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Moment of Awesome - Megan Gwynn/Pixie: Sharon S.'s investigation of the mansion upon her arrival leads her to Megan. This introduction leads to the discussion of the unique characteristics of their mutations.

"I'll be your friend, if you wish. I'm Megan, though most people know me as Pixie." She leaned forward slightly, intrigued, while maintaining a respectful distance.

The change in position sent the lights scattering in different directions. The cat pounced.

"I am Sharon, though the internet knows and fears me as Catseye," she said, scrabbling with humanoid hands as she chased a splash of light across the concrete. Her tail lashed the air playfully. "We shall be friends. Enjoy meeting other heteromorphic mutants. New experience for me."

"Wonderful." Pixie's gaze drifted to Sharon's hands on the pavement, noting the worn state of her nails. "If you'd like, I could help you with a manicure. It's a small thing, but it can be a relaxing experience."

With Pixie's wings now stilled Sharon had no more lights to chase. Now she sat to regard the other girl, the lashing of her tail now concentrated to slow flicks of the very tip.

"I have experienced before," Sharon allowed, feigning casual disinterest. "But first, have some questions."

Pixie smiled at the hint of a shared experience. "Of course." Tilting her head slightly, she asked, "What do you want to know?"

Excitedly, the cat hopped forward a few paces. "Your wings," she said, craning her neck for a better view of Pixie's back. "Have met mutant with avian wings, but not insectile. Fascinated. You do not have an exoskeleton to which muscles can attach and deform torso, so means of propulsion must be direct flight, with thoracic muscle attaching directly to wing bases. Like dragonflies. Venation seems also roughly equivalent. Wings stroke out of phase also. Omnidimensional movement then? Up, down, forward, back, left, right?"

Pixie looked over her left shoulder to glance at a wing. "I don't really think about the underlying mechanics, but I can fly in all directions. And hover, which is really quite nice." She hesitated. "Do you mind if I ask where you came from? I've met a faerie cat, but I've never met a mutant with such interesting cat qualities before."

Sharon preened. "Not so exotic as faerie cat. Only a homeschool-weirdo from Manhattan. But I am very interesting." She circled the deck chair to get a full 360 view of the other girl, sniffing delicately. Sharon came to a halt beside Pixie and sat on her haunches, one clawed hand raised.

"I can touch?" she asked, eyes on the glossy membrane of the nearest wing.

Pixie eyed Sharon's clawed humanoid hands. "Yes, careful touching is fine." Despite their rough condition they looked gentle enough, and her wings were tougher than they looked. "Fascinating, to be an internet sensation and yet, a frightening enigma to others."

"Reddit trembles before me," Sharon replied gravely. Gently, flexing her fingers so her claws wouldn't scratch the gleaming membranes, Sharon ran a hand across Pixie's wing.

"Seem to be very many fold-lines, like a fan, maybe," she said. "Unusual for this sort of structure. Only familiar with basic claval and jugal folds, but my entomology is not so strong. See jugum, though, which suggests you can beat fore and hind-wings as one if necessary. Do you have sensation? Suppose some form of proprioception is necessary for flight, but curious if sensitivity differs from skin."

"It does differ. I feel temperature strongly, and pressure, but not with the same nuance as skin," Pixie explained. "Is your tail very sensitive? Might you be willing to share a bit about your abilities? Besides ruling Reddit and the internet, I mean."

"I am generous. I shall share." Sharon withdrew her hand and snaked her tail over her shoulder, twisting it into a loose spiral. "Tail is very sensitive, and prehensile. More like that of a spider monkey than a cat. Suspect a large concentration of mechanoreceptors involved, maybe. Not strong enough to manage brachiation, but I can grasp objects. Most useful for balance, especially if I must be on two legs."

"A prehensile tail, remarkable. The diversity of mutants, it's beautiful and endlessly inspiring." She paused, contemplative. "Do you ever, ah, wear clothes? I only ask because I enjoy creating clothing for people with physical mutations, who can find regular clothes shopping difficult."

Today in XProject:

July 25

2003: Betsy talks to Kitty about her training and restraint.

2004: Collateral Damage: Nathan blames himself for the deaths at Columbia and checks out of medlab.

2005: Lorna sends Alison an orchid. The group return from the McCoy farm. X-Men Mission: Mercy Flight: Moira gets a call from an old patient whose powers have slipped out of control, and swings into action. Haroun and Alison have some time in the sun. Lorna comes to visit Alison, bringing news, and Alison manages to pretend the only thing wrong is Lorna's impending departure. Bad Blood: Nathan is invited for tea and a debriefing with the Professor; Scott stops by for a brief visit with Alison and they talk about nothing much; Jean tells Scott she wants back on the team; Illyana snarls at Clarice on the journals for teleporting her without permission, and lets a few things slip about what happened, getting them both called into Scott's office; Scott and Illyana then have a Talk about her failure to follow instructions, and he grounds her for two weeks; Alison finally breaks down at the realization that the scars on her back are real, and so is what caused them.

2006: Terry checks up on Scott in the Greenhouse. Buzkashi: Nathan and Angelo meet with one of his contacts in Afghanistan. Karolina visits home. Kitty gets a job offer at Caltech, and Jamie encourages her to accept.

2007: Jono announces his return to England to visit his family. X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!: Pete gets an email from Christian Kane, Garrison's father, about a situation in China and Pete directs him to the X-Men. Laurie works with Jean in the medlab and they discuss medschool; Laurie meets Kurt in the laundry and talk gets silly, then serious.

2008: Sulaco: Jay goes to Amelia for his check up and things aren't looking good. Kyle and Angel bond over weird donut flavours; Forge runs afoul of their prank donuts. Bishop gives Garrison the information he asked for about Adrienne's case at the NYPD. Yvette and Nathan talk about history, truth and the X-Men.

2009: Lex announces his joining of the team and the trainee name thread commences. Nick meets Angel at the pool and is charmed by her casual attitude. Mutation Sternutation: Julian and Jean-Phillipe announce the return of their powers and Julian asks for a fifth for the poker game and gets Logan; Charles announces he has located the mutant responsible; Julian thanks Forge and Sarah for the electricity-proof laptop and returns it; Laurie posts about not wanting her 'morally dubious' powers back; now social again, Julian goes for coffee with Inez and they talk about the powers swap and Angel; later Julian asks Dori to forgive him for not being able to come out. Monet finds herself explaining couples and sex to Catseye. Amanda asks if anyone saw the Columbia memorial the previous day. Fiddler's Green: Scott and Jean find themselves discussing the possibility of having the Family Talk again as they care for the Taygetos babies. Jane has a good day and squees about the babies in the basement. Lil runs into Lex in the garage and they flirt heavily before Lil tells him she's married and he backs off; Lex posts a 'warning' about people staying out of the woods the next day while he's hunting, which is taken badly by various people, including Lil and offers to cook a Luau, which is taken better; Forge emails Lil about Lex's fast work and about her only just telling him now she's married; Manuel takes advantage of his free evening and sleeps with Cammie, things moving into strange emotional areas. Wanda has a frustrating talk with Sam about his behaviour. Pas de Trois: Julian tells Angel about what Esme did and she reluctantly agrees not to retaliate against her. Wanda, Jake, Doug and Marie-Ange go out for dinner and talk turns to why Jake and Wanda haven't had sex yet.

2010: Angelo pranks Jean-Paul by turning his wardrobe pink. Jean-Phillipe visits Yvette and teases her about Angel's cousins, before the conversation turns to Jean-Phillipe's future and Yvette has a suggestion for him.

2011: Sarah V. posts to her journal to announce she's back from Kosovo as well.

2012: Ashes and Mist: Unable to contact Korvus telepathically, Rachel turns to Haller for an update on the mission; the outcome of the mission is broadcast live on Apocalypse’s state media, Rachel and Kurt watch; with the situation more bleak than ever, Essex shares the most desperate of plans with Rachel. Matt and Sue meet for the first time and agree to go out.

2013: Billy posts about his magical adventures being nothing like TV shows or movies. Angelo thanks people for his birthday gifts.


2015: Adrienne and Garrison spend time running errands before their date night, it is revealed that Adrienne is actually working on an X-Factor Investigations case which Garrison realizes and ends up help solving it. Clint posts about a new SyFy original, Lavalantula. Different Breed: Jean-Paul and Raymonde go to meet Maurice where things do not go as Jean-Paul anticipated; Jean-Paul wakes up in the hospital and Raymond informs him that he will be making some arrangements.

2016: Maya makes a journal entry about how Montana should be ashamed. Alex makes a journal entry about a planned trip to the Appalachian Trail with Lorna, asking if anyone else is interested. Quentin and Alex are reluctantly on a case to track a wayward teen but find their job compromised when they discover just what the kid has been doing.

2017: Lorna makes a journal entry inquiring if anyone’s interested in a camping trip. Hope A. completes her first mission as the White Herald. Amanda makes a journal post to inform Doug about a translation employment opportunity in China.

2018: Jubilee shares a link to the trailer of Occupation. Sins of the Father: Amanda emails Marie-Ange, Jubilee, Doug, Kurt, and Angelo about her ‘new’ past with Adam Destine thanks to Xorn; Amanda goes to London to meet with a contact, and finds herself facing Adam Destine instead and only just manages to teleport home, landing in Maya's lap; Wade gets ambushed by a blood-covered Maya; Wanda texts Topaz to tell her Amanda is hurt badly and in the medlab; Topaz goes to the medlab after hearing about Amanda; Adam texts Topaz from Amanda’s cellphone; Cecilia makes a journal entry to medlab staff only about how she hates magic; Topaz goes to meet Adam, which to her is the only option left, if the worst one; Topaz leaves Midnight with a note attached to her carrier and a note for Amanda with her cellphone in Marie-Ange and Amanda’s suite; Wanda makes a journal post about Amanda’s injuries. Cecilia makes a journal entry about help making sure the medlab staff are eating and sleeping properly.

2019: Cecilia tells Quentin that she’s decided to leave the mansion and go back to working as a surgeon in New York.

2020: Doug and Laurie have a long overdue talk. Maya posts about TV. Angelo and Marie-Ange get lunch together and he surprises her.



2023: Warren posts to his journal about granting Christmas in July wishes.

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