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Moment of Awesome - Felicia Hardy/Black Cat: Having discovered who killed her father, Felicia wants payback.

Felicia watched him go by and launched, landing on the small of his back with her knees digging in either side of his waist. Her claws landed on either side of his throat, crisscross, ready. "Babe, I'm already done. Goodnight asshole, say hi to my dad for me."

"Wait!" He hissed, wincing against the pain in his neck, literally. While he wasn't known to value his opponents highly, his life was another matter. "I got answers you might want. Like whether your friend is still alive or..." He said, gambling. "If you are who I think you are, who ordered the hit on your old man. Kill me, you get nothin'."

"His name. Say his name, prove you're not fucking me over, what's the name of my father?" she replied coldly, digging in.

"You're Walt Hardy's kid. I'd say it meant something, but I barely knew him. It was just a job."

Felicia paused, exhaling on the back of his neck. "Careful. One person's job and all that. You have any leads on who hired you, or is this just a pathetic last gasp to get me to care?"

"I know who hired me. But if you want that info, we can talk when I'm far from here." Hammerhead hissed. "I die, that dies with me and let me tell you, girlie, you'll never find that lead on your own."

"Better hope you mean it," Felicia rumbled in his ear, tapping her claws along his neck before she released him, dropping down. "I came to kill you tonight, but next time I'll come to hurt you."

Today in XProject:

November 4


2004: Alison and Nathan argue about MacInnis and Charles Xavier finds more triggers in Nathan's head. The medlab staff finally get that dinner out. Moira and Nathan fight about him not telling her about the session with Charles.

2005: Angelo and Nathan discuss Amanda's leaving and what she did to Manuel. One-Eyed King: Scott asks Jean to notify the school of his condition, which she does. Stoker and Stalkers: Angelo catches Kitty zoning out and is worried.

2006: The Gates: Nathan spots Mystique at a demonstration, but can't work out her motives when he later talks to her; Nathan contacts the X-Men regarding the Mystique element. Marius thanks Forge for saving his life.

2007: Angelo is pleased by Amanda's being sneaky about Day of the Dead make up celebrations; Nathan checks on Rachel, and finds she's quite happy with Angelo and Amanda. Kevin finds Clarice in the rec room knitting, and has a rather random conversation.

2008: Leo reflects on election day. Pride Goeth: Amanda announces that she and Wanda are off to Paris to find Farouk. Marie-Ange emails Forge, asking him to keep an eye on Doug. Haller and Leo meet to discuss the students. Angel and Kyle talk about things they miss from pre-manifestation and then Kyle talks to Angel's father about New York.

2009: Angelo and Fred are linked together telepathically by Haller to work on Fred's telepathic therapy, but the idea backfires when Fred's body inflates and refuses to hold a shape; he slips into a coma and Angelo and Haller get him to Hank in the medlab. Hank emails the staff to let them know about Fred's accident and that his condition is stable but mentally unresponsive. Julian tells Callie about Fred's accident. Julian posts to the student community letting them know about Fred. Manuel visits Remy, bringing him muffins but isn't welcomed and leaves.

2010: Kevin catches Laura stalking him in New York and they wind up having a lengthy chat about relationships over lunch.

2011: Sam and Adrienne test out her new love of horses and Adrienne is confused about Sam's niceness. Jean-Paul and Jean head out for their dinner and a movie, but talk at dinner turns somber.

2012: Topaz introduces herself on the journals. Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: Adrienne is summoned by Jason Wyngarde, who has a new - and possibly final - job for her; Adrienne posts to x_staff that she has to leave the mansion for a time and that she has briefed the substitute taking her classes.

2013: Catseye and Rachel have a talk after a nightmare, hair patting and a job offer is brought up. North and Wade go shopping, for guns.

2014: Wade's sorting through his accumulated mail for an alias, Marie-Ange is helping - and then she gets to the fancy envelope. Gabriel and Clint have a not-date. Rogue and Namor talk tennis, latinisms, and art.

2015: Doug reflects on the paths his thinking takes after having received a city map pin of Denver from Jubilee. Kurt emails Rogue, Meggan and Amanda to tell them he and Jubilee are engaged, to mixed response from Amanda. Xavin posts to their journal, asking Maya if she broke something of theirs and if she intends to replace it. Do I Know You? - With Daniella heading off to Colorado with the Mutant Underground, Quentin and Wanda talk about their experiences and why Wanda isn’t with her father, Magneto; Gabriel summons Quentin to his room for sex and pizza; afterwards, the two talk about how good it is to be back in their own bodies.

2016: Jean-Paul goes to Gabriel's workplace and cadges free drinks, but they arrange alternate means of payment. Jean-Paul texts Topaz to inform her that he’s kidnapped her cat for a little while, as well as her couch. Topaz finds Jean-Paul on her couch, and they talk about the revelations re: his powers. Maya wonders why 15 years olds can’t vote.


2018: Bobby makes a journal entry wondering how it’s November already and pining for a turkey of his own.



2021: The Color of Horror: Topaz updates the Avalon situation, asking for volunteers to help clear out the books and artifacts as the dimension is collapsing faster than she anticipated; the magic users pack while the volunteers carry, with appropriate safety measures; Avalon is attacked by mysterious (and highly creepy) creatures with the same aim as theirs, plunder Avalon as much as possible; the mutants fight back, but are overwhelmed by numbers and Topaz sounds the retreat; holding the attackers back so the rest of the mansionites can escape, Topaz is trapped in Avalon when the dimension closes completely; Darcy notifies Maya about Topaz; Marie-Ange notifies X-Force; somewhere in the dark and cold, Topaz wakes up and decides to try and find her way home; Darcy notifies the mansion at large what happened; Darcy lets the rest of the magic users who weren’t there know what happened; Doug texts Darcy to let her know Marie-Ange’s ‘quick and dirty’ reading shows Topaz has a future still; Betsy asks Hope to catch her up on recent events with Topaz; Doug takes Amanda to Marie-Ange and the witch has an idea about what to do, although she needs to talk to the other magic users first. Arise, X-Man: Laurie meets Essex’ son Adam (or Nate, as he prefers) and while helping him, she gets some telepathic feedback typical of a teenage boy and they talk about it.

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And another new character! This must be some kind of record! Welcome Madin, who will be played by Al!

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  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

  • Case File: The Underbelly Project: A new arrival reveals a potential leak in the Mutant Underground that puts the Xavier Institute at risk and X-Factor investigates.

  • Operation: Bat Country: A captured contact means X-Force has to go low-tech in their investigations into mutant organ trafficking at Burning Man. Road trip anyone?

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