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Following a powers accident which injured Kevin Ford, Jean-Paul Beaubier abruptly left the mansion, despite Jean Grey's attempts to stop him, leaving a drugged Kevin to wonder on the journals where his boyfriend was. The break-up was short-lived - much to a jealous Yvette Petrovic's chagrin, they reconciled two and a half weeks later.

The mystery of the Untouchables' loss of powers was revealed, as X-Factor investigated a series of missing persons from District X and discovered they were all former 'patients' of the healer calling herself Haven, living without their powers and having normal lives away from New York. All but one - it was discovered that a teenaged boy, Derek Barnes was the 'receptacle' for the removed powers, living a life of physical discomfort in Haven's basement. Haven was handed over to SHIELD by the X-Men and Derek was taken to the mansion, where Jared Corbo accidentally reclaimed his powers by touching Derek. With this news, that they could take their powers back, Kevin, Carmilla Black and Yvette all faced the difficult decision of taking back their mutations from someone who honestly seemed to think he was making their lives better by taking them. In the process of taking their powers back, Cammie and Kevin were injured, Kevin more seriously and once again requiring pain medication, to the amusement of the journal system following his stoned posts. It also appeared there were some side effects to the experience - Cammie retained a more normal sense of taste and Jared retaining some sensation in his fingers.

With their first real case finalised, X-Factor's roster stabilised, with Lucas Bishop officially leaving X-Force to be their 'man on the ground' in District X and Laurie Collins 'traded' to him by Vanessa Carlysle to be his assistant part time. Jean-Paul also started the process of getting a work visa, but ran across issues with Vanessa when a false memory of being assaulted by her 'Daniel' persona caused him to lash out at her when she answered the door in that shape. Vanessa disposed of the mimic and went out with Jean to find a replacement. Jean-Paul also made peace with Jean after their altercation in regards to Kevin and asked her for help with his powers issues.

The search for Nick continued, with Kurt Sefton joining Bobby Drake on his regular trips. The strain of continued failure began to tell on Bobby, who was also having communication issues with his absentee wife Theresa Cassidy; a night of drinking at Harry's Hideaway was neatly sidestepped by a chance meeting with old school friend Amanda Sefton, who gave him some practical advice on his marriage issues. Janet Van Dyne handed over the RA position to Yvette, who eagerly accepted the role and Nico Minoru and Julian Keller chose her study in the library as the spot to progress their relationship, much to Nico's embarrassment later when Tabitha Smith posted a veiled request to not have sex in the library.

Angelo Espinosa proved himself a very good friend indeed when he gave John Allerdyce an old car junkyard to work out his powers issues on after John complained about the urge to blow something up regularly. Amara Aquilla returned from Nova Roma, having enlisted Elpis to assist with those displaced individuals finding their true memories returning finding their families or somewhere else to go. Amara herself was happy to remain in Nova Roma, but the man she had known as her 'father' insisted on her returning to where she could have a more fulfilling life.

Finally, X-Force, still down a member with Marie-Ange Colbert in New Orleans, working for the Assassin's Guild, suffered a further blow when Betsy Braddock took a leave of absence to go assist her twin Brain Braddock with the care of their mentally-ill brother Jamie. Jake Gavin was coerced to return to active duty to fill the gap.


Aug 1 - Kevin posts to the journals while doped up, hilarity ensues. Yvette e-mails Jean to make sure Kevin is okay. Jean posts to the medical comm about Kevin's injuries. Vanessa texts Jean-Paul to find out where the hell he is. Jean comes by Jean-Paul's suite to check on him and things don't exactly turn out well. Jean-Paul shows up to get Vanessa his notes finally and she hands him his ass for being irresponsible about it.

Aug 2 - Logan and Jean meet up for drinks and for a game of pool at Harry's. The next morning, Jean complains of a hangover. Vanessa heads over to the mansion to run a quick errand for Jean-Paul and then meets Jean in the medlab. Kevin, who is completely high on morphine, makes another post in his journal. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa sends an e-mail to Bishop concerning Jean-Paul and the surveillance duty on Haven, then sends a text to Laura, asking for a favor; Vanessa leaves Jean-Paul a note, letting him know that he has been reassigned and that he should go visit Kevin. Kevin makes yet another post, this time letting Angelo know that he won't be making it to work tomorrow. Jean-Paul calls Vanessa to confirm his new assignment, but before leaving he goes to see Cammie at the boathouse and asks if she could discreetly keep an eye on Kevin, and to report back to him about his condition. Laurie and Bishop discuss Laurie's role in the X-Factor office and what is expected of her.

Aug 3 - While in a highly medicated state, Kevin makes another post in his journal and wonders about the whereabouts of his boyfriend. A little later, Jean has a talk with Kevin about Jean-Paul that ends very badly. Yvette visits Kevin in the medlab.

Aug 4 - Dori shares her thoughts about The Last Airbender movie via her journal. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jean-Paul finds a woman claiming to be the missing mutant Tracey in Colorado and texts Vanessa about it.

Aug 5 - Laura joins Garrison for lunch by the pool and they get to talking about higher education. Kurt decides to join Bobby in his search for Nick. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jean-Paul sends Vanessa another text, this time concerning a man claiming to be Julian in Arizona.

Aug 6 - Kevin is released from the medlab but can't stay put in his suite. He runs into Laura on his way to the rec room. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa confronts Haven at her clinic in District-X and asks about the missing people. Yvette sends out birthday invitations to her friends. Crystal makes a post commemorating the third anniversary of Atillan's return to the world.

Aug 7 - Jean-Paul lets Vanessa know that he has the final batch of DNA in his hands and that he will be returning to New York soon.

Aug 8 - Jean and Kurt take a walk down by the lake to talk and play catchup.

Aug 9 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa emails Bishop and Jean-Paul regarding the status of their 'missing' persons - most have been found alive and well and without their mutations. Yvette thanks people for attending her 18th birthday party the day before.

Aug 10 - Jan asks Yvette if she wants the RA job and Yvette eagerly accepts. Jean and Crystal have lunch and talk about the upcoming school year and Logan.

Aug 11 - Remy and Bishop discuss the work Bishop has been doing for Vanessa and come to an agreement he's a better resource in District X. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa asks Tabitha to investigate Haven when one of the mutants on the list of missing has apparently completely vanished and Vanessa gets suspicious. Jean-Paul returns to the mansion to talk to Kevin and it goes badly.

Aug 12 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Tabitha enlists Bobby to come with her to investigate Haven; while Tabitha talks to Haven, pretending to be a mutant in need, Bobby snoops around and finds the missing boy in the basement, who reveals Haven has been using him to 'cure' others by giving him their powers; Haven is arrested by SHIELD and Derek is taken to the mansion. After his breakup with Kevin, Jean-Paul runs into Jake at a cafe and gets some surprisingly good advice about his powers issues.

Aug 13 - Yvette posts about being the new RA. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jean announces Derek's presence on the journals and asks the former Untouchables to come talk to the medlab staff about the truth of what happened with their powers; Kevin visits Derek and is surprised to find he is remarkably well-adjusted to his situation. Laurie finds Jean-Paul asleep at the X-Factor office.

Aug 14 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jared meets Derek and in the process touches him, which causes his powers to return; Jean updates x_medical on the situation with Jared and emails Yvette, Kevin and Cammie; Yvette visits Derek and is tempted to let him keep her powers since he doesn't seem to mind having them; Kevin, Cammie and Yvette discuss what to do; Kevin comforts Yvette after she flees the meeting.

Aug 15 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin, Yvette and Cammie take their powers back from Derek, with Cammie and Kevin being injured in the process; Kevin posts to his journal, once again on pain meds. Doug and Emma spend a typical evening at a Hellfire Club soiree.

Aug 16 - With Cammie's powers back, Laura wonders what to do with all the cookies she made and it is revealed that Cammie's sense of taste is still normal. Remy comes across Jake being lazy and re-signs him to active duty with X-Force. Jean-Paul visits Kevin, worried about him doing more damage to himself, and they move towards reconciliation; Yvette visits afterwards and is jealous about Jean-Paul and confused about Kevin kissing her before she took her powers back from Derek. John posts about his return from Tijuana on Elpis business and mentions he's going to London next.

Aug 17 - Jean-Paul seeks out Jean to talk about her letting Kevin know Jean-Paul had left, and winds up with a broken nose as they talk in circles; it clears the air somewhat.

Aug 18 - Kevin texts Jean-Paul about his inability to telekinetically move his television into his bedroom.

Aug 19 - Jean-Paul visits Kevin again and they agree to get back together.

Aug 20 - Lorna announces she'll be away for the weekend. Bobby, stressed by the search for Nick and his own personal woes, goes to Harry's to drown his sorrows and instead runs into Amanda, who manages to get him thinking about things more constructively.

Aug 21 - Dropping into the X-Factor office to get visa paperwork signed, Jean-Paul has a bad reaction to a false memory when Daniel opens the door, causing him to attack; Jean-Paul winds up doing Vanessa's work for her as 'punishment' for injuring her; Jean-Paul returns to the mansion and explains to a loopy Kevin that he had to kiss a girl for work (and coffee).

Aug 22 - Vanessa asks Jean to come out and help her find a new male body after disposing of Daniel for Jean-Paul's sake.

Aug 23 - Jean and Jean-Paul have another meeting, this time in District X, which goes much better than the last. Yvette wishes Paige a happy birthday. Jean-Paul texts Vanessa to check on her after their accident.

Aug 24 - Jared lets everyone know that his powers are back. Kyle invites Jared to watch a football game with him. Kevin posts about his skin graft and is surprised to learn that Derek's been sent to Muir. Jean-Phillipe posts a link to a news article on LSD. Yvette visits Jared to check on him after conversation on the journals about his powers.

Aug 25 - Janet shares her excitement with everyone about finally becoming a college senior. Crystal sends Jean-Paul an email to thank him for standing up for her and to express her disappointment with Jared's comments regarding her flight methods. Laurie runs across Remy while waiting for her father and has a rather frank talk with him about his childhood.

Aug 26 - John complains about power issues in his journal. Homeward Bound: Amara calls Angelo for some help with getting the people of Nova Roma back to their families. Angelo and John take the afternoon off and head over to a junkyard. Jean-Paul strikes a deal with John in order to get access into the Elpis office on Sunday. Jake posts a photo of a youngish looking Jean-Paul in his journal.

Aug 27 - Jean-Paul goes to Jean to request help with his powers. Meggan shares her excitement about getting a learner's permit. Julian and Nico have sex in the library. Tabitha sends out a subtle warning via the journal system, reminding everyone that the library is a public location and should not be used as a place to hook up. Jake and Kevin finally meet. Jean-Paul and Kevin spend time in New York together.

Aug 28 - Homeward Bound: Amara's 'father' tells Amara to leave Nova Roma and to head back to her life in New York.

Aug 29 - Crystal emails Warren and asks him out for dinner.

Aug 30 - Jubilee drops by to visit X-Factor Investigations and chats with Vanessa. While out to dinner, Warren presents Crystal with news - she's been promoted to full-team.

Aug 31 - Nico emails Julian about Tabitha overhearing them. Betsy emails various people to let them know she is going back to England to help care for her mentally ill brother Jamie. Garrison visits X-Factor after work and gets steak cooked by Vanessa. New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: Marie-Ange gets involved in the torture of a man following an attack on the head of the Forger's Guild, the sister of the man Marie-Ange's visions have centered on.


Butterflies and Hurricanes

Homeward Bound

New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

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