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Moment of Awesome - Jubilation Lee/Jubilee: During his apology tour, Marius Laverne drops in on the convalescent Jubilee.

“It’s almost as if you had something to apologise for,” Jubilee noted with a smile but she pulled the salad towards her first and started digging in with the supplied fork. “You can have some too, like, don’t make me eat all this alone.”

The words were somewhat distorted by her eating but she figured Marius could translate well enough, he’d lived with Kyle for at least some of his kidnappings.

"If you insist." The spare ribs were the most accessible, but it meant removing the gloves. Marius hesitated for a moment, then shrugged inwardly. Jubilee had all but unhinged her jaw in front of him. She wasn't precious.

"You are correct," Marius continued as he peeled off his gloves and tucked them into one pocket, "in addition to food I come with my sincere apologies. I am not unfamiliar with unpleasantly exhausting one's physical reserves."

Sounds of eating were all that met the apologies for a moment as Jubilee continued to work her way through the salad while also reaching over and plucking one of the types of loaded potato off its tray and chowing down on that too.

“It’s a bitch,” Jubilee admitted with a shrug as she gave him a once over. “Glad I didn’t kill you though.”

Marius plucked one of the ribs from the bucket and contemplated it for a moment. "Truthfully, if ever you find yourself in a similar situation I ask you not devote too much worry to that. It was hardly the first time I've needed someone to put me down. Comes a point where it's a bit ridiculous, you know?" He took a bite of the rib, the teeth in his mouth briefly coming within touching distance of the ones in his palms.

“Kid, if I’m ever unhappy that someone lived when maybe they could have died it’s probably time to put me down,” Jubilee noted as she took another loaded potato and swallowed it almost whole. She noted calling someone who was probably close to her age kid was odd at best but she couldn’t help it. He was…hurt shaped. She knew that hurt, and sometimes you needed, something that wasn’t judgement but maybe also something that wasn’t complete forgiveness either. “How you want this to go like? Cause I’m totes fine with being ‘You’re bad, don’t turn into Death again’, or I can be like ‘you owe me at least a fancy dinner at some place in New York’ if that’s better?”

Today in XProject:

February 27

2004: Doug and Marie-Ange stay up with the younger children who are scared, and end up snuggling on the sofa.

2005: Paige gives Angelo some pamphlets on law enforcement training agencies.

2006: Haller visits Scott in his office and tries very hard to be helpful, if only by offering a listening ear. Lorna returns to the mansion and hides out in Alison's suite, watched over by Alison and Jamie, and also offers her own perspective on Jean's departure. Jay and Paige catch up over ice cream, with conversation that briefly turns dark but manages to recover. Forge manages to piss off just about everyone by commenting on Alex's failure to cope, after he posts angrily to the journals about Lorna. Shiro emails Alex to demand answers. Not So Plain Jane: Scott publicly announces Jean's resignation; Moira calls an all-hands emergency medical staff meeting to reorganise schedules.

2007: Pete remains in Tel Aviv to continue investigations into the bombing. Nathan takes himself off active duty for two weeks and invites Sofia for lunch; Bobby and Angelo talk about Tel Aviv. Wanda notes she hasn't been eating properly. Bobby and Terry go out, and argue about him going back to Cassidy Keep.

2008: Nate reflects on the Elpis work ahead and feels a bit overwhelmed. Jubilee complains about her physical training program. Amanda is going crazy trying to teach Farouk about magic; escaping, Amanda calls Cain and exacts her revenge on Farouk by telling Cain where Farouk is. Jennie and Laurie finally talk about the joke that wasn't. These Earthly Things: Angelo goes to pick up Alejandra Torres from the drop-in center, and she offers her on particular brand of relationship advice.

2009: Lil emails Forge about a new phone. Kyle complains about an internet meme. Jane is silly and quotes Les Miserables, confusing her roommate, Cammie. Morgan texts Adrienne to let her know she's back in the country. Julian impresses Angel on their date when he charters a plane. Zanne and Jean-Paul talk for the first time since Murderworld about their various employments and opportunities.

2010: John emails Angelo, letting him know he has been summoned to Chicago by his stepfather for his mother's birthday in not-so-pleasant terms; Angelo announces he's going to Chicago to retrieve his roommate; Jean-Paul texts John to ask him to not get arrested in Chicago; a grumpy Angelo posts from the airport, revealing that John has a broken nose, his step-father hit Angelo with a bat and that John torched his step-father's car. Kevin and Jean-Paul have an unusual cooking conversation. Megan posts about her birthday approaching on Monday.

2011: Crystal announces she will be going to an Oscars party in Attilan and Warren gets an invitation in the comments. Jubilee texts Doug to compliment him on having a civil conversation with Marie-Ange in the journals. X-Men Mission: The Grotesque and the Sublime: Marie emails Garrison to let him know of a lead to the Alpha deaths, a pilot named Archie Corrigan who operates out of Madripoor; Garrison emails his father, who arranges local help in the form of Tim Dugan. Tabitha runs into Vanessa in District X and the journal flirting continues in person, culminating in some making out. Doug emails Jubilee to ask for advice on how to react to Sarah Vale's return.

2012: I Do...NOT! Yvette informs people she is going with Sooraya to Attilan; once in their hotel room Sooraya and Yvette discuss the trial.

2013: Wade texts Marie-Ange about watching a movie, then texts Maddie about her "magic" popcorn. Hope asks Topaz about real magic, and the girls get into a slightly serious discussion. Scott overhears Adrienne telling Haller about her conversation with Hope on Monday; he goes to Jean, and they argue before finally starting to work things out. Gershomi: Lorna makes an interesting discovery in her parents' attic.

2014: Hope accidentally includes all the New Mutant girls on an email about a date she went on and the awkwardness the next day in class.

2015: Topaz meets Jean in the hallway and doesn't react well. Jean texts Kitty asking how she's doing. Wanda posts a story about the German mafia. Wade texts Cecilia saying he can feel her judgment. Jubilee and Kevin Sydney meet.

2016: Alison posts her support for Kesha in her legal battle. Laurie wants to do all of the internships and can’t make up her mind to pick just one. Miles is excited about watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as a date night movie. Rogue wonders where February has gone, with it being almost March already.

2017: Nica announces there are Girl Scout cookies available at Bayville Charter High.

2018: Jubilee is back in town and spends some quality time with Felicia on her couch. Jubilee posts to the journals letting everyone know she’s back in town for a week. Jubilee arrives back in the office to find Kevin working and decides to take him out for drinks.




2022: Clarice posts about cleaning pinterest and tiktok, and the toxic femininity discovered therein.


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