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MOA Longshot.png
Moment of Awesome - Arthur Centino/Longshot: At the District X Halloween event, Arthur encounters a newly-returned Illyana Rasputin.

The man's grin flashed, "I know plenty of things, and one of them is where to find the best cake tonight. You're in luck."

There was a clang and a clatter behind Ilyanna to punctuate this statement, and the brief flash of something not quite human shaped running across the welcome courtyard. Whatever it was, it caught his attention enough to lead toward a distracted glance away from the Center's guest. "Huh. Costumes get more creative every year."

Illyana recognized the brief glimpse of purple and red. She hadn't brought any of the lesser demons topside with her, but this was a good night for that particular one. "Trickster imps. Mostly a nuisance, they're obnoxious about holidays like this. They'll probably make a mess, get hopped up on consuming the chaos energy." All of this was said matter-of-factly, as if demons running around was a perfectly normal sight.

"I suppose all children are sometimes imps. Little demons." The man seemed stuck on the rest of that statement, however, as if he was unsure exactly how to proceed on whether she knew that child or how casually she considered them "obnoxious." This only lasted a second, though, before he chucked that inconvenient and worrisome thought into a bin and tapped near his left eye conspiratorially. "Don't worry, you have me! I'm anti-chaos, certified — well, in one dimension. I'm Arthur."

"Yes..." Illyana responded somewhat hesitantly. Probably best to let Arthur keep his idea of children instead of literal demons tonight. She'd make sure they were rounded up tomorrow if they'd decided to linger. "I am Lyana." Well, a partial truth. She'd pronounced it with a bit of a rush, the sound coming out more 'Lana' than 'Yana', but it was sufficiently close to not repeat herself. "Only one dimension? How many have you been in?"

"One more than I imagined, let me tell you, Lana." He somehow managed to pronounce her name exactly as she had said it, rushed and all. Yet his genuine energy invited absolutely no doubt that this "Arthur" would dream of lying. "But I'm the worst host. What did you need to know?"

Illyana shook her head. "Nothing that can't wait for my contact tomorrow," she replied honestly. A slight jostle from behind alerted her to the small line starting to form, and she gave Arthur a small, genuine smile, drawn in by the bright energy he radiated. She handed over another crumpled bill. "Another worm cake, please? It was nice to meet you."

"Consider it my pleasure, Yana. I've always been more for treats vs. tricks." He handed her two gummy cakes, just for good measure, with a wink. "Happy Halloween.”

Today in XProject:

March 22

2004: Moira and Nate fall into bed and don't just rest. Marie-Ange and Doug are terribly cute at the airport when she returns.

2005: Jean sleeps in the Box in order to shield herself from the minds of the school; Scott and Jean talk. Rahne helps Catseye achieve Slightly Bigger Cat form. Thermopylae: Alison has nightmares; Hank and Kurt discuss doubt and faith; Nathan has nightmares about the death of his friends; Alison and Anika mourn; Nathan tells Kurt to confirm the death of the operative Radonic before blaming himself for it. Emerald Isle: Sean emails Terry suggesting they go to Cassidy Keep for a vacation; Terry gets a mysterious letter from Ireland.

2006: Bobby stops by to see Lorna and get some advice and comfort; Lorna is deeply unimpressed but not unsympathetic. Nathan comes across Ororo taking out her frustrations on the punching bag. Turns out that she could use someone to talk to, rather badly. There's a price to be paid when you're working so hard to hold it together for the sake of your friends who can't. Forge considers the idea of being sponsored by engineering companies to do a business degree. Lorna does not get into Berkeley. Kyle turns sixteen and gleefully lists his presents. Not So Plain Jane: Out and about in the city, Jane decides to have a little fun and Jamie is the closest target; how well this one goes for either of them would be hard to judge; Jamie worries about his and Kitty's future after running into Jane; he also tells Alison and Ororo about the encounter; later, Jane runs into Betsy at her lawyer's office and they bitch at each other.

2007: The 10th Kingdom: Back in New York, Remy takes Marie back to the school whilst Amanda gets an unconscious Betsy back to the brownstone; Charles posts to the staff journal about Marie having Betsy's telepathy; Amanda emails Haller to tell him about Betsy's condition; Garrison goes to check on Marie, and she picks up that he likes her more than just a friend; Nathan helps Marie shield; Logan also drops by with his own brand of checking up. Angelo announces his trip at the same time Amanda announces her return. Wanda emails Nathan about Angelo's working trip and plans are laid to get Amanda out there too. Homecoming: Bobby and Terry announce their move to Ireland. Crystal invites Monet to Attilan for the weekend.

2008: Victor comes to the school for the grand tour and meets Tommy, confusing him with his interest in the other boy.

2009: Catseye barges in on Jay in the washroom, but it turns out to be a good chance for them to talk and reconcile. Adrienne runs into Jake at the brownstone and winds up being asked on - and accepting - a date. In the gym, Cammie pushes Julian to let go with his powers and it results in a broken punching bag and a clean up job from Kyle. Jay gets cooking lessons from Jean-Paul. Cammie encounters Jean-Paul having a late night swim in the lake and they talk about scars and field trips.

2010: Kyle drops by the brownstone so Doug can fix his laptop and they talk about Forge's non-contact before deciding sparring is a good way to vent. Doug posts about getting a voicemail from his family saying they are going to visit his workplace.

2011: Jan, affected by Laurie's powers, has sex with Kevin; Kevin later goes jogging with Amara. Molly discovers Marius lying injured in the snow and pokes him with a stick. Kyle brings Marius back inside and fetches Crystal, who clears the air inside the mansion while Laurie is shocked to realize that her filter has broken. Yvette posts to the journals, mentioning that she spent the night with HeliX. Laurie posts to x_grads about her powers mishap, revealing the cause of the previous night's events. Some of the grads are distinctly annoyed, whilst others are more sympathetic. Yvette emails Laurie about the powers accident, saying Laurie ought to apologize to those affected. Crystal invites Warren out for dinner. Vanessa texts Warren about being jetlagged, insomniac and in Wales. Kyle gives Marius one free lunch to be paid by Laurie. Kevin emails Laurie, explaining that he's okay about her powers accident the previous night. Marius gives Laura a bottle of vodka and apologises for jumping out the window.

2012: Vance emails Layla to thank her for the cookies. Terry and Sam take a run together, talking about relationships and breakups. Lorna ambushes Scott and asks for his help in getting a car. X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms: Bevatron, posing as a mutant smuggler, takes his three 'captives' - Penance, Wallflower and Rocky - to the pre-arranged meeting point to wait for the buyers; Cannonball and Wildchild, with Agent Brand, keep watch for the arrival; the mercenaries arrive, but are suspicious and the trap is sprung; the X-Men draw fire away from the younger team members and set about capturing the mercenaries; the mercenaries who are captured turn out to be dupes with no idea of what they were really doing; outside, Cannonball and Wildchild spot two suspicious figures and with Brand, take them into custody.

2013: New arrival Frank Ludlum is met by Clint and showed to his suite. Matt announces he has moved to a senior suite, sharing with Meggan. Adrienne posts to her journal from the medlab, focussing more on sport than on her condition; Tandy visits Adrienne and they talk about Adri’s vision of the couch; Adrienne asks Clint, Maddie and Sue to keep an eye on Tandy and emails Tandy to make sure she’s okay. Clint texts Maddie and Billy about the newcomer. Jean emails Scott about changes to their vacation plans.

2014: Lorna posts about being sick and asks Jean if they have biosuits in the Medlab for Angel. Ty posts about being hungry and asking people for tacos. Jubilee mails North about going to the Ukraine. Laurie posts about the TV show The Walking Dead.

2015: Warren and Sue meet and spend quality time after a society party. Angel complains about the addictiveness of a new online game featuring cats and catnip. Kyle announces that he is on his way back from Australia. Jubilee finds Miles has made an obstacle course in the gym and of course has to try it.

2016: Bobby has issues with his computer when it posts something on the journals and not to google. He texts Miles about this.

2017: Megan muses on a pebble she found.

2018: A bored Jubilee asks for a crochet challenge. Hope asks Warren for a report she needs.



2021: Laurie has a date with someone she met on the subway.

2022: Pyotr takes Alani to the DR for a painting session.

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Welcome, 2023! As X-Project enters its 20th year, we have lots to interest our players and readers. New characters, new plots, new events... make sure you keep reading and catch it all!

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  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

  • Bar With No Name: Garrison Kane recruits some help with an FBI-sponsored infiltration of a Maggia/Mafia recruitment drive of powered muscle, only for things to go terribly wrong.

  • Behold A White Horse: When the small Kenyan city of Marsabit suddenly goes quiet, X-Force (with some consulting experts) go to investigate.

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