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Moment of Awesome - Sooraya Qadir/Dust:In the wake of Garrison Kane's return from the Brotherhood, Sooraya asks some difficult questions about the failed mission and for a favour.

Sooraya let out a sigh. "Probably I should just be frank... I can understand why you shared whatever information you gave them. And I respect the hard choice that you made there. I don't know if I could've done so... But with Avalanche... it was the closest I've come to death I think and emotionally I'm struggling with the fact that this is because a teammate and trainer I trusted shared my weaknesses. I spent a couple days stuck in sandform, unable to communicate in any way..."

She shifted uneasily before continuing: "I need to deal with this myself mostly. But I also want to be honest and not let this fester."

"That's fair. I wasn't the first to suggest Avalanche be directed at you with the Brotherhood. And he ignored Magneto's rules about how far the Brotherhood were allowed to go." Kane said. "But I was still in charge. All I can tell you is that the Brotherhood was coming for us at some point. I thought sooner and with a bit of my control was better than the alternative. But you had to pay the price for that, and I don't blame you for whatever resolution you feel you need."

"I need to know exactly what you shared with them about me... Wait..." Sooraya frowned as something caught his attention. "What do you mean with 'Magneto's rules about how far the Brotherhood were allowed to go'? What happened there?"

"No fatalities. No serious injuries. The point was to show they could humiliate the X-Men, not execute them."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Sooraya shook her head. "Magneto has something arrogant over him, but he can put his word where his mouth is. I think that is the scariest bit... But back to my original question... you mentioned my weakness against types like Avalanche... anything else? Other weaknesses? Tactics I usually use? Or things you specifically didn't mention?"

"That you could be significantly more lethal with the right training, but being an X-Men had made you shy away from the most dangerous aspects of your powers."

"Alright... so not something that is directly hugely damaging... possibly leading to underestimating me a tad, but best not to assume that." Sooraya mused softly, speaking mostly to herself.

"Sooraya, I did my best to keep things to their own knowledge and prejudices. But I had to give up some info. I'm sorry about that, but it was the only way to make them believe I'd broken with the X-Men. I'm not sure what you want here. If you want to feel betrayed, you're right. I betrayed you. Bigger priorities aside, I still gave them a blueprint to hurt you. I take responsibility for that."

She let out a slow sigh. "Like I said, I do understand why you had to make that choice, Garrison. And I do appreciate you taking responsibility. It just scared me what happened... and knowing what they know seems to help a little." She hesitated a little. "Can I ask something else from you though?"

"Go ahead." Kane had been straightforward the entire time. It was clear both that he felt he ultimately made the right choice, but he wasn't going to try and duck taking responsibility for the hurt it caused.

"Train with me in the Danger Room. Not as a trainer, but just together." Sooraya met his eye grimly. "I imagine with you gone, Mags might be pissed, but he might also like to imagine he is sowing distrust among the X-men. So let's overcome any of that before he has a chance to launch some kind of plan on it. Second, with him out there along with Sentinels and whatever threat can think of... we're gonna be fighting side by side again no matter if you end up with the X-men again... so better to work through any stuff that might be there in the Danger Room."

"You're going to have to give me some time, but I'll be back. If I have a place, but that seems likely. And believe me, I'm not giving Magneto any free passes." Kane nodded. "Next time he faces the X-Men, he faces all of us. Together."

Today in XProject:

September 30


2004: Clarice voices her outrage over Remy’s return, and explains her frustration to Jean-Paul, who’d had a less-than-successful Danger Room run with Nathan in the morning. And to make his day even better, Nathan has to explain to Manuel why he gave him an A on a paper. To make Clarice’s day better, she and Kurt ponder putting together a school fencing team. Sam is working in the garage when Alison comes home from a day out and promises himself a cold shower when he’s done. Moira receives another riddle, this time from Paige, before running a few tests on Nathan to determine what’s responsible for his balance problems. He also surprises her with a mini family reunion.

2005: Kashmir Waltz: Angelo and Nathan leave for Kashmir. Nathan continues to have disturbing pre-cognitive dreams. Forge discovers there will be solar flares that will interfere with the Jono experiment and insists on doing it straight away; Jono gets his body back.

2006: Penance (plot): Penance wakes up in the infirmary and startles Tommy, who, in turn, startles her into flight; Logan tracks her down but she gets away again; Paige takes a different approach to bring the frightened girl back inside; Haller talks to her once things have calmed down and later he and the professor make a decision.

2007: New Orleans Is Sinking: Angelo updates on Marie-Ange's condition; X-Force arrives in New Orleans and things look grim; Sofia and Ororo barely hold back Hurricane Josephine; Pete, Wanda, Mark, Sarah and Doug go to the levies to take out the assassins and their explosives; Remy and Amanda meet with Tante Mattie, who calls on Baron Samedi; the Baron leads the people against the assassins, but Remy collapses at the gates of the Boudreaux mansion, dead; the levee team gets some help from New Orleans Guilds| Javier Boudreaux, who tells them where the main charges are; Ororo manages to hold back the storm long enough for the ritual to be interrupted by New Orleans Guilds| Daniel Boudreaux, blowing up the mansion; Remy revives, and is named New Orleans Guilds| Guildmaster according to records obtained about his birth; the charges are dismantled, the storm is broken and Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau is exiled as an act of mercy; Forge comments on the disappearing hurricane. Davey conspires with Lorna to use cookies to get Marie to talk. Kevin decides to come back to the school after the accident with his powers.

2008: Catseye is enthralled by something. Forge is depressed by something; Jennie wonders aloud about why Forge didn't show for his first Danger Room session after X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane, Amanda and Monet go to Nascor Associates looking for answers, but wind up finding more questions instead; after returning, Jane receives an email with details of her parents and her date of birth and a warning not to return to Nascor.

2009: Doreen emails Julian thanking him for the shirt. Callie posts about autumn. Doreen and Lex run into each other in the woods and discuss self-defense, and Lex offers to teach Dori how to be a superhero. Adrienne uses a book of Lex's to practice her powers control but fails and sees a scene of Lex's life as a soldier. Forge talks about his plans for the West Coast Annex with Crystal and Crystal reveals she wants to be more useful medically at the mansion. Kyle happens upon an unsettled Fred and they talk about the recent departures.

2010: Jean and Angelo enjoy a nice catchup conversation in the garden about Angelo and his future.

2011: The Problématique: Bishop and Adrienne check out Vanessa's hotel room, but don't come up with much.

2012: What Am I Doing Here?: After church Sam and his family run into an unexpected - and unpleasant - surprise. Things heat up and Sam does something he regrets. Kurt posts on x_team about Sam being arrested. Reed and the other members of the local Friends of Humanity have a meeting after his run-in with Sam, where their plans change to accommodate recent events. After the FoH meeting, two individuals carry out Reed's wishes. Things got complicated, however, and they don't go quite as planned. Sam arrives at the Guthrie homestead and finds it under attack. All hands pitch in to save the farm. Tired of waiting for Stuff to happen, Rachel ambushes Remy outside his apartment looking for answers, help, and maybe a little bit of comfort. To some extent, she gets what she wants.

2013: An extremely paranoid Vanessa meets with Garrison and explains why she hasn’t been able to come back yet; Garrison offers to help. Doug updates on the success of Maurice the Dancing Unicorn, the ‘prize’ for losing the fantasy baseball this year.

2014: Tandy and Topaz talk over bad late-night TV, and Topaz demonstrates her form of caring for a friend. Higher Than Hope: Kyle makes a journal entry to x_team about his phone call with the Australian police regarding Sarah Ryall. Megan and Sarah V. catch up over ice cream.

2015: Maya emails Xavin and Clea asking if they’d be up for some cheerleading practice. Alex posts more pictures of his roadtrip teasing Lorna about being unable to leave him behind since he has the coffee.


2017: Felicia posts a picture of her flight back home.

2018: Betsy introduces herself on her journal. Bobby posts about ice hockey clubs. Jean-Paul texts Amanda about finding someone.

2019: Topaz comes to Marie-Ange for advice about the ravens following her with presents of food.


2021: Laurie texts Darcy and Namor asking if either knows where her underwear ended up. Darcy texts Terry to confirm that she did indeed lick some abs... for science. Terry brings Darcy a meal and they discuss their post-Gala nights and powers. Marie-Ange invites the mansion to judge the fashion of Miss Universe.

XProject Announcements and News:

Congrats Jeff on new character Inez Temple and Tink on taking on Illyana Rasputin!

Welcome to new player Evy! We look forward to seeing your Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat soon!

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  • Town Called Malice: When the X-Men investigate a pocket cell of Clan Akkaba, they instead uncover a new foe... and an old face.

  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

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