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Moment of Awesome - Scott Summers/Cyclops: When Kitty Pryde returns from one of her trips, she finds boyfriend Scott where she left him - doing paperwork.

It felt like there was a never-ending avalanche of paperwork constantly flowing through his office, from preparedness reports from all the teams to intelligence to authorizing the purchase of groceries used by the mansion. The truth was Scott had no idea how Charles had managed to keep on top of it and do everything else that he had done. Most of the time he felt like he was barely keeping up with it, just a few steps ahead of drowning. He could still feel the paperwork, multiplying, waiting for him through the floor, almost calling out to him to just work a little more, to try to get ahead, the impossibility that still sounded so sweet. A siren song.

Brown eyes dropped down to stare at the floor, his teeth worrying at his lower lip for a moment before he shook his head and reached for his coffee, settling back in the armchair he'd claimed for the night as his gaze lifted to the window, watching the twinkling stars decorating the heavens, a satisfied smile pulling at his features as he snuggled back, letting that warmth take him over. He could let it be, let it go for one night right? It wasn't gonna be the end of the world. Eyelids started to flutter closed, the leader of the X-men just sat, enjoying the silence till a series of sharp knocks punctuated the calm, lite stones thrown into a calm pool.

Scott's eyes shot open, shooting upright in his chair as he fumbled with his coffee for a moment before he managed to find the coffee table without spilling anything. That was a knock he remembered. For a moment Scott fought a loosing battle to hide the smile threatening to overwhelm his face before he gave up, pulling open the door to rest a shoulder against the jamb. "Hey stranger...I just put a pot of coffee and you show up? That's more than coincidence don't you think?"

She laughed, feeling a little giddy at the look on Scott's face. It was relief and she felt a little guilty at it, that she would have doubted anything else but a smile upon her return. Old habits died hard, however, even if the memories she was drawing on were years old.

"Well...I'm hoping not to be as much of a stranger anymore," Kitty said, going suddenly shy. She pulled a wild strand of hair behind her ear, looking up at him. "Mind if I come in? You almost look as if I woke you up."

There was something about being in the woman's presence that reminded Scott of a day on the beach, of that moment when you took a plane up through the clouds, it was that happiness, that pure joy that you found so rarely. Seeing Kitty still brought that genuine smile to his face, that feeling of elation he hadn't ever expected to feel again, and the way she just glanced down, the unexpected shyness well... "I was just watching the stars," Scott admitted softly, reaching out for Kitty's hand, tugging her into the apartment, "although, if falling asleep means waking upto you...suddenly the idea of sleep sounds a whole lot more appealing.

There was a soft click as Scott's foot pressed against the door, swinging it shut behind the woman as he drew her further into the room. "So...I'm hoping this isn't a fleeting visit?"

"Nope. Back for good," Kitty said, basking just a little in the warmth of his smile. "Or, you know, until the Mansion blows up or we get taken over by robot overlords or possessed by alien monkeys or something."

She followed him happily. Not much seemed to have changed in the attic or else, if it had, she was simply too glad to be there to see it. Her thumb rubbed the top of his hand thoughtfully, wondering what had him looking up at the stars. She admitted to herself that when she looked up at them herself, she always thought of him. Probably always would.

"Don't tempt fate," A wry smile twitched up the corner's of Scott's lips as he took a half-step back and to the side, pulling Kitty closer as he slipped an arm around her waist as if to check that she was real and not a phantasm of his overworked mind. In this place, you really never knew. "It's entirely possible now you've said that that the mansion's going to get blown up tomorrow, and robotic invasions seem to be a weekly occurrence, the next one's scheduled for Tuesday." The dim light of the stars and moon streaming through the windows lent an almost ethereal aspect to the scene, throwing up shadows where none might exist as a soft white light was drawn across the couple like a silken cloak. "I..." Scott's smile softened, a genuine look reserved only for the woman in his arms, "I'm glad you're back, I've missed you."

Today in XProject:

August 6

2003: Kitty breaks the code on the files given to her by Nathaniel Essex and reveals to Dazzler that they are government plans to create giant mutant-hunting robots; they go to the Professor about it.

2004: Moira's stomach aches grow worse. Asgard (plot): Alison is nearly burned as a witch; Manuel is taken in by Loki; Jubilee is pixified and ends up as pet to a Dark Elf.

2005: Nathan has lunch with his father in New York, learning his induction into Mistra was intentional, and he has an uncle, Gideon Faraday. Bad Blood: Remy discovers the effects of Sabretooth's attack on Alison.

2007: Bobby gives Terry an antique harp for an early birthday gift.

2008: Seven Minutes In Heaven: Nate's psimitar arrives by courier, sent by Tara Trask who took it back from Ilyas Saidullayev; Forge is less than impressed; Pete is even less impressed when he discovers Lense is now working for the Hellfire Club and smashes his laptop, to the consternation of his staff. Crystal wishes Terry an early happy birthday; Adrienne gives Terry an extra-special present. Sulaco: Amelia discovers the pills Jay has been taking as part of the drug trial and notifies Sam as Jay's family.

2009: Catseye brings ice cream to Nathan in the infirmary and the two discuss French lessons, as well as her joining the X-Men while Nathan contemplates his retirement from same. Catseye emails Kevin asking him for help with Yvette's birthday present. Kyle emails Dani to ask her to smack Jay, who is being belligerent in his own post about joining the X-Men. Dani posts about her resolve to finish college. Catseye seeks out books from Sam and discovers his attack on Kyle, which prompts a great deal of disapproval. Garrison sends a very poignant email to Jay, alluding to the funeral he is attending for his deceased teammates to make Jay understand what being part of a team means. Marius posts to the x-grads community about the maturity of the X-Men and Jay in particular, which yields quite a response from the graduates. Jay apologizes to the team for being an asshole and agrees to accept any trainee name he is given, though the apology has mixed results. Malibu Madness: Julian's father visits and informs his son that should he be able to go three weeks without exceeding a spending limit of $500, he will be given leave to visit - with his friends - the family's summer home in Malibu for a week; Julian posts to x-kids inviting his classmates to the house in Malibu, confident he can win his father's challenge. Jay emails Kyle telling him he is not apologizing for what he said to Kyle on the x-team comm. Nathan announces his retirement from active duty on the x-team comm, informing the team he will be staying on as a reserve member and taking an active role in the training of new members. The Beaubier twins discuss Alpha Flight and Jake. Jay goes to the medlab for a checkup and encounters Nathan, remaining belligerent despite Nathan's patience; Kyle arrives to visit Nathan bearing a pretzel and Jay retreats without further confrontation. Jean-Paul runs into a slightly inebriated Scott at Harry's and discuss the situation in Canada, Nathan's retirement, and Jay's addition to the X-Men. Late at night, an insomniac Lex encounters an overcharged Nori and is very intrigued by her powers. Home and Native Land: The five Alpha members who were killed are buried and Malcolm Colcord reveals not only is Walter Langkowski suspected of accidentally revealing the location of the team in a private email, but the entire Alpha Flight program is being shut down.

2010: Kevin is released from the medlab but can't stay put in his suite. He runs into Laura on his way to the rec room. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa confronts Haven at her clinic in District X and asks about the missing people. Yvette sends out birthday invitations to her friends. Crystal makes a post commemorating the third anniversary of Atillan's return to the world.

2011: Wade leaves a variety of gifts for people on his return. He chats with Molly and is briefly afraid she's drowned in the pool. Meggan thanks Wade for her gift and mentions self defence training with him. Doug thanks Wade on the journals for his gift; A kegger is proposed with Amanda's keg of Guinness. Matt thanks Wade for his gift. Molly discovers a website of cats wearing hats. Wade sms's Kyle about hangovers.

2012: Scott finds Artie practicing his powers in an empty classroom.

2013: Matt and Hope cook together in the kitchen and discuss about him getting a haircut. Matt crashes at Amanda's after aerial class and the two discuss their different teams, among other things, over Chinese food.

2014: Darkness Within: Jubilee emails Haller, asking him why Molly would hesitate in combat, which nearly caused casualties; Scott emails Namor to tell him that his parents are very unhappy about his abduction and wanted to remove him from Xavier’s. Jean shows Scott Ororo’s old attic apartment, and suggests they move in.

2015: Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Garrison e-mails Logan, Kitty, and Julian for help out in St. Louis; the three mutants arrive in St.Louis to help; Julian and Kane meet with the family; Logan and Kitty break into the morgue. Bobby and Amara meet and are cute while discussing their respective powers.

2016: Gabriel invites the adults of the mansion to join him watching the Olympics and getting drunk on cachaça and eating pizza. Alison posts to say that she’s in front of a huge TV watching the Olympic Games and people should join her. Darcy lets people know that women’s Rugby 7s might be her new favorite sport ever.

2017: Rogue posts up the 2017 Extreme Eating Challenge results complaining she wants to eat everything up there apart from the pasta.

2018: Amanda casually moves in with a reluctant Topaz. Tandy texts Topaz to apologize for missing dinner.



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