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Moment of Awesome - Maya Lincoln-Lopez/Echo: Maya has a rematch with Thornn, and this time comes out on top.

"You rich puta bitch. You live in the nice mansion on the hill and you pretend you speak for mutants?" She charged, her claws meeting air initially.

Maya moved her baton to push Thornn’s claws away from her, giving her another shock as part of the move as she turned in the opposite direction. She hadn’t quite judged the foot claws well enough and almost stumbled as she felt them rake along her thigh as she lunged sideways. It hurt like a bitch but she couldn’t let it stop her. She brought her other shock baton around and hit the woman in the side with a stronger shock.

Enough of those and she hoped it would drop her.

“You don’t know anything about who I am.” Maya gritted out, deeply offended at the unfairness of that statement. Was this what she sounded like? Fuck, she had some apologies to make when she got back. “Maybe you should stop listening to cult leaders and start thinking for yourself.”

"Or maybe you see things differently when you lose something," she snarled, darting under the batons to open up Maya's left calf with her claws as she rolled, and then lashed out, her foot catching the back of her knee and taking Maya's legs out from under her.

It wasn’t that Maya didn’t feel the slashes from Thornn’s claws, it was that she couldn’t allow them to distract her from the fight at hand. It was a gift of sorts from her power, the ability to drop into a perfect calm that allowed her to focus she might not otherwise have.

She allowed herself to fall and then rolled tightly to take the impact on one shoulder before springing back up.

Thornn was at her back, however, and so she pushed to spring sideways into a twist to get back facing the right way. It was more a cheerleading move than a fight move but you used what you had.

She threw one of her batons at Thornn’s head before aiming the other at center mass.

Thornn's hand snaked out and caught the first baton, but had caught it by the head. The first electric shock ripped through her as the second baton caught her between the eyes. The mutant went down, convulsing helplessly as the shocks raced up and down her nervous system, hair sticking out all over.

Maya moved quickly to pick up both batons, striking Thornn several more times to knock her out before she reached for the bindings she’d been given to tie her up.

Today in XProject:

May 16


2004: Nathan wakes up and argues with Rory Campbell. Moira then reassures Rory that she’s in love with Nathan, not him, and e-mails Amanda to tell her what happened. Amanda then has a brief talk over the phone with someone, and asks Clarice to secretly teleport her to town.

2005: Pete wants to reply to Amanda’s email, but knows he can’t. Jean replies to Thomas’s email, causing her to argue with herself.

2006: The Enemy Within: Scott accompanies Cain to Oregon, where they seek out Cameron Hodge. Jean begins to make amends around the mansion.

2007: Forge emails Kyle, Marius, Jennie and Crystal asking them how they found the courage to fight back. Terry visits Jennie before leaving for Cassidy Keep. Jean pushes Nathan to go see his therapist. Mark posts a music link on his journal. Lorna and Scott talk about the team and the school.

2008: Kevin has his appointment with Jean. Laurie has a good day of archery practice. Angel and Inez meet on the basketball court and bond. Bedlam: Amanda is arrested in an arts supplies store; at the police station, she's deemed too disturbed to charge and is held whilst a bed becomes available; Angelo tracks down the muggers and deals with them; fingerprints turn up her old warrants and a call to Muir is made as she's a mutant; Muir contacts Remy and Pete, and they, along with Angelo, turn up to claim her; Marie-Ange and Doug go to the art supply store and pay off the owner; Angelo takes Amanda to a hotel to clean up and sleep; Doug announces Amanda's return on the team comm. Jennie confronts Forge about his spending on supplies. Inez has her first training session with Cain.

2009: Monet posts to x_team about having graduated to full X-Men team status. Jubilee emails Jean-Paul to apologise for the incident in Jake's apartment. Sam finds Cammie in the suite he shares with Kurt and conversation about friendship ensues. Halflight: Dani and Tabitha are out shopping when Tabitha gets a message from someone in her past. Julian talks to Doreen about her father and offers her hot chocolate. Lil emails Nathan about winning money on a horse named after Rachel.

2010: Laurie sends Yvette an email asking for a favor in relation to Kyle's physical therapy.

2011: Sarah V. comes down with the 'flu and Yvette comes to the rescue. Operation: зимний солдат: Jubilee breaks into Bucky Barnes' apartment to look for evidence while Doug acts as lookout, but Barnes returns early and beats the crap out of Doug, maces Wade and then flees.

2012: Wade and Lorna still suck at Taco Tuesday. Wade emails Angelo to agree that Molly is cute and they'll let her do anything to them, including flower crowns.

2013: Matt inquires about joining the X-Men.

2014: Cecilia asks if anyone wants to go to the beach.

2015: Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown: Jubilee e-mails Domino, North, and Felicia asking what they’ve got so far. Megan makes a journal entry about Miley Cyrus and her video for "Tiger Dreams" in which she sports a fairy costume. Sooraya’s handling of some groceries leads to her meeting one of the mansion's new inhabitants. Clint introduces Billy to the mansion and then to Scott, who explains the deal.

2016: Jessica posts about how she’s eaten so much candy she feels like a pinata. Garrison gets Adrienne to slow down enough for dinner and she tries to play a prank on him.

2017: Jubilee rants on the X-Force comm about 45's divulging of classified information. Sharon emails a video clip to a friend for a second opinion. Sooraya emails Kurt, Rogue and Angelo and invites them to her graduation. Lorna emails Warren, asking for time off. Lorna also texts Alex about how this last case has really affected her.

2018: Jubilee teases Garrison about video of him doing karaoke with a unicorn head. Miles and Bobby are cute via text. Warren takes Bobbi out to a corgi breeder for her birthday present. Gabriel lets Clint know he has unofficially passed his GED.

2019: Artie emails Marie-Ange to let her know he’s returning from an extended time in Europe.


2021: Garrison declares he has no interest in anything except the Stanley Cup playoffs. Matt posts a religious joke.

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  • Case File: Clan Akkaba - Inception. A mother comes to X-Factor Investigations looking for help regarding her teenage son having gone missing and the investigation leads to old foes, the Maggia.

  • Operation: Clan Akkaba - Ascent. Following up on the magical links to X-Factor's missing child case, X-Force uncovers a new threat - the coven of Clan Akkaba, seeking to bring their deity back to this world.

  • X-Men Mission: Clan Akkaba - Domination. X-Force calls the X-Men in for assistance when they track down Clan Akkaba and the team rescues a strange young man called Genesis.

  • Reality 02: Clan Akkaba - Arrival. To prevent the destruction of Genesis' dimension, eXcalibur must go to Terra and help him regain his rightful throne.

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