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July 28


2003: Sarah returns to the Morlock Tunnels with Betsy. Alison reveals to Lorna the existence of the stalker who tried to kill her after she came out as a mutant.

2004: Bethany Moore visits Amanda. Askani visits Alison in her dreams for advice on Nathan.

2005: Bad Blood: Jean meets with her old friend David Rosenberg and they discuss their mutual patient - Alison - and miraculous recoveries in general. X-Men Mission: Mercy Flight: The team go out to pick up Amber Hunt, Moira's patient with the out-of-control powers; it doesn't all go to plan, however, as the Blackbird is hit by a freak storm and has to make an emergency landing; unfortunately, said landing breaks Amber's containment chamber and she has to be allowed out to keep her calm while Forge tries to repair it; he doesn't have as much luck as might be hoped, but Storm is able to provide lightning for a power source; then they resume the flight to Muir Island, Jubilee talking to Amber and teaching her breathing exercises to soothe her; Forge meets Curt Connors on Muir and they bond on several scores; on returning, Forge immediately starts redesigning the jet. Bobby begs for an end to Jamie's pranks.

2006: Scott has insomnia and runs into Lorna. They discuss their significant others and worry about them. Later, Scott and Marie talk and Marie makes Scott a promise. Forge helps Marie-Ange move the last of her stuff to the brownstone in New York and gets dating advice. Drop of Nightshade: Lorna tracks down Remy and finds him in France, fully healed.

2007: Amanda runs into Nathan as she visits the mansion and they chat. X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!! Christian Kane thanks Scott for the help of the team, before leaving; Jean has issues with her impromptu swim in the ocean and Scott supports her. Laurie is rescued from being hit by a car by Wanda.

2008: Julio conducts a series of experiments in homemade explosives with the other students. Angel discovers her sock drawer is full of ube yams, the same as the evil donuts of earlier.

2009: Lil and Lex nearly come to blows in the gym when he attempts to apologize for provoking her on the journals. Manuel and Jennie have a strained encounter at breakfast and they admit that they can never be what they once were to each other but agree to try and be friends again. Still in the woods, Catseye meets with Kevin and Kyle, who try to comfort her as she struggles with her identity issues and give her some much-needed advice; to avoid thinking on what her friends have said, however, she goes for a hunt in BigCat form and disrupts one of Lex's kills. Jay discovers Shiro is dating a woman in addition to sleeping with him and Shiro promises to break things off with her. Lex and Adrienne meet and the newcomer finds himself on the offensive again against a woman telling him he screwed up. Crystal takes breakfast to the infirmary and asks Nathan when he will give up injuring himself. Morgan visits Nathan in the infirmary and then comes across Lex nursing a bottle of scotch, prompting a discussion about his track record with women. Scott and Jean have a sparring session that turns into a makeout session in the Danger Room. Operation: Dead Letter Office: En route to Geneva, Jake and Amanda converse about Jake's family; later, Jake and North discuss Jake's mother and a past job between North and an Infonet courier before they meet with Jake's family at Infonet; the family reunion does not go swimmingly for Jake as he and North fail to find out information on the Infonet courier who met with Russovich, although Jake's mother and sister do agree to look into who paid to send Jake's fingers to the mansion; on the intel that Russovich had a meeting at a cafe across from a bank, Doug recovers video records from one of the bank machine while Amanda provides his distraction by creating a pregnancy emergency so the two of them can find out who was meeting Russovich; discovering from the bank camera that Russovich was meeting with Hans Mittlesteadt, North calls in a favour with the German and finds out what Russovich has been trying to find - a carbonadium synthesizer - and North also manages to find out that the synthesizer will be auctioned soon and gains a heads-up about Russovich's whereabouts; North, Jake, Doug, and Amanda regroup and North laments about being stuck in Switzerland instead of going to Russovich since Jake's family connections make leaving the country difficult; North posts to the Snow Valley comm to brief the rest of the Trenchcoats and request a team go to South Africa to find Russovich before Russovich gets his hands on the synthesizer.

2010: Jake's just eating a breakfast sandwich, minding his own business, when Jean-Paul turns up and things get complicated, as they do.

2011: The Problématique: Warren announces on x_team that Vanessa's phone was found in a field and asks Garrison to have it dusted for fingerprints. In New Orleans, Laurie wakes Kyle and Jean-Phillipe outrageously early to take her sight-seeing.

2012: Terry has lunch with Adrienne and talks about the foibles of men. Afterwards Terry visits Doug and they talk.

2013: Haller emails Meggan about tutoring Topaz. Scott helps Catseye out with some repairs to Deli-CAT-essen and they discuss her becoming an X-Man.

2014: Clint invites anyone who is interested to a showing of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie. Wade texts Lorna about Taco Tuesday announcements.


2015: Laurie goes for drinks with Kevin and discovers very little about him, despite her questions. Amanda provides hangover treatment for the junk food partiers. Rogue texts Clint to let him know they should probably relocate to someone’s room. Operation: Wonderwall: Felicia, standing in as the receptionist, forwards a call to Wanda from Simon Williams; Wanda asks Marie-Ange to come with her to the bail hearing and Marie-Ange lets the team know; Marie-Ange and Wanda attend Williams’ bail hearing and spot a familiar face - the Enchantress; a small team gathers at the safehouse where Wanda and Marie-Ange have taken Williams, but their debriefing is interrupted by Baron Zemo. World on Fire: In response to a lead from his X-Corps contacts, Angelo takes Scott and Angelica to Columbia to rescue a newly-manifested young teen floating in an active volcano. Artie has lunch with Haller and they talk about fathers.

2016: Maya posts a link to a video from the DNC. Jubilee texts a picture to Doug, Marie-Ange, Domino, and Amanda.


2018: Sins of the Father: A message is left on the mansion answering machine giving Topaz’s location along with a warning; Doug makes an all teams post minus Gen-X inquiring what to do about the message; Team Magic - Clea, Stephen, and Illyana - plus Ty take out the demon guards and the warding around the Destines hideout; Doug and Wanda take on Grace and her blood magic while Domino and Marie-Ange tackle Adam; Marie-Ange and Domino are both seriously injured, but Adam is forced to flee when Marie-Ange stabs him in the eye; Wanda and Doug defeat Grace, but she overloads on magic and explodes, her blood contaminating Wanda's powers and infecting Doug with anemia; Team Magic finds Topaz, and to say she’s not in good shape is an understatement; Ty returns to a very bloody scene, and four very beat up people, and teleports them home.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Charles emails Tandy about the conditions SHIELD has insisted on for her to remain at the mansion, for her own protection. Case File: Take Me to Church: Alex, Hope, and Arthur have staked out the Church of Humanity and notice there are a lot of people going in but no-one leaving and Hope discovers their missing girl is being held prisoner; a rescue is launched, but both the girl and her mother are killed by a gunshot; while searching the office of the priest in charge, Hope and Alex find evidence that he has been involved in the torture and murder of mutants, including the two Mutant Underground workers who were lynched two years ago; Alex lets the rest of X-Factor know the mission didn’t go well; Quentin receives the news of the pictures found and alerts Sooraya.