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Moment of Awesome - Jay Guthrie/Icarus: When Namor happens upon a fishing Jay, the interaction takes a number of turns, before the younger man offers an ear to the ancient royal. Even if part of him believes the man to be a ghost.

Jay turned slightly to look at the wet figure behind him- no monster, but Jay wasn't going to rule out the man being some sort of spectre. He was surprised to notice the small, hummingbird like wings on the man's ankles. Ever since he'd gotten his wings he hadn't been one much for submerging himself. Then again, there was waterfowl.

Maybe this man was more like a duck.

Jay glared at him slightly as his heart slowed down. "You got me pretty damn good," he said to the figure. "And that's a shame about the bass."

Namor stopped, turned, and squinted. "Never doubt that I do everything 'pretty damn good.'" He took a swig of water. "There is more pleasant fishing on the other side of the lake — a healthy stock of perch." He stretched his arms wide, seemingly unbothered by being wet in the chilly March air.

Jay's politeness got the better of him, now that he was willing to rule the figure out as a ghost after watching him drink. "Well, I'll be taking that advice if'n you'd like to join," he figured it would be a no and kicked off. Why walk all the way around the lake when he could fly there in a shorter path?

This got a stare. "You," and the incredulity in the Atlantean's tone was so plain as he squared his shoulders that he might as well have been pointy, "Clearly understand nothing of Namor." His eyes blazed with pride for just a moment, but then, "I have not been fishing in 5,000 years."

Maybe Jay had judged this Namor as not being a spectre too soon. He didn't sound like he was exaggerating when he said 5,000 years. "You want to be joining in then?" He asked, not letting himself be put off by this self important man's attitude, especially when he sensed just a hint of sadness in his last statement.

The full weight of inhuman ice blue's eyes fell upon Jay Guthrie as the young man received his full appraisal. Whatever they found, Namor answered, "We accept your invitation. It should be diverting, at the least." He nodded. "What is your weapon of choice? Simple hook and line?"

"Well, I don't got a net for trawling and I never liked folks who shoot at the fish," Jay said as he began to fly to the other side of the lake, following Namor's knowledge of it. It also gave him an excuse to turn away from the man. That stare gave him the heebie-jeebies something fierce.

The other, muscled man took a minute to retrieve his water bottle from the dock, although he didn't follow immediately after. He had retreated back up to the boathouse itself, grabbing an item. Still, his voice echoed across the water to Jay in questioning disbelief.

"They do what to the fish?"

"Shoot at 'em," Jay called back, gesturing as if he held a shot gun in his arms. "Bam! Just overkill I think."

The Atlantean was there, then, crossing the lake on his own flight — movements quick and jerky compared to Jay's own soaring. A man stepping on air between hovers. His wings blurred in motion. "Typical," Namor judged, "Mankind loves to show power when it is least needed." He had fetched, it seemed, both a practice spear and an old, unloved fishing pole.

Namor darted forward, if only to be just a breath in the lead. "The joy is in the hunt, not the kill. Foolish."

Jay watched the other man fly, hummingbird-like and urgent, like he had to get wherever he was going yesterday. He observed Namor's fishing gear- he hadn't even thought of spear fishing. Jay wasn't sure he had ever met anyone who spear-fished. Then again, if this man was some sort of ghostie like he had expected, why wouldn't he? Wasn't that something they'd done before fishing poles?

Just how old was this guy?

Jay landed into a walk, setting his own fishing gear about. "My joy's always been in the atmosphere and the wait, but to each his own. I agree with you about the power thing though. No need for it."

Today in XProject:

June 25


2004: Sarah wakes up from her coma. Shinobi acts as mediator between Nathan and Angelo. Piotr accuses Illyana of avoiding him. Moira goes to Muir Island for family reasons.

2005: Nathan calls Saul again and is invited to meet him. Little Girl Lost: Remy reports on his findings and concludes that in all likelihood, Pete was involved in the kidnapping. Betsy writes a Danger Room scenario for the intel team.


2007: Sound of Silence: Yvette emails Medusa with her thanks, and expresses concern for the odd way Crystal was behaving; Medusa discovers Crystal missing, and she and Blackagar go looking for her, missing the flight with the rest of the royal family; Blackagar encounters a Cortez-amplified and Maximus-possessed Crystal about to bring the royal plane down and in the battle uses his powers against her; the blast is deflected and hits the plane and the shock of nearly being crushed by a crashing plane pushes a young mutant teleporter to use his powers in a most unexpected way; everyone in the last departing plane is horrified to see the royal plane crash and the island of Attilan vanish completely; Yvette and John see the news report and raise the alarm at the school; the response is one of shock and dismay as it is realised Forge was on Attilan as well as Medusa and Crystal.

2008: Emma meets Yvette and offers to teach her in controlling her powers. Ororo returns Callisto's leather jacket, left at Harry's. Laurie complains of being bruised from training.

2009: Mnemovore: Jean lets the team know Charles has located Nathan and takes a team to find him; finding Nathan confused and with his shields a mess, Jean manages to bring him back to some semblance of rationality and discovers Jean-Paul was taken; Jean manages to find a clue to Jean-Paul's location in Nathan's memories of the teleporter. Tabitha asks Cammie about her 'relationship' with Manuel and reveals she's jealous. In the wake of the singer's death, Mark announces a Michael Jackson tribute at Silver the next day. Adrienne, on her way to a Black Court function, has an unpleasant discussion with Garrison and then discovers the true price of her quest for power when Jason Wyngarde almost rapes her to show her her place.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin gets Cammie to go to the Street Fair with him, while Yvette invites Jared to go with her.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts about the state of play, and directs everyone not already in the field to join Jubilee and Ororo in Munich to bring Remy home.

2012: Layla and Korvus meet so he can give her a massage. When Layla returns to her room, Sarah is rather confused by the entire thing. Jubilee posts a strange journal entry saying that it's not the mutation that's important, but how the mutant uses it. Adrienne posts about the White Sox and baseball. Kurt texts Jubilee to say he's thought about what they talked about, and he chooses her. Newly manifested mutant Hope Abbott arrives to the mansion and, upon meeting Matt, is confused and bewildered to learn that she is at a boarding school. She later meets with Professor Xavier, who explains that her mutation can not be cured because it is not an illness. She then meets Tandy, and is confused by her suitemate's mutation. Sarah V. emails Adrienne about getting a wig. Wade grades Cammie's fight night - and isn't exactly generous about it. Amara texts Yvette and Callie, concerned because neither of them replied to the email she'd previously sent. Kyle posts in disbelief over the current Tigers game, and an intense conversation ensues.

2013: Somewhere I Belong: Early in the morning, Matt runs into Topaz and tries to figure out why she’s being so non-committal and distracted, asking her if she’s using drugs and then believing her when she says she’s ill. Sarah V. helps Hope look for a lost earring in the gym and the two chat about the school and X-Factor.

2014: Sooraya posts to X-Corps about translating Islamic education materials into several Middle Eastern languages. Amanda posts lamenting the fact that her connection to London is causing her depression due to England’s poor showing in the World Cup.

2015: Alison texts Jubilee about their 4th of July plans. Alison makes a journal entry asking if she can paint her room. In her search for Doug, Hope A. runs into someone she did not expect, Laurie. Ty makes a journal post asking Wade if there’s going to be a 4th of July barbecue this year. Laurie has a mishap in the Danger Room, leading to getting medical attention from Jean while the two discuss Laurie’s mental state.

2016: Gabriel makes a journal post about the five stages of Pride. Molly makes a journal post about Back to the Future coming to Netflix soon. Sue shows new X-Factor recruit, Hope A. around the office.

2017: Emma posts about trying to do the classic lazing by the pool reading Jackie Collins, but failing after 75 pages of Lucky. Rogue texts Logan asking where he was the day before.

2018: Miles texts Bobby and Gabriel after attending Pride. Matt wakes up with a hangover after also celebrating Pride.





2023: Clint texts Matt to ask him to check on Darcy. Molly messages Angelo shocked at the drama of the night before. Darcy informs X-Force that she'll be at the X-Ranch to review interviews. A number of cakes Terry ordered for Pride have arrived. Clint texts Namor to ask how he'd like to visit the beach, in Mexico. Arthur reaches out to Terry to check on potential plans for Kyle. Madin messages Alani to ask if they're going to be kicked out. Maya texts Kyle to ask if he needs anything. Checking on Darcy, Maya suggests lunch. Following the activity on the journals from the night before, Maya takes it upon herself to check on Quentin. It's Not My Fault: A lunch date for Amanda and Marie-Ange turns to a potential mission; MA posts an all call for X-Force.

XProject Announcements and News:

Welcome, 2023! As X-Project enters its 20th year, we have lots to interest our players and readers. New characters, new plots, new events... make sure you keep reading and catch it all!

Two more new characters! Beatrice Davis aka Birdy will be brought in by Isaura and Liam Nelson (who you may remember from this panel of Unstoppable Wasp, Vol 2, No. 7) will be introduced (a little older) by Maureen.

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