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July 27



2004: Pete logics Nathan into not blaming himself for Columbia as much.

2005: Family: Catseye finally comes to a decision, and goes to Forge with a very serious request. Bad Blood: Nathan encounters Alison face-to-face for the first time since the kidnapping, and gets her to relax a little; Alison goes for a walk by the lake, is surreptitiously followed by Terry and talks to Cain; Haroun takes some time out to try to deal with the enormity of fixing Alison, and Nathan helps as he can; Cain finds Scott in the situation room to ask why they weren't allowed to kill Sabretooth. Angelo makes a long-overdue visit to Paige, and what's left of their relationship comes to a quiet end. Afterwards, Manuel offers some sympathy and Amanda finds Angelo smoking on the roof and they talk - about his plans to leave the mansion, among other things. Still later, Meggan comes looking for him to offer fuzzy-little-girl hugs. Bobby goes down to visit Paige and all goes well until they start talking about the fact that he's living in Jono's old room. Manuel translates Baby Got Back into Latin for the hell of it.

2006: Buzkashi: Rahne takes Sooraya to her room, and tries to calm the girl down; Rahne and Sooraya are kidnapped back by the people Nathan purchased Sooraya from; Nathan, Bobby and Angelo come to their rescue, and Sooraya decides to accompany them back to New York. Jean also tells Scott she has to leave the school, as her actions during Scott's rescue frightened her. The Professor sends her to train in Tibet.

2007: X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!! The X-Men fly to China and split into two teams - one to protect a cargo freighter, the other to infiltrate the Mandarin's casino headquarters and and stop whatever he is doing to make the ships disappear; the ship team finds themselves fighting a giant purple dragon - Fin Fang Foom - and just manage to save the ship; the casino team encounter the Mandarin and break the spirit fount he is using to control Foom, returning the dragon to his composite pieces - 99 Chinese villagers; the Chinese government takes custody of the villagers.

2008: Seven Minutes In Heaven: Kyle complains about having hypothermia from saving Nathan; Jean lets the school as a whole know of Nathan's condition; Angelo emails Domino and the rest of the Pack to let them know. Sulaco: Monet encounters an unwell Jay, who throws up on her when she tries to carry him to medlab; Jay apologises to an unimpressed Monet. Garrison confronts Adrienne about the investigation on her and she agrees to surrender herself before the evidence leads to her arrest.

2009: Lex and Julio meet pre-coffee and eventually manage to communicate once the caffeine hits. Wanda runs into Scott in New York and they discuss recent events, and especially Shiro. Lex and Nick commiserate over women while hunting, and shortly after, Nick reveals his feelings to Catseye, still hiding in the woods, and manages to add to her confusion. Lex posts a sign in the kitchen regarding the luau. Jan posts about wanting people to taste various flavours of Nutella. Kyle and Jay discuss Sam before the conversation switches to Jay's relationship with Shiro. Fiddler's Green: Jean-Paul visits Nathan in the infirmary and Nathan reflects on killing Lense and the death of Carly; Jean announces on the journals that Nathan is allowed to have visitors. Lil and Jennie discuss babies, their childhoods, the weird happenings at the mansion, Lil's desire to go home, and men. Operation: Dead Letter Office: Marie-Ange reports that Arkady Russovich has resurfaced and has met with an Infonet courier.

2010: Laurie e-mails Vanessa about plants in the office, she goes a little far. Jean-Paul comes by the X-Factor office and finds a new face with a familiar voice.

2011: Amanda announces the news of Remy and Ororo's marriage while they were in France.

2012: Catseye and Korvus discuss eating meat before heading down to the pool to act as lifeguards. Ashes and Mist: Dum-Dum Dugan send Garrison a message revealing a young mutant girl has appeared in Madripoor; Garrison alerts the X-Men to the upcoming mutant threat; Scott briefs his team; the X-Men stumble across their target, but it’s not what they had expected; after searching on Cerebro for Xorn, the Professor calls Rachel into his office to plan their next step forward. Angel and Sue meet in the kitchen and Angel introduces Sue to fudgsicles.

2013: Marie-Ange talks about deja vu. Tandy posts Sue about how she is feeling.



2015: Namor’s demand that someone explain Cheetos to him results in a junk food and alcohol party. Operation: Wonderwall: The media reports on an altercation between actor Simon Williams and Tony Stark at a movie premiere; a drunken Rogue posts about the Williams/Stark incident.

2016: Maya emails Wade asking if she can go on a hiking trip. Quentin texts Kyle to say ‘yo.’ John makes a journal entry about going to Chicago and seeking help with paid cleaning services. Tandy makes a journal entry about fashion week coming up in a few months’ time, and passing all her classes. Rogue makes a journal entry seeking Netflix recommendations.

2017: Gabriel sends Kevin an encrypted email about, well, old-fashioned encrypted messages.

2018: Sins of the Father: Maya sneaks into medlab to make sure Amanda isn't dead yet, not when they have unfinished business; Grace decides to pay a visit to Topaz; Topaz is tortured again and this time gives up the names they want; her usefulness over, they prepare her for sale and Jasmine makes the decision to betray her family.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Jean announces her return from South America and posts the mission debrief about the Worthies. Cecilia says goodbye to Jean; Cecilia announces her departure. Case File: Take Me to Church: A father approaches Bobbi and Lorna about his missing daughter and it’s revealed his anti-mutant estranged wife was connected to the Church of Humanity; Lorna emails the rest of X-Factor to let them know they have a case; Quentin, Lorna and Maya research the missing girl and the Church of Humanity on the internet, while Sue and Bobbi look into the mother; Alex posts to xp_teams asking about others’ experiences with the CoH and Angelo responds.