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July 31



2004: Cecilia Reyes arrives at the school in the aftermath of Columbia.

2005: Strange comes by to give Wanda the news that he leaves for Kuala Lumpur in a few hours and to say goodbye. Paige and Alison take a moment away from the mansion, and find a balance of a sort.

2006: Nathan has another TK fit in front of Angelo, and they discuss the future. Bleeding: Jennie calls the mansion and her father and leaves conflicting messages. Haller finally meets Marie in the kitchen, after setting her on fire in San Diego. It's only slightly awkward.

2007: Kyle comments on the giant purple dragon. Lorna reappears after moving house and asks for volunteers to help her paint. Angelo is not happy to find Nathan has been meeting with Tara Trask in order to keep an eye on her. Sound of Silence: Crystal, in disguise, continues to search for Maximus Boltagon.

2008: Angelo's post about his father's mutancy is interrupted by a telekinetic tantrum from Rachel. Crystal muses on the upcoming anniversary of Attilan's disappearance and return.

2009: Lil emails Lex offering alcohol for the luau. Garrison needles Adrienne about the Boston Red Sox. Operation: Dead Letter Office: The auction for the synthesizer in Sun City is attended by X-Force, who have various duties - Emma plays golf with the assistance of Illyana and Mark to keep an eye on the personas of everyone on the course; Wanda and Sofia meet the man running the transfers at the auction, Gareb Bashur, also known as Blackbox; Vanessa and Jubilee meet Arkady Russovich and an American associate, Dr. Cornelius, who specializes in the research and implementation of biological assets; Bishop, Tarot and Gambit try to waylay the delivery of the synthesizer, resulting in a wild chase with The Mengo Brothers; the chase winds up at the auction and complete chaos ensues; Wanda fights Omega Red and barely escapes as Cornelius hurries his associate away; Devi Gavin manages to secure the box with the synthesizer and X-Force retreats. Fred emails Kyle about help on a carpentry project. After the luau, Amara and Lex do clean-up duty and discuss the circumstances that led them to the mansion. Jean-Paul visits Shiro in the medical bay and advises him to make up with Jay.

2010: Megan begins her first attempt at cooking macaroni and cheese with onions, and Meggan wanders in during the process; Meggan agrees to be Megan’s guinea pig for the duration. Vanessa e-mails Laurie about her being traded to Bishop. Jean-Paul texts Vanessa to ask her how often she wants him to report. Kevin is injured after he tries to wake Jean-Paul up from a nightmare after the two accidently fall asleep together; Jean-Paul gets Kevin down to the medlab where Jean checks him over and makes sure of his injuries.

2011: Artie runs into Molly at the gym and after some hiccups, manages to apologise for his behaviour earlier. Amara posts about a new HeliX project, a Big Brother/Big Sister program for young mutants.


2013: Dori posts, celebrating that she found snacks in her Gnome Pride hoodie. Charles posts, letting everyone know that Leonard Samson has returned, and will be resuming his working partnership with the school. In California, Maddie invades the sanctity of the library to drag Topaz out into the sunlight.

2014: Wade talks about some new swords he’s acquired.


2015: John and Angelo catch up and exchange notes on how they’re doing. Clint asks Billy to entertain him, resulting in a Monopoly challenge; Clint invites Namor to play and Billy does the same. Operation: Wonderwall: Gabriel lets Clint know he wasn’t answering his phone because he was stuck in a time loop; Doug lets Laurie know he, Marie-Ange and Wade were stuck in a timeloop and that they lost someone.

2016: Darcy makes a journal entry wondering where Clint is pre-Sharknado 4.

2017: Darcy posts a You Tube video that gives her all the feels.

2018: Topaz posts an apology to the journals, letting everyone know she’s sorry for everything that had happened because of her. Darcy posts a little rhyme about witches and quidditch.