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New mansion arrival Wade Wilson immediately made a splash, flirting with almost every female (and not a few males) over twenty he encountered. Sarah Vale's return was more subdued, although Doug Ramsey had a small wiggins that the technopath was back at the school. The long lost Nicholas Gleason was found by Julian Keller and Kurt Sefton, although he had no memory of his life beyond the last six months or so and called himself 'John'.

Marie-Ange Colbert was pushed to act on her visions of death and disaster when the remnants of Strucker's people appeared to be preparing a chemical weapon attack in Louisiana. While some of her former X-Force teammates investigated the Initiative's activities, Marie-Ange assassinated New Orleans Guilds| Shirow Ishihara, brother to the leader of the New Orleans Guilds| Forger's Guild, in order to prevent his mutation being used to kill millions of people. What she had not foreseen was that Remy LeBeau and Amanda Sefton would come to her rescue, with Nico Minoru in tow - Tante Mattie had sent the visiting Amanda and Nico to bring Marie-Ange back home, although Doug wasn't ready for the surprise. X-Force went through other changes too, with Carmilla Black joining their ranks and Illyana Rasputin departing for further studies in Oxford, while Doug continued to rebuild the bridges burned after the events of Revenant.

X-Factor found themselves in deeper than they expected, when their investigation into a series of deaths and disappearances in District X led them to a battle with Sauron. With the aid of Kyle Gibney, they managed to subdue him enough for SHIELD to take him into custody. Tensions in the 'mutant ghetto' remained high in the aftermath.

The X-Men gained a new full member as Yvette Petrovic received her tags, taking on the code name "Penance", while new trainee Doreen Green was dubbed "Rocky". At the end of the month, a potential lead into the Alpha Flight massacre came to light, with a team heading to Madripoor to meet with Tim Dugan.

Warren Worthington began thinking about 'coming out' of the mutant closet, tired of hiding the truth. Kevin Ford made the astounding discovery his powers did have an off-switch; following a series of tests done following months of his powers acting strangely, Henry McCoy informed him that he might one day learn at least partial control. Coupled with the first showing of his art in a gallery, Kevin's future was looking much brighter, reflected by a more playful and flirty change in his demeanor.

Vanessa Carlysle and Alexander Lexington broke up following a misunderstanding, with Lex taking it very hard while Vanessa drowned her sorrows over a series of nights. She also began a 'friends with benefits' relationship with Warren and found herself attracted to newcomer Wade, who was also having a fling with Warren. Jean-Paul Beaubier and Kevin continued to be intimate, while Kevin and Laura Kinney reached an understanding that once Laura was less gun-shy about a relationship, they would consider becoming a couple. And John Allerdyce and Amara Aquilla went on their first date.


Feb 1 - Crystal asks Warren how his lesson with Megan went and requests that he accompany her to her birthday party in Attilan the next week.

Feb 2 - Vanessa (wearing her James persona) visits 64 Square for updates on how Adrienne is doing and runs into Amara, who she of course flirts with. Dinosaur Bugaloo: A resident of District X comes to Bishop to ask for an investigation into the death of his boyfriend, also a mutant; Bishop announces the new case on x_factoragency. Kyle gets Hank's coffee maker to make him Italian soda and is gleeful. Megan explains Gŵyl Fair y Canhwyllau, the Welsh Festival of the Candles, marking the end of winter, and is curious about Groundhog Day. Julian announces he's going to LA to visit his family.

Feb 3 - Julian's plane is delayed indefinitely due to snow and his trip is put off. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Vanessa and Jean-Paul report that there is no connection between a string of mutant disappearances in District X, beyond they were all mutants with no enemies or cause to be attacked; Vanessa announces Bishop has decided they will be spending the next day going through survelliance tapes. Jan posts her doubts about Hank's new coffee maker additions, which include the voice from the computer in the game Portal. Wanda brings a peace offering in the form of alcohol to a late-working Doug, and they talk of mending fences.

Feb 4 - John texts Angelo to let him know the office printer isn't working, then to tell him he threw it out of the window, and texts Amara to ask her out for dinner and to enquire after the pet rat he 'gave' her. Cammie shares the essay she wrote for Jared with Kyle, which is a total set-up. John shares his personal nightmare - water replacing fire. Hank gives Yvette a pair of goggles to protect her eyes on missions, and her X-Men tags; she chooses the codename "Penance" and opens up discussion for Dori's trainee name on x_team. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Vanessa, Laura and Jean-Paul go over security footage and eventually spot a man who appears in all the tapes; Vanessa texts Bishop to let him know; Bishop visits the NYPD and his contact there to obtain more information on the missing mutants; Laurie lets Bishop know he has a whole bunch of faxes; X-Factor gathers for food and goes over what they've learned about the case. Amanda texts Vanessa, suggesting a drink sometime. On a visit to the mansion to see Amara, John makes the first steps towards asking her out.

Feb 5 - Dinosaur Bugaloo: Showing the photo of the man in all the security tapes around District X, Vanessa and Bishop eventually learn his name - Karl Lykos; Laura and Jean-Paul spend the day tailing their target; Laura, Vanessa, Bishop and Jean-Paul meet at the office and compare notes, revealing Lykos is wanted for questioning in the deaths of two EMTs several years ago, and plan their next move. Kevin returns to New York from his Alaska trip, complaining about the TSA search along the way which almost lost a security guard his hand by accident; Jean-Paul texts Kevin to ask if a security guard needs punching. Wade Wilson arrives at the school and begins by flirting with Laurie as she shows him to his room.

Feb 6 - Jan announces Superbowl Sunday; Piotr is more excited about Glee performing the half time show. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Bishop gives Laurie coroner's reports for Hank to double-check; while at lunch with Kyle, Laurie sneaks a peek at the files and the two realise it's the same M.O. they encountered two years ago; Lykos realises he's being tailed and feeds off Jean-Paul before Laura interrupts; Jean-Paul calls Vanessa and raises the alarm while Laura and Sauron battle; Vanessa asks Jean to contact SHIELD to help out with Sauron; Laurie gets hold of Bishop from the back of Kyle's motorbike and tells him she and Kyle have trained to take Sauron down and need to help; Vanessa gets Laurie to calm the crowd to avoid injuries; Jean-Paul and Bishop take on Sauron, trying to ground him again; Kyle and Laura engage Sauron on a rooftop with Jean-Paul and Bishop joining in to finally subdue him in time for SHIELD to take him into custody; Kyle reports to x_team what happened. Wade meets Vanessa and they compare weapons; Wade goes down to meet Hank earlier than expected but still gets the physical; while in medlab, Wade runs into Jean and is infatuated, and is introduced to the coffee maker and is terrified.

Feb 7 - Jean-Paul has a physical with Hank but doesn't mention the Lykos incident. Crystal writes about turning twenty three in her journal. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Vanessa passes on some info from Bishop regarding Lykos, SHIELD, etc, to members of the X-Factor. Jan wants a Glee marathon and Tabitha wants to hide from it. Megan finds Kevin working on a sculpture in the metal shop and decides to stay for a chat. Kevin meets with Hank to talk about the issues he's facing with his mutation. Amanda gets Nico to go on a trip with her to New Orleans to meet with her old teacher and requests permission from the school. Having nothing to do during the day, Laura complains of boredom and gets some suggestions from Vanessa. Hank sends an email out to Jean and Amelia regarding Kevin's condition. Tabitha sends a text to Cammie regarding Wade's flirtatious behavior. Vanessa sends Amanda a text asking her out for drinks anytime during the week. Wade makes a journal entry to introduce himself and is welcomed by some of the mansion's residents. Kevin meets Wade in the gym and they get to talking about themselves and girls.

Feb 8 - Tabitha gets a haircut and writes about it in her journal. Kevin suggests turning the boathouse into an art studio. Amara meets Wade for the first time in the rec room and they chat about TV shows. Vanessa runs into Angelo at the Elpis office and heads out for lunch with him. Warren lets everyone know that he had fun at Crystal's surprise birthday party. Jean-Paul gets Warren to check out more buildings in District X with him. Julian lets his friends know that he will be heading out to LA the next day. Jubilee asks Doug for a favour, though she has a funny way of doing it.

Feb 9 - I'll Be Home: While accompanying Julian to the airport, Kurt spots Nick who seems to have lost his memory and is now going by the name of John; They talk and manage to convince him to come back to the school; Julian cancels his trip to LA. Crystal invites her friends out to dinner in order to celebrate her birthday. Jan wants to get together for some fun and creates a poll to generate some interest. Vanessa and Lex get into a fight. Vanessa sends Amanda a text asking to reschedule their meet up on account of her foul mood. Vanessa then goes out to a pub with Jean-Paul in order to vent while Lex lets off his anger at the rock quarry. Needing to do some violence herself, Tabitha joins Lex and lets off some steam. On a trip to the mansion, Wanda meets Wade and takes him to Harry's for drinks... and possibly more.

Feb 10 - Having had too much to drink the night before, Vanessa wakes up in Jean-Paul's apartment and finds out that he lives only a few blocks from their office. Molly runs into Wade - literally - and he ends up teaching her how to do it with more force. Vanessa lets everyone know that people are being a bit twitchy in the city and in District X due to the recent deaths and disappearances in the area and hopes that people can help diffuse any situations they come across. Crystal wishes Wanda a happy birthday. Wanda makes a posts about actually remembering her birthday this year and invites everyone out for drinks. Vanessa and Amanda meet up at Finnegans for drinks and a possible reconciliation. I'll Be Home: Nick visits the mansion despite not remembering his past; Professor Xavier issues a notice about Nick's return to the school. Kevin spends time with Laura at an art gallery. Jean-Paul visits Jean to ask a question about Karl Lykos and what 'life force' actually entails before kidnapping her for lunch.

Feb 11 - Jubilee writes about wanting to stay in on a Friday but ends up agreeing to go for drinks with Wade. Kevin meets up with Hank to find out the results of his tests. After a night out with Amanda, Vanessa takes the day off from work and heads to the mansion to exploit the gym and the pool and discovers a badly bruised Wade. Dori introduces Monkey Joe to the new coffee machine. Tabitha invites Cammie out for the night and they head to the bar. Lex tries to make up for the other night and smooth things over with Vanessa but it blows up in his face in unexpected ways. In the aftermath of what happened between Vanessa and Lex earlier that night, Vanessa comes to Jean to see if her friend will come with her to drink the pain away. Vanessa sends Jean-Paul a text message regarding her current alcoholic tendencies. Kevin and Jean-Paul have breakfast, discuss their last week or so, and talk about Kevin's non-platonic thing with Laura. Doug runs into Artie in New York and gives him some advice on not-so-legal applications of his powers.

Feb 12 - Lorna offers to bake some red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Laura meets Wade and in the weight room and they end up sparring. Louisiana Lowdown: While helping Ororo out with her travel plans, Amanda gets a ping from Doug's tracking system and finds out that the Mosley Initiative are looking at property rentals. Tabitha wants people to remind her to keep an ice maker in her room. Due to her commitments at the Snow Valley office, Wanda accepts the Professor's offer and steps down as an auxiliary member of the X-Men. Lex runs into Jean the day after Vanessa ends their relationship and clearly isn't doing well; with Monet in the control booth, Lex goes for Danger Room therapy with a Kobayashi Maru-like program until Monet intervenes. Kyle drops by the Snow Valley offices to give Wanda her birthday present and winds up tasting Scotch for the first time.

Feb 13 - Jean-Paul invites Kevin over to the city. Wanda heads over to Vanessa's with food and drinks for a belated birthday celebration. Jan lets everyone know that she will be doing her annual candy drop on Valentine's Day. Amanda lets her friends know that she's on the road with Nico. Warren confirms dinner reservations with Crystal. Laurie complains about her college class schedules. Warren and Wade meet in person and end up getting distracted.

Feb 14 - Nico sends an sms to Julian, wishing him a happy Valentine's Day. Wade leaves a variety of cupcakes to Molly, Jean, Wanda, Laurie, Laura, Vanessa, Jubilee, Amanda, Tabitha and Warren in celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday. Jared e-mails Vanessa about seeing her at Harry's, Vanessa is less then receptive. Eamon sends Laurie a flowering Bonsai for V-Day and asks her to meet him Cafe Madeline in Salem at 7pm for a surprise. Vanessa sends cookie bouquets to Wanda, Bishop, Laura, Laurie, Jean-Paul, Doug, Garrison, Jean and Wade and sends an sms to Amanda for V-Day. Jean-Paul sends Vanessa a fruit bouquet for V-Day. Jean-Phillipe posts about being amused by all the V-Day antics. Lex posts about needing help with the Jeep. Kevin leaves flowers for both Yvette and Laura along with a penguin card for Yvette. Doug sms's Vanessa taking back everything nice he ever said about her in revenge for her gift. Meggan manages to pass her driving test and gets her license. Wade sms's Amara about a Bea Arthur marathon on Sunday. Molly leaves glittery handmade Valentine cards to Kyle, Wade, Monet, Julian, Dori, Meggan, Megan, Nico, Kurt, Hank, Angel and Jan. Wade later posts about sporting manly looking sparkles. Kevin visits Jean-Paul and receives the gift of art that has him speechless. Amara posts about finding a rose on her desk. Piotr posts about the art room being covered in sparkles and crafts.

Feb 15 - Kyle and Julian spar, neither coming out of it unscathed. Molly posts a happy birthday message for Monet. Molly apologises to Piotr for using all the glitter and promises him a card. Lex e-mails Vanessa asking if she really had to pay him back for his gift. Jean-Paul sms's Vanessa about Lex, and then kidnaps her for nachos. Warren visits the X-Factor offices and talks to Vanessa, which later leads to dinner, flirting and an unexpected hook-up. Monet drags Amara out of the Elpis office for coffee, and the two girls chat. Jean-Phillipe notes Laurie's happy demeanor after a night spent with Eamon and questions her on her language skills. Laurie posts about the fact that Eamon has taken a job in New York and will be around for awhile. Arriving at Tante's place, Amanda and Nico make their presence felt. Tante is... Tante. Cammie meets Wade and sparring happens after the taunting.

Feb 16 - Warren and Vanessa wake up together, talk and decide take advantage of the time left. Louisiana Lowdown: Doug posts about having found a building via the Mosely Initiative's bank accounts and sends Jubilee to New Orleans set up some surveillance. Wade and Vanessa go iceclimbing: wacky hijinks ensue. Vanessa asks Jean-Paul and Laura to do a little detective work for her while she's gone. Jean-Paul sms's Vanessa back telling her that telling him not to look at the enclosed photos was a bad idea. Molly meets Kyle and she is pretty much fascinated by his abilities. Amara e-mails John about the rose she found.

Feb 17 - Amara escapes work for a bit with Kevin in the pursuit of coffee and the two get to know one another a bit better. Warren and Jean-Paul have lunch after seeing a few more businesses in District X that could use monetary assistance and Warren makes a suggestion that sort of surprises Jean-Paul. Vanessa and Wade made their way back to their hotel after their ice climbing lesson. They relax in the room's jacuzzi and shower respectively and give one another a tour of their respective scars. Wade and Vanessa send Warren a variety of sms messages... some seem to involve tentacles (It's best not to ask.) Jean-Paul spots a familiar face while on his way back to his place in the city and decides to stop to say hello. Laura's 'friend' isn't really all that happy about the intrusion. Kevin investigates the scent of something burning in the kitchen and finds Nick, only Nick is now John and has no recollection of who he was. Some things, however, never change and the guy still can't cook to save his life. Louisiana Lowdown: Under cover of darkness, Jubilee cases the building that the Moseley Initiative has purchased. In the process of setting observation cameras, she has plenty of time to play advice columnist for Doug, who's on the other end of the line. Afterward, while the surveillance Jubilee set up does its work, Doug and Wanda do research back at the office into the movements of the Moseley Initiative personnel, their travels creates an alarming pattern. Doug posts to the X-Force comm with some dire news about the Moseley Initiative's possible intent, there is mention of hazmat suits and deadly chemicals. Vanessa sms's Warren about jealousy and Wade.

Feb 18 - Vanessa gets sick of Wade being completely incapable of laying still and just sleeping already. Louisiana Lowdown: Remy posts to x_snowvalley asking for the rest of the team to join Jubilee in New Orleans; Amanda posts about not being able to get in touch with Marie-Ange; Remy recruits Cammie for the New Orleans operation. Wade and Vanessa finally go iceclimbing. Amara comes to see Amanda but runs across Bishop instead and things get uncomfortable, then surprising. John and Jean-Paul do some catching up.

Feb 19 - Wade and Vanessa wake up tangled together and within an hour of their check out deadline. Kevin posts about turning the boathouse into an art studio, having vetted the idea with Charles. Louisiana Lowdown: In between fending off Jake's inability to sit still and his stomach, Wanda and Jake stumble across something interesting at the building the Mosely Initiative has rented. Angelo posts to the journals, telling John he's up for a fly fishing trip. Amara and John go on their first date.

Feb 20 - Jan posts about President's Day being tomorrow and thus no classes. New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain/Louisiana Lowdown Marie-Ange finally takes action to kill Shirow Ishihara, regardless of the consequences; saying goodbye to Tante, Amanda receives a message for Marie-Ange, in usual Tante fashion, they then meet up with Remy in order to go rescue their friend. Wade sneaks up on "John" in the woods and there's a briefly confusing conversation before talk turns to steak. Wade visits Warren for some fun.

Feb 21 - Wade finally tracks down Tabitha in the library for a face-to-face meeting with the Paranoid Hot Chick. Megan wonders on the journals where her mutant genes came from. Crystal posts pictures of the dresses she wore for her birthday party in Attilan, going out for Wanda's birthday, and Valentine's Day. Wade leaves flowers outside Tabitha's door. Vanessa Happens to one of the gang members tagging Angelo's mother's house. Warren and Crystal discuss what it means to be a mutant and about the possibility of Warren 'coming out' and the potential consequences.

Feb 22 - Tabitha emails Wade to thank him for the flowers. Vanessa drops by to visit Wade and winds up realising she is attracted to him. Vanessa complains on the X-Factor comm about the case left for her involving a dead poodle and a battling husband and wife. Jean-Phillipe reminds everyone the bus run is going on. Vanessa wonders if maraschino cherries are as sweet as they look, not having a sweet tooth. Tabitha has a breakthrough in the Danger Room, with Jean-Paul's help. Doug asks Vanessa and Tabitha for a place to crash, having come home to find Marie-Ange collecting her stuff from the apartment.

Feb 23 - Wade is confused about his computer singing "You Are My Sunshine" to him in Tabitha's voice, a trick provided by Doug, and winds up drowning his laptop at the suggestion of Kevin. Amanda announces the return of herself, Nico and Marie-Ange from New Orleans. Julian emails Nico, demanding her presence in his room. Doug emails Tabitha, seeing Wade's declaration on the journals re hacking as a challenge. Remy posts to x_snowvalley, summarising some changes, such as Cammie's joining the team, Marie-Ange's return and Illyana's departure to England, during which Doug whines about not knowing Angie was back until Remy smacks him down. Wade emails Kevin, thanking him for his work in teasing Tabitha. Jubilee announces her new pastime - ninja crochet. Amanda runs into Lex in District X and they go for a drink and talk about powers loss, magic and Vanessa.

Feb 24 - At the mansion for her MRI and check up, Marie-Ange runs into Wade and several squishie toys, including a man o' war jellyfish and winds up with a penguin and a lunch date. Wade gives Kevin 21 signs as an acknowledgement his minion is not twelve; Kevin misinterprets and emails Wade about why he's stupid x 21, and Wade clarifies he's the stupid one. John and Amanda catch up over Chinese food.

Feb 25 - Vanessa visits Wade to establish some guidelines for their relationship that isn't. Kevin drops by Jean-Paul's place for dinner and a movie, but things get distracting. Warren sees Tabitha's black eye from training and takes her out for dinner at the local greasy spoon. Sarah Vale runs into Yvette and they talk about Red X.

Feb 26 - Amanda drops off the Broomstick with Callisto to fix and then she and Kurt have a late lunch and talk about Nick's return and amnesia. Marie-Ange posts to her journal about being back in the office and her love of New York regardless of working on a Saturday morning; Marie-Ange emails Wade to tell him Snow Valley are actually spies. Laurie mentions a conversation with her father about underwear vending machines in Japan. Artie plays a prank on Laurie with his powers and doesn't appreciate the subsequent dressing-down she gives him. Jubilee posts late at night to x_grads to invite anyone to Silver for Saturday night party night. An accident with Megan's pixie-dust leaves Hank hallucinating. Molly and Nico play together in the snow, and agree to swap birthdays this year.

Feb 27 - Crystal announces she will be going to an Oscars party in Attilan and Warren gets an invitation in the comments. Jubilee texts Doug to compliment him on having a civil conversation with Marie-Ange in the journals. The Grotesque and the Sublime: Marie emails Garrison to let him know of a lead to the Alpha deaths, a pilot named Archie Corrigan who operates out of Madripoor; Garrison emails his father, who arranges local help in the form of Tim Dugan. Tabitha runs into Vanessa in District X and the journal flirting continues in person, culminating in some making out. Doug emails Jubilee to ask for advice on how to react to Sarah Vale's return. Kyle installs the special plumbing for Cammie at the Brownstone and offers suggestions for the old one; Amanda drops by with a housewarming gift.

Feb 28 - Sarah Vale returns to the mansion and is given the usual welcome by staff and students. Wade sends Vanessa a text message about his friend Crazy Frank. Amanda visits the mansion to upgrade the wards and meets Molly. Kevin meets with Hank to find out the results of his tests and is told that he might be able to gain control of his powers. Kevin announces that his artwork will be put on display during an art gallery opening this weekend in Greenwich Village. Tabitha leaves Wade a gift. Meggan and Monet spend time chatting in the sunroom. The Grotesque and the Sublime: Dugan makes contact with the X-Men and is asked to help arrange a meeting with Archie. Wade drops off a few gifts to Kevin, including leaving him with a kitten to care for and congratulates him on the art show. Wade sends Tabitha a text message thanking her for the gift. Wade sends Marie-Ange a text message asking her to go to Kevin's art opening with him. Kevin posts about his purple kitten and asks for name suggestions. Vanessa has dinner at Warren's place and spends the night with him. Jean-Paul asks Vanessa to go with him to the art gallery opening. Marie-Ange sends a text message to Doug, Amanda and Jubilee regarding work. Marie-Ange sends a text message to Artie regarding fake ids. Julian and Sarah reconnect over Wii.


Dinosaur Bugaloo

I'll Be Home

Operation: Louisiana Lowdown

New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

X-Men Mission: The Grotesque and the Sublime

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