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Moment of Awesome - Clea Lake: During a ritual sacrifice, Doug Ramsey needs Clea's help to get him through an unexpected allergic reaction. To magic.

Doug looked around sharply at the mention of bees. Not that he thought the Nazi bee guy had abruptly shown up, but some traumas definitely lingered. "But I'm not allergic to bees, or seafood, or..." He looked down at where the synthetic 'skin' of his nanite prosthetic was...rippling. "That's...not good..." he muttered.

Clea looked down at the skin and then back at Doug, and knelt down in front of him. "Doug, talk to me about what is going on?" She was pretty sure what he was experiencing but if it wasn't any of those things, she had no idea.

Why would the nanites be so agitated? Doug blinked owlishly at his hand, trying to...

Oh. Oh shit.

He couldn't tell whether the shortness of breath was from the abrupt realization or possible anaphylaxis. (Both? Both was definitely NOT good.) "The nanites, they..." he gasped. "They filter the effects of that blood curse." He took several more panting breaths. "Y'know, the negative effects of a huge fuckin' magic spell?" He grasped futilely at his jacket, trying to rip it off weakly.

"I, uh..." he trailed off as his knees gave out and he collapsed roughly to the ground.

"Shite." Clea moved around and picked him up and dragged him away from the magic even further. Quickly she cast a summoning spell for an epi pen and looked down at him. She cast another spell to remove his pants and looked up at Doug's face. "I hate you so much right now." She looked at the nanites. "Especially you."

"Whu..." Doug was still conscious, but his thoughts were sluggish and he had mostly only managed to be of some assistance rolling his body away from the ritual so as not to just be dead weight. Then as Clea's eyes came up to his face and then back down, Doug looked down as well. At his extremely bare legs. "Where'd my...pants go?" Somewhere in the back of his head that was still coherent, there was a joke to be made about how the British referred to underwear as 'pants', but he was definitely not in a place to make it.

And then the EpiPen was jabbing into his thigh, and his heart approximately doubled its speed. His left hand pounded several times against the ground and he grunted loudly. As the initial effect started to taper off he laid back into a sitting position against a wall. "Ooooooooooooof."

After a brief checking over by Clea, which mostly involved him awkwardly trying to pull his jacket so it would keep the rain from falling on his abruptly naked legs, Doug was definitely still woozy enough to have virtually no brain to mouth filter. "Hey, remember that alternate...thing?" he asked Clea. "And you were like 'you're too young for me'? Was that, like, a daddy kink thing or are you some kind of ageless eldritch...whatever?"

Today in XProject:

July 2


2004: Amanda is cleared to Heal again and offers to heal Alison, who refuses. Kitty comes back from Chicago and she and Jamie visit his family in Kansas. Pete tells Sarah he'll help her against the Marauders next time. Manuel and Askani disagree during one of Manuel's training sessions.

2005: Scott and Jean have a peaceful talk about flying and what-ifs. Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda has another meeting with Charlie Plunder, but it doesn't quite go to plan. Bobby comes home and is glomped by Terry and Kitty and dunked in the lake by Angelo. Later, he throws a movie night to mark his return. Nathan has another alarmingly normal conversation with Saul... who, an hour or so later, gets a markedly less reassuring phone call. Madelyn e-mails Nathan some pictures she took out at the settlement.

2006: Nathan encounters Crystal in the hallway and they have only a slightly awkward conversation. Then Crystal convinces Jennie to get out of bed where she's been moping. Marie-Ange pounds on Doug's door and they fight over what happened during Doug's meeting with Quentin Quire.

2007: Jono announces he will be teaching music come the new school term. Sound of Silence: Forge's parents arrive to sort out their son's effects and various legal issues; Angelo promises Richard Forge that he'll look after Forge's things; finding Angelo shattered by the encounter, Amanda suggests they go on that road trip the next day, and Angelo agrees.

2008: Callie offers free cupcakes on the journals. Jay wishes the Canadians a Happy Canada Day. Adrienne emails Inez to let her know she'll be away in India for an unknown amount of time. Bhagavad Gita: The group arrives in India and plans are made; the Indian PM loses a vote of no confidence and is set to be ousted by D.Ken Neramani. Kyle smells something burning on the third floor and it turns out to be Crystal trying to cook. Nathan introduces new recruit Zanne to the Danger Room. Callisto and Ororo run into each other at Harry's.

2009: Sarah asks about 4th of July fireworks. Mnemovore: Jean-Paul ends the relationship with Jake and then tries to kill himself; Jean stops him and Nathan and Charles come up with a plan to help with his recovery, putting in a temporary block of the worst of the memories. Mark takes his life into his hands and takes Illyana shopping. Jubilee finds Jake late in the night and stays with him. Catseye - in cat form - demands Sarah V. read to her.


2011: Kurt posts his regret that Amelia died for his actions.

2012: Haller and Maddie talk about Genosha and how it did not leave her crazy and Haller shares a secret with her; Haller emails Wanda about vampires and werewolves and if the two species could breed with each other; Lorna posts an entry about the Fourth of July and inviting everyone to come to the all day event; Lorna visits Kurt so that their dogs could have a doggie play date, they talk about Kurt’s new girlfriend and the Fourth of July; Jean kidnaps Garrison and they go to Coney Island, well, almost go there. Jean texts Lorna about probably not making it to the Fourth but thanks her for putting it together; Scott checks up on Tabitha in the library. Amanda and Wanda catch up over drinks and food and talk about Genosha.

2013: Clint points out the coincidence of it being World UFO Day and the anniversary of Amelia Earhardt’s disappearance. Kurt visits Topaz in the Box and is comforting. Garrison puts Adrienne through a Lara Croft Danger Room run so she can practice her archery. Adrienne takes Tandy for her driving test, and after they have a guardian-ward moment.

2014: Clint asks Namor about teaching him to sail before his summer classes start. Namor and Clint talk about the necklace from the cave and make plans to hurry things up research-wise. Emma and Adrienne have a sisterly evening in with talk about business and pleasure.

2015: Kitty asks Jean to spill the details on what happened between her and Warren. Jean meets Kevin for casual dinner and drinks. Kitty and Scott hang out on the roof and fold paper airplanes.


2017: Jubilee asks about what people are up to that weekend. How To Kill A Spider: Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out; the kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game and things get a little… creepy. And crawly. Clea texts Topaz and Amanda about the appearance of the spiders. Rahne and Nica go on a spider hunt. The kids fight off spiders, and Amanda and Topaz arrive to help. Alex comes home to find spiders, and only has a helmet to defend himself. Thankfully, he lives in a house of superheroes and Kane is close by. Marie-Ange and two of the Stepford sisters fight spiders in the garage, with some interesting aspects of the Stepfords' powers revealed. When Molly and Sooraya are accosted by a giant spider, Molly ends up trying to tame it. The spiders are finally defeated with a bang. Topaz posts about what happened. Hope texts Topaz about enjoying whacking Namor with a frying pan. Amanda and Topaz head into town to try and find the shop where the kids got the game. And find precisely nothing. Molly posts about being disappointed of not having a tamed pet spider. Clarice posts about missing the spider fun. Topaz posts about the library needing cleaning up yet again. Alex emails his brother and Lorna about a new powers development.

2018: X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: Sooraya is concerned about how quiet it’s been; she suggests patrolling some hospitals and blood banks for activity.

2019: Topaz makes a journal entry offering her soul to the first person who brings her an energy drink.


2021: Clea asks how it’s July already.

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