, Sam, Wanda, and Angelo are chosen to follow Rachel back to her world, and are psionically ripped from their minds, at which time the memories of what happened there are shoved into their minds; in the past, some of Xavier's students betray the school, and those who survive the invasion are forced to abandon the mansion; Billy and an addled Amanda track Topaz down in England, and recruit her to be a spy for their side; Adrienne invades the rebel "school" to capture Emma and blow up the camp, only to be caught by Tandy, whom she kills; the reunion between the Frost sisters is far from friendly; Molly and Wade, a mercenary duo, find Charles Xavier's body in the mansion, along with his murderer, a feral Logan, and are aided in the fight by a mysterious, redheaded psi; Fred goes on a search for traitors, and comes across a feral Catseye; Matt, a street preacher, finds Sue and tries to spread the Word; Hope's brothel is invaded and taken over by Apocalypse's forces; at the West Coast Annex, Scott finds a traitor; Jennifer Walters finds Kyle, who has gone feral and was responsible for killing her cousin, Bruce Banner; Korvus faces off with Yvette, who helped to betray the mansion; Frank and Angelo bond as they're dying and Betsy tries to save them; Jennie kills Tabitha; back in the present, Haller, Remy, Molly, Sam, Wanda, and Angelo land on a very different of version of Muir Island, where Essex is in charge, and Rachel tells them everything; following the briefing, Remy, Wanda, and Haller discuss what is happening; Angelo and Rachel have a needed and overdue discussion; the next morning, the team is forced to abandon Muir as Apocalypse's forces invade; the group tries to get to Essex's old lab, but are held up by the arrival of Apocalypse's horsemen, and Essex and Rachel go ahead while the rest stay behind to hold the Horsemen off; Essex and Rachel make it to his lab, and Rachel is surprised by what is waiting for them; the Horsemen prepare for the fight; Angelo and Haller face off against Pestilence, and discover it is Doug Ramsey; Molly and Wanda fight Famine (Marius Laverne); Remy and Sam confront Death, Marie-Ange Colbert; as the battle continues, Doug asks for death, and Haller attempts to separate his consciousness from Pestilence; Wanda ends the fight with Famine; Pestilence takes back control of Doug and flees; the Horsemen regroup to discuss their targets; the team fights to retreat and find Rachel and Essex; in the lab, Rachel discovers that Essex has been using her the entire time, and that "her world" doesn't exist; the team returns to their bodies in the real world, and only seconds have passed since they left; back on the astral plane, Rachel appears to Xorn, and he offers her the choice to go back; down in the med lab, Molly receives a visit from Rachel, and they discuss what happened; Angelo goes to see Molly in the medlab and distracts them both with Rock Paper Scissors, Super Ultimate Edition; Rachel goes to see Angelo, and ends up having a breakdown on his couch. Tabitha texts Lorna about her car. Angel posts about Lorna running out of the suite and wondering what's going on.

2014: Darkness Within: The news reports on the escape of Nathan Tyler, Tandy’s father, during a prisoner transfer after he came out of his coma; Scott emails Tandy and Sue, on their Europe trip, to tell them about Tandy’s father and to order them to wait somewhere safe for pickup; Scott then notifies the girls that Nathan has been captured, but asks that they come home any way, for safety’s sake. Matt leaves a birthday card and a gift for Rachel.

2015: Miles announces his birthday and securing his learner’s permit; Warren wishes Miles a happy birthday via text and lets him know they’ll be going out to celebrate. It’s Greek To Me: While Clint is trying to talk to Namor about their upcoming travels, Kitty passes by and is distracted by Namor’s trident; Namor is distracted by Kitty and she offers her services to help Namor find Atlantis. Jennie makes a journal entry about how awesome it is being her own boss. Warren and Jefferson surprise Miles with an elaborate gift for his 16th birthday, and he's speechless. Topaz texts Amanda to tell her she lost track of time and asking if she can call her tomorrow. Gabriel leaves a gift-wrapped box with a card for Miles on his birthday containing two presents. Matt wishes Miles a happy birthday via text. Matt makes a journal entry about braille dice that he helped Kickstart. Laurie and Kitty chat about life at the mansion.

2016: Tandy announces that she’s thinking about buying another castle and going into the hotel business. Tabitha tells Alison she might not be able to make the camping trip and asks if they could hang out instead.


2018: Rogue texts Tandy to let her know that she’s got her guidance counselor degree and suggests they go shopping to celebrate. Miles saves his boss from being crushed at a worksite and ends up in the news.



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