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Moment of Awesome - Jubilation Lee/Jubilee: During his apology tour, Marius Laverne drops in on the convalescent Jubilee.

“It’s almost as if you had something to apologise for,” Jubilee noted with a smile but she pulled the salad towards her first and started digging in with the supplied fork. “You can have some too, like, don’t make me eat all this alone.”

The words were somewhat distorted by her eating but she figured Marius could translate well enough, he’d lived with Kyle for at least some of his kidnappings.

"If you insist." The spare ribs were the most accessible, but it meant removing the gloves. Marius hesitated for a moment, then shrugged inwardly. Jubilee had all but unhinged her jaw in front of him. She wasn't precious.

"You are correct," Marius continued as he peeled off his gloves and tucked them into one pocket, "in addition to food I come with my sincere apologies. I am not unfamiliar with unpleasantly exhausting one's physical reserves."

Sounds of eating were all that met the apologies for a moment as Jubilee continued to work her way through the salad while also reaching over and plucking one of the types of loaded potato off its tray and chowing down on that too.

“It’s a bitch,” Jubilee admitted with a shrug as she gave him a once over. “Glad I didn’t kill you though.”

Marius plucked one of the ribs from the bucket and contemplated it for a moment. "Truthfully, if ever you find yourself in a similar situation I ask you not devote too much worry to that. It was hardly the first time I've needed someone to put me down. Comes a point where it's a bit ridiculous, you know?" He took a bite of the rib, the teeth in his mouth briefly coming within touching distance of the ones in his palms.

“Kid, if I’m ever unhappy that someone lived when maybe they could have died it’s probably time to put me down,” Jubilee noted as she took another loaded potato and swallowed it almost whole. She noted calling someone who was probably close to her age kid was odd at best but she couldn’t help it. He was…hurt shaped. She knew that hurt, and sometimes you needed, something that wasn’t judgement but maybe also something that wasn’t complete forgiveness either. “How you want this to go like? Cause I’m totes fine with being ‘You’re bad, don’t turn into Death again’, or I can be like ‘you owe me at least a fancy dinner at some place in New York’ if that’s better?”

Today in XProject:

February 28

2004: Hellfire: Emma takes a group to a party at the Hellfire Club, only to discover the whereabouts of Alex; Alex is rescued from the clutches of Selene.

2005: Infectia: Dani visits a deteriorating Hank and tells him about Sheldon's demand she give the baby up for adoption; Hank asks Haroun to take care of Alison if he doesn't make it.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Scott searches DC for Jean, and she finds him; questions are asked, answers are given, lies are told; Scott loses control of his car on the way home and hits a tree; Sam is sent to fetch him from the hospital; Scott tells Ororo and Alison roughly what happened and takes himself off active duty. Forge accidentally eats Karolina's vegan pancakes. Karolina introduces herself on the journals and asks about animal shelters to volunteer at.

2007: Mark posts an amusing quote. Amanda has a minor accident on the way back from the school to NY, caused by fatigue, and Kurt and Doug collaborate to steal her car keys and insist Kurt teleport her to and from. Marie-Ange posts about Lent. Ororo and Angelo talk about him taking a break from teaching classes and Jennie's post. Marie asks Logan about his reaction to Pietro joining the team. Forge returns from Muir Island and is arrested at the airport for refusing a security check.

2008: Crystal points out the leap year. Victor emails Ororo, asking for a meeting about powers training. These Earthly Things: Miguel, Alejandra and Professor Lee are attacked after leaving the drop in center, and Alejandra and Professor Lee are taken; Angelo comes by Amanda's apartment to patch things up and they are interrupted by a bloodied Miguel; Amanda gathers a response group together while Angelo alerts the X-Men; the group tracks the kidnappers to the Morlock Tunnels and they find Alejandra has been crucified; Miguel charges in and gets shot, Angelo reacts and kills people getting to Alejandra, and things get bloody; the zealots defeated, X-Force leaves with the Professor while Amanda saves Miguel's life by using the surviving cultists to fuel her healing spell; the X-Men arrive to find Angelo with Miguel and Alejandra, and a room full of dead zealots; Amanda goes to see Sofia upon returning to the brownstone. Monet and Jennie help Jay practice for his bar tender's exam.

2009: Scorpion and Fox: Scott and Kurt talk about his abandonment of his teammate during the New York mission and determine he will remain on the team. Jean-Paul and Nathan talk about survivor's guilt and having reasons to go on. Cammie spars with Logan and learns a few lessons. Monet talks to Kurt about his post and Mystique and cheers him up in her own unique way. Jan wonders about leap year birthdays. Clarice is unimpressed by the Jonas Brothers and their fans, leading to a discussion of purity rings. Amanda babysits for Valentia while Manuel naps and later he finds himself acting as a dance instructor to his sister.


2011: Sarah Vale returns to the mansion and is given the usual welcome by staff and students. Wade sends Vanessa a text message about his friend Crazy Frank. Amanda visits the mansion to upgrade the wards and meets Molly. Kevin meets with Hank to find out the results of his tests and is told that he might be able to gain control of his powers. Kevin announces that his artwork will be put on display during an art gallery opening this weekend in Greenwich Village. Tabitha leaves Wade a gift. Meggan and Monet spend time chatting in the sunroom. X-Men Mission: The Grotesque and the Sublime: Tim Dugan makes contact with the X-Men and is asked to help arrange a meeting with Archie. Wade drops off a few gifts to Kevin, including leaving him with a kitten to care for and congratulates him on the art show. Wade sends Tabitha a text message thanking her for the gift. Wade sends Marie-Ange a text message asking her to go to Kevin's art opening with him. Kevin posts about his purple kitten and asks for name suggestions. Vanessa has dinner at Warren's place and spends the night with him. Jean-Paul asks Vanessa to go with him to the art gallery opening. Marie-Ange sends a text message to Doug, Amanda and Jubilee regarding work. Marie-Ange sends a text message to Artie regarding fake ids. Julian and Sarah reconnect over Wii.

2012: I Do...NOT! Terry emails Scott to let them know they arrived safely. Things do not stay safe when Sayyid confronts Sooraya and convinces her to come with him quietly as his group are holding Leyu Yoshida hostage. Garrison and Terry discover that Sooraya has disappeared and talk to the local authorities, while Angelo, Yvette, and Jean try to track Sooraya. Sooraya escapes from the arranged marriage while the X-Men arrive at the warehouse. Yvette and Angelo encounter Sooraya, and together they go to find Leyu while Garrison, Jean and Terry deal with Sayyid and his mooks. Afterwards, Garrison posts about wishing he could go someplace sunny and tropical and not get beat up.

2013: Topaz emails Amanda asking her a question about magic. Sue emails Tandy to wish her a happy "4 1/4" birthday. Adrienne posts to let everyone know they will be celebrating Tandy's not-birthday-birthday with a catered Japanese dinner at the mansion. Hope leaves Tandy a sun charm for her birthday.

2014: Catseye is excited and nervous about the impending opening of her deli, especially as there will be anti-mutant protesters there. Jean emails Adrienne a link to every Oscar best actress gown since 1929. Topaz encounters Namor in the library, and talks to him about the volume of his emotions. Tandy gets birthday gifts from Adrienne(a choker and a ring) and emails her thanks; Sue and Maddie give her a bracelet; Clint gives her some earrings and four local theater tickets; Hope gives her a pendant; Matt gives her a DVD gift voucher. Callie announces a Cajun cooking spree and lets people know there’s food in the kitchen.

2015: Hope A. emails Scott about the card she received from Amy Wright. Laurie emails Cecilia, Wade, Marie-Ange, and Doug about various things. Miles and Warren go out shopping. Jean meets Jennie while on the night shift in the med lab.

2016: Jessica is unimpressed by Facebook posts about what people want in a romantic partner. During a Danger Room session, Rogue ambushes Angel about her relationship with Clint.

2017: Tandy texts Megan about their joint birthday party.

2018: Jubilee texts Kevin after their drinks the previous day to take him up on his offer of curling her toes. Ready or Not: Maya posts to the journals talking about the Predator-X game, wondering why no-one is talking about it.

2019: Matt posts a quote from Thurgood Marshall. Isle of Glass: Clint lets xp_teams know that he’s gotten a lead on the magical items thefts from a contact and goes with Everett and Namor to intercept the smuggler at the airport; their target, Janet Lyton, has hired mutant muscle and manages to slip the net while Rachel appears to defuse the situation with the hired mercs (who she’s been working with freelance); Clint asks Domino to trace Lyton’s tracks via facial recognition software and updates the teams on the situation; Clint, Topaz and Matt chase down Lyton but she summons a portal at the last moment, using one of the devices she’s stolen and when backup arrives, Clint, Namor, Matt and Topaz go into the portal while Ev and Molly keep watch; pursued into a kind of pocket dimension full of magical items, Lyton disrupts some kind of stasis spell and frees a magician trapped there, who then stabs her before fleeing from Clint’s group; outside the portal, Molly realises the portal is running on limited time and energy and goes inside to warn the others while Ev remains outside; Topaz tries to comfort a dying Lyton and discovers what she was doing; Clint and his group chase the magician, but Molly reaches them and lets them know they’re running out of time so they bail; driving back to the mansion with Lyton’s body, they discuss what to do with the open portal; Clint emails Doug to ask for translation help of an audio recording of the evil magician they’d found; Topaz emails Amanda to ask for help with relocating the portal and Kyle to complain about the mission; elsewhere, the escaped magician, Mordred, lays plans to recover pages from the Darkhold that Topaz had taken. Felicia makes an instagram post about how she’s done with winter.

2020: In honor of Lent, Marie-Ange proposes Blasphemy Roulette for those practicing Catholics.


2022: Artie runs into Alani at a bar, where she's gone to drink and process. April checks out the library and meets Alani face-to-face.

2023: Following X-Force's return from Burning Man, Marie-Ange and Garrison work to de-dreadlock Amanda's hair.

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Welcome, 2023! As X-Project enters its 20th year, we have lots to interest our players and readers. New characters, new plots, new events... make sure you keep reading and catch it all!

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  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

  • Bar With No Name: Garrison Kane recruits some help with an FBI-sponsored infiltration of a Maggia/Mafia recruitment drive of powered muscle, only for things to go terribly wrong.

  • Behold A White Horse: When the small Kenyan city of Marsabit suddenly goes quiet, X-Force (with some consulting experts) go to investigate.

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