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Moment of Awesome - Kurt Sefton/Nightcrawler: When Marius makes apology rounds following the recent events in New York, Kurt is able to ease the uncomfortable situation and remind his friend he's there for him.

Kurt glanced at where Marius' hand was resting. "Is... is there something there you might like to have wiped away? I know a little of rituals, and my sister might be able to help with that."

Acid bile rose in his throat. "No!" Marius snapped, jerking back in the chair before he caught himself. He squeezed his eyes shut and composed himself before continuing, "Thank you, but I don't . . . I don't want to be touched, merci. I still don't know if my body's even settled yet. Just . . . no one put hands on me, for a while. Please."

"It was an offer only", Kurt said calmly, unoffended. "No one is going to force anything on you ever again, if we have any say in it."

"Right. Right, I know." It didn't do much to quell the spike in his blood pressure, but he had to remember where he was now. These people had stopped him. They were people Marius could trust.

But he'd trusted his doctor, too.

"A . . . anyway," said the younger man, smoothing a gloved hand down his shirt, "I don't plan on doing anything drastic until it's sure I'm stabilised. We don't yet know if my marrow deficiency will return. The extras Akkaba put in me have gone, but I fed during the fight. It'd be two weeks at least til anything would show for the other."

"Understood", he said quietly. "You need to take some time to heal in your own ways, before even considering anything else."

"Right. Anything . . . else." Marius' eyes skated away. This was the part he'd tried to avoid thinking about. What else could there be, after this? Go back to Brisbane and carry on as if the last year of his life had never happened?

"You know that you are welcome to stay for as long as you need to?" Kurt asked, reading his expression. "And I do mean as long. You are among friends in this house."

Marius was silent. Unbidden, his mind went back to another conversation he'd had with Kurt all those years ago. The first time people had been hurt as a result of his own pride and desperation. The first time the other man had stepped in to stop him from doing further harm. He'd asked Kurt a question, then. It was the same question that had followed him ever since.

"How many people you let a rabid dog bite before you put it down?"

The Australian shook his head.

"I know I would be," Marius said quietly. "Just . . . if I do, not sure I can return the favour."

"Favours are not given with expectation of return, Marius. Or... they should not be, in any case, and I can promise this one is not."

Marius laughed without humour. "No worries. I only want to honour the social contract of not making you regret the invitation."

The Australian extricated himself from the chair and stood to face Kurt. "Regardless," he said, "I'm here a few weeks more at least. I'll think on it."

"All right." He stood in turn, a hand half-offered with no pressure. "My door is open to you at any time."

Automatically, Marius began to reciprocate only to be jarred back to awareness by the instinctual flex of teeth against the leather of his glove. His body was reacting to Kurt's proximity, trying to engage the latching reflex. Slowly, the younger man closed his hand.

"Thank you," he said, and meant it.

Today in XProject:

May 28


2004: Alison and Lorna announce the end-of-the-year pool party and barbeque. Nathan and Askani discuss Manuel with Amanda, who later goes to talk truthfully with him. Then he gets drunk with Cain. Askani visits Manuel in a dream and offers to help him. Also, Lorna tries to rope Angelo into a game of tennis with her, but instead they just talk. Domino and Nathan play a game of AIM- and phone-tag.

2005: Manuel offers to use his ability to help Paige, but Jean turns him down; Angelo tells Jono that Paige is back at the school and not doing well. Madelyn and Angelo talk about Paige. Jean has a nightmare and ends up talking to Madelyn in the medlab. Dani wakes up Forge when she goes into labor; Hank quickly runs to check on her. Illyana and Amanda talk about magic. Lorna and Nate engage in culinary therapy while talking about Paige, Dani and parents. Jean makes her way into Nathan’s nightmare and they talk about what she saw.

2006: Mutant Fight Club: Scott, Kylun, Cain, Logan, Sam and Shiro go to rescue Kyle when the fights get a little over his head.

2007: Clarice meets Forge in the gym, doing his new training regime. Alex and Shiro talk for the first time since prom and make up, although Alex remains in a separate suite with John. Laurie posts about aliens. Pietro talks to Kurt about his father.

2008: Zemo: The second team goes to an undersea city in Russia and face the Melter with Natasha Romanova; the Melter gets away with the piece and destroys the station in his wake, nearly killing the team who have to use a clever powers ploy to get back to the surface safely.

2009: Manuel asks Amanda to babysit Valentia during prom night. Clarice announces her birthday the following week and asks for party ideas. X-Men Mission: Fifth Column: Scott recruits for a mission in Hungary, protecting a new Psionic Studies center from The Preservers; Scott and Ororo go over the plans for the mission; Logan is less than impressed about the telepath aspect. Kyle gets a text from Jan about being stranded at the beach in Delaware and asks Forge to help him message her back that he's coming to the rescue. Doug brings Doreen some of his comics for geek bonding. Lil anticipates the mission and to a lesser degree, prom.

2010: Kyle and Angel work out in the Danger Room and Angel learns an important lesson about using everything you have. Wanda e-mails Jake asking him to come see Remy, and bribing him with alcohol. Jake e-mails Remy to set up a meeting time.

2011: Aftershocks: There is a news article on Gawker.Com wondering about a serial killer in New York City, and why no one is reporting on it. Afterlife: Molly and Sarah return one of the ghost's radio to his final resting place, and Sarah makes it work; Artie and Matt have tea party with little ghost girl Esther so she'll leave them alone; Meggan and Nico obtain and deliver the requested cameo. Artie thinks people need to learn to shut up. Kevin and Laura hang out in the boathouse as Kevin creates a rose out of wood for her.

2012: The End of the Beginning: The captured mutants are brought before President Moreau and his brother Thomas; President Moreau demonstrates how scary he can be when he intimidates and abuses his prisoners to try and break down their will to fight; Thomas Moreau demonstrates to the captive mutants what will happen if they retaliate; Charles and the Genoshan ambassador have a brief meeting that shakes Charles to the core; Charles leaves a voicemail for Moira and Nathan regarding Rachel's fate; Charles makes a post to x_journal announcing the Genoshan's trap and the capture of their fellow mutants, asking everyone else to check in, regroup, and be safe. In The Balance: A group of the captured mutants, deemed to be "terrorists" by the Genoshans, are transported to the Citadel prison and introduced to the warden. Stemming the Tide: Polaris reports in on the x_communication channel that their mission failed and the remaining members were regrouping; the survivors of the Genoshan's trap assemble and head for safer ground; Lorna and Warren spy Emma, Marius, and Wanda's chopper going down and go to their aid, leaving the crash site with their fellow mutants and with a local guide to boot; finally all together at the cache, the older members of the group gather to determine what happens next; while the adults talk, Matt and Molly try and process the last 24 hours; Marius gets first aid treatment in the form of a donation from Catseye and then they have the difficult task of telling Meggan what happened to her boyfriend and family back at the Citadel; Warren checks on Megan, who is doing okay but needs an ear; Wade makes a point of talking to Matt and manages not to go and kill every Magistrate he can find; the two members of the group with actual connection to Magneto talk about choices; Wade and Lorna calm down a very angry Fred; Wade leaves a couple of voicemails to update the Professor in his own unique and somewhat encrypted way; Emma comforts Molly and is rather motherly; Wade can't sleep and neither can Molly, so he tries to help her out. Step By Step: Bishop, Sooraya, Jean-Paul, and Artie evade Magistrate patrols in the city to get to a safe house; Jean, Garrison, and Angelo make their way to the city safe house from the sewers; Callisto, Nico, and Maddie make their way to the city safe house through a gap in the Citadel's perimeter fence; John and Sam head for the safe house from the edge of the Citadel; four groups of people convene at the safe house for medical attention, food, sleep, and catching up on events; Sooraya checks up on Angelo in the safe house, while Angelo breaks the news about Amara's capture to John. The Unrelenting Struggle: Kurt attempts to comfort an injured Jubilee while sharing the same cell before being shipped out to Prenova; a group of the prisoners find themselves loaded aboard the 'mutant train'.

2013: Tandy emails Sue’s father about attending a chess tournament Sue participates in.

2014: Scott invites Jean to the Xavier’s prom. Cecilia thanks Clarice for taking care of her Fern, and notes they’ll need a lot more B+ blood type. Adrienne shuts the stray cat out in the rain and she and Garrison go searching for it, they decide to name him Rooney. Haller and Cecilia meet in the med lab when he goes in the get some sleeping pills. Wade drags North and Jean into the Danger Room to play real life Temple Run.

2015: Adrienne posts asking someone from X-Factor to give Clint a hand looking into Latveria. Amanda and Kurt debrief Namor. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison goes to Adrienne to ask for X-Factor's help, then discusses the case with X-Factor at large.

2016: Hope A. posts about something on Facebook that frustrates her. Amanda and Topaz meet with Maya's grandfather and talk about the possession issues; afterwards, Topaz and Amanda check into a motel on the way home and talk about recent events before getting food.

2017: Bobbi posts about the Nutella cafe in Chicago. Gabriel asks if anyone’s interested to volunteer as a chaperone for a prom/pride party for queer teenagers.


2019: Alani posts to wonder if anyone wants to do anything on Friday, Alex tries to convince her to do something a little more life-threatening than what she's chosen.



2022: Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception: Sue and Hope A. discuss ways to find the missing mutant.


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